Detective Fred Chyre (died December 11, 2013) was a police detective of the Central City Police Department, and was the partner of Detective Joe West prior to his own demise.

It is unknown what his status was in the Flashpoint timeline, since Clyde Mardon does not become a metahuman due to there being no particle accelerator explosion in that timeline.


The memorial of Detective Chyre

The memorial of Detective Chyre with his photograph and badge.

In late 2013, Detectives Joe West and Fred Chyre were assigned to a robbery at a bank in Central City. They soon discovered it wasn't a single incident but of the works of the notorious Mardon brothers. Through CSI Barry Allen's analyzation, it was revealed that Mark and Clyde Mardon had escaped to one of four possible farms, so the detectives visited each one. At the last farm, they discovered Clyde Mardon, who began shooting at them as he ran away, and Chyre was shot in the neck. He eventually bled to death.


A memorial was put up in the Central City Police Department in Fred's honor.


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