"Me and Gertrude just had a friendly conversation."
Amaya Jiwe to Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood[src]

A female T.rex, nicknamed "Gertrude" by Ray Palmer, is a nest matriarch from the Prehistoric Era in South Dakota.


Dinosaur chases Ray Palmer

Dinosaur, presumably Gertrude, chases Ray Palmer.

When Ray Palmer was stranded in that time, he stole one of her eggs and ate it. Ever since, Gertrude has been hunting him down. A dinosaur, presumably Gerturde herself, encountered him in the middle of the forest but he was saved by Mick Rory and Nate Heywood.[1] Later when the engine from the Waverider got lost in Gertrude's nest, Ray, Amaya Jiwe and Nate searched for it. When Gertrude encountered them after they got the engine, Amaya used her Anansi Totem to communicate with it and Gertrude left afterward.[2]


Amaya speaks to Gertrude

Gertrude listens to Amaya.

Gertrude was very protective of her eggs, and viciously hunted those who dared to steal them. She maintained her grudge against Ray Palmer for stealing and eating an egg for many months and even attacked him when the Legends crash-landed in Prehistoric South Dakota again. Nevertheless, she's proven herself to be empathetic and gentle when addressed by Amaya Jiwe and allowed the Legends to go in peace when the dangers of Ray's situation was explained to her.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2



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