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""Oh I wanted to do much more than just hurt him. Now I'm gonna do the same to you.""
—Magenta threatening Julian Albert[src]

Frankie Kane is a meta-human orphan who lived with her abusive foster father, John James, and his wife, Karen James. Her split-personality refers to herself as Magenta, and both she and Frankie were affected as a result of the temporal changes due to the Flashpoint timeline and gained the ability to control metal.



In the Flashpoint timeline, Frankie was a meta-human known as "Magenta".[1]


Frankie was an orphan who spent her life moving between several foster homes. Because most of the homes she lived in were bad social environments, Frankie developed dissociative identity disorder so her mind could attempt to cope with the resulting fear. Her other personality referred to itself as "Magenta". Sometime prior to late 2016, she was taken in by John James and his wife, Karen. Unfortunately, John's abusive nature caused Frankie's mental state to further deteriorate. Frankie soon began having dreams of her life in the Flashpoint timeline, and eventually began hearing the voice of Alchemy in her head. He informed her that she could get what she wanted while also gaining powers. Frankie initially thought she was losing her sanity, but Magenta temporarily took over and tracked down Alchemy, who used his abilities to transform her into a meta-human. One night, after John came home and demanded Frankie and her foster mother prepare his dinner, Magenta took over and harmed John by using her powers to send a lamppost crashing through their living room window.[1]

The following day, Frankie was questioned by Joe West. Later, Julian Albert discovered that she was responsible for putting John in the hospital. When Albert demanded Frankie to admit it, Magenta took over Frankie and tore the Central City Police Department relief in an attempt to drop it on Julian. Magenta fled as the Flash rescued Julian. After the Flash confronted her and offered help, Magenta refused and flipped a police car. As Barry rescued the officer, Magenta used the opportunity to escape once again.[1]

Magenta confronted Alchemy, telling him that Frankie was still fighting for control. Alchemy then told Magenta that once she showed Frankie's foster father that Magenta was in control, Frankie would also.[1]

Magenta used her powers to bring a tanker to kill John, though was thwarted by the Flash. After Jesse Quick came to the Flash's aid and kept the tanker from falling onto Central City Hospital, Magenta was confronted by the Flash. Magenta told the Flash that she wanted both her foster father and Frankie gone. Magenta was told that she shouldn't let her foster father destroy the good left in her by the Flash. Magenta was then told that he never forgave himself for his mistakes, and instead took it out on her and he couldn't move forward. She was then told that she could and what she was doing wasn't the way. Finally, Frankie stopped her actions and returned the tanker. Frankie then apologized as she cried into Flash's arms as he comforted her.[1]

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Frankie was told her foster father was being prosecuted. Frankie then told Team Flash the origins of her powers. She was then told that Caitlin Snow had arranged for a better home waiting for her at Keystone City. When Frankie asked what would happen if Magenta tried to come back, Barry told her she should fight it and call them if she needed help.[1]


Frankie Kane

Frankie in her civilian persona.

Despite having an abusive upbringing in almost every foster home she stayed at, Frankie is still a very kind and compassionate yet meek individual, but also very timid and scared. Eventually Frankie grew desperate enough to protect herself, so she went to Alchemy after he promised to make her into a meta-human. Frankie was horrified at Magenta's actions and as a result, Frankie resolved to be a better person by fighting off Magenta's persona with the help of S.T.A.R. Labs if that point should ever come again.


Frankie as Magenta.

Due to being in foster care and always shipped off to abusive homes, Frankie developed a split-personality manifested from her suppressed anger for all the abuse she endured, which became fully manifested upon gaining her meta-human powers. As Magenta, she grew so sick and tired of the abuse she had to endured, hurting her abuser, John James; as he rightly earned it, but Magenta is short-sighted when it came to attempting to kill her former foster father, as she endangered innocent lives. However, Magenta felt contempt towards Frankie as she saw her as weak.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Frankie was given energy from the Philosopher's Stone, this altered her DNA and supercharged her cells, augmenting her mental capabilities.
  • Divided mind: Magneta has get two personalities, Frankie and Magenta.
    • Magnetokinesis: Magenta has the ability to manipulate metal of any size.[1]
    • Eye transformation: When Frankie's split-personality takes over her body, her eye color changes to the color magenta.


The Flash

Season 3


Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Frances "Francine" Kane, alias Magenta, was a member of the Teen Titans and childhood friend of Wally West, and a romantic interest, who later became a villainous character and acolyte of the Cicada Cult. She was also also a member of the Blacksmith's Rogues, before joining James Jesse's anti-Rogue group.


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