"We're gonna train you, man. "Karate Kid" style. Behold! I call him Girder."
Cisco Ramon on his creation[src]

Girder is a remotely controlled robot created by Cisco Ramon to train Barry Allen in defeating Tony Woodward.


Cisco Ramon controlling the Girder

Cisco Ramon controlling the Girder.

Girder is a simple, mostly mechanical, remotely controlled robot, a moving target which simulates movement and punch power of meta-human Tony Woodward.

Basic body on the robot is made of steel, mainly utilizing rivets but also some welding to hold the construction. Moving parts include two "arms" and a torso mechanism. [1]


Girder in the storage

Girder in the storage in S.T.A.R. Labs in 2016.

In 2014, after Barry Allen was beaten by Tony Woodward, who used his meta-human powers, Cisco Ramon had built a robot overnight to train Barry. After a single training session it was obvious that robot, while a crude approximation of Woodward's powers was able to beat Allen just as effectively, demonstrating the flaw in the strategy. [1] In 2016 Girder robot was seen in S.T.A.R. Labs, located outside one of the rooms, in the corridor. [2]


Barry Allen training with the Girder

Barry Allen training with the Girder.

  • Physical fighting: Controlled by Cisco Ramon, Girder was able to beat Barry Allen, who was using his meta-human powers.


The Flash


  • In DC comics Girder is a nickname of Tony Woodward. While it was also used as such in the show, robot was the first entity nicknamed with this name by Cisco Ramon.
  • Girder's design has visual similarities to Woodward's appearance in the comics.


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