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Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak
Occupation Executive Assistant of Oliver Queen (formerly)
Tech support and computer hacker for Oliver Queen's team (in secret)

Vigilante (in secret)
IT support at Queen Consolidated (formerly)

Status Alive
Family Unnamed (father)
Unnamed (mother)
Actor Emily Bett Rickards
"I was just used to being your girl. I mean not your girl, girl, your girl. I know it sounds like the same word but, it means something different in my head"
—Felicity to Oliver Queen[src]

Felicity Meghan Smoak (born in 1988)[1] is one of the main characters in the TV series, Arrow. Originally a recurring character, she has been promoted to a series regular since Season 2.

Felicity is the daughter of an unnamed man, and an unnamed woman, the partner-in-vigilantism and a good friend of both Oliver Queen, and John Diggle, and a good friend of Sara Lance, she is also the primary contact between The Arrow and SCPD Officer Quentin Lance. She is also a good friend and former employee of Walter Steele. Felicity is very intelligent and great with electronics, which is why both Walter and Oliver initially approached her for help in their separate problems.

Felicity was drawn into Oliver's vigilante team due to her desire to find her abducted boss and friend, Walter Steele, who prior to his kidnapping had secretly asked her to look into some suspicious things happening with his money and business. When she finds evidence confirming his suspicions, Walter asks her to stop looking further because he didn't want to put her in more danger. However, she stubbornly continues to look into it, and after Walter is kidnapped, she realizes that he might have been taken due to the things she found.

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen has approached Felicity for help with a few odd tasks (that he couldn't complete himself), using ridiculous cover stories in a vain attempt to hide the true purpose of his request. Putting two and two together, Felicity begins to suspect that Oliver was involved with Starling City's new vigilante archer, which helps her eventually decide to approach Oliver with Walter's copy of The List (which Walter found in his and Moira's bedroom), trusting him with the information.

After Oliver is shot by his mother, he retreats to Felicity's car, revealing his identity to her and asking her to drive him to his warehouse instead of a hospital. After saving his life, she agrees to join his team, but only until they find Walter.

In the beginning, Felicity doesn't agree with Oliver's methods in catching criminals, but later starts to loosen up after she helps capture The Dodger and realizes that what he does isn't all bad. Unfortunately, she would later be unable to get a lock on the location of a criminal, and is subsequently forced to watch a man die due to her failure. She begins to lose faith in herself until John Diggle realizes that their target was on a moving train underground, which allows her to anticipate where the train would be next and help save Roy Harper.

Felicity has gone on three undercover missions: first as a card-counter in a mob-run casino, second as a Big Belly Burger delivery girl at Merlyn Global Group, and third as bait for The Dollmaker. In the episode Time of Death, she had her first solo-mission, taking down William Tockman.



Not much is known about Felicity's background other than she comes from a family of Jewish background whose father abandoned her and her mother at a young age. Felicity also claims to have worked on computers since she was 7 years old. 

Season 1Edit

In "Lone Gunmen", Felicity is busy working in the I.T. Department when Oliver Queen walks in. Upon introducing himself, Felicity informs him that she knows who he is and refers to him as "Mr. Queen", which he refutes by telling her, "Mr. Queen was my father". Felicity rebuffs this by tactlessly pointing out that his father was dead, backtracking apologetically and ending up babbling at him, which visibly amused Oliver. To her relief, he ignores her ramblings and gives her a bullet-ridden laptop, claiming that he'd spilled a latte on it. When she points out the bullet holes, he tells her that his coffee shop was in a bad neighborhood, which she clearly disbelieves. But when Oliver asks her to salvage what she can from the laptop, Felicity complies. Sometime later, Felicity retrieves blueprints to the Exchange building, where his stepfather Walter Steele would be bidding on the Unidac Industries auction. Seeing that the laptop actually belonged to Walter's competitor Warren Patel, Felicity tells Oliver that she doesn't want to be caught in the middle of the Queen family drama, and ends up explaining the situation to Oliver. Thanks to her, Oliver realizes that Patel is the man who hired Deadshot. This is also the first time Felicity hears about Floyd Lawton.

In "An Innocent Man", Walter Steele calls Felicity up to his office, making her assume she was about to be fired. After extolling her importance in the company, to which Walter agrees with her, she is given the assignment of digging up the details of one of his wife Moira Queen's transactions. From this, Felicity unearths an offshore limited liability company called Tempest that only existed to facilitate the purchase of a warehouse somewhere in Starling City.

In "Legacies", Felicity is introduced to John Diggle and ends up researching Derek Reston for Oliver. Her research unearths the fact that Derek Reston had been an employee of his father, which propelled Oliver to reach out and offer Derek Reston a second chance.

In "Vendetta", Felicity enters Walter's office to speak with him about someone else looking at his wife's financial transactions regarding Tempest. She shows him a picture (the same symbol found in The List) she managed to find that Walter denies having seen before, and he coldly warns her to stop looking into his wife's affairs, promising to suspend her if she continued. Stunned and appropriately threatened, Felicity agrees to back off, only for Walter to later call her back and give her a seemingly blank copy of The List after he finds it in his and Moira's bedroom. After a few hours, Felicity returns to Walter's office with The List and a pair of glasses manufactured by Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences division that allowed them to see the list of names written in invisible ink.

In "Year's End", Felicity calls Walter in the middle of dinner to tell him that Doug Miller, head of QC's Applied Sciences division, was on The List. Later, while looking at the names she'd copied onto her tablet, Oliver arrives to ask for her help again, claiming that a friend of his is a big archery fan and giving her an arrow to track down where it was delivered. Upon providing him with the information, Oliver praises her and greets her a merry Christmas before he leaves, causing Felicity to reveal to him that she is Jewish.

In "Trust but Verify", Oliver asks Felicity to decrypt the information stored on a security fob, claiming that it was part of a scavenger hunt that would award several bottles of 1982 Lafite Rothschild to the winner. Declaring her love of red wine and bring promised one of the bottles, Felicity decrypts the fob and discovers that it contained information regarding several planned heists similar to the armored-car robberies that have been occurring in the city. Oliver asks her to hold off on warning the police, saying he didn't want to get her in trouble and asking her to send him the information instead. Felicity does so, privately expressing her disappointment in the lack of wine coming her way.

In "Vertigo", Felicity is outside the I.T. department when Oliver and John Diggle arrive, looking for her. Oliver hands her a syringe and asks her to run a spectro-analysis on what he claims is an energy drink, but is in fact Vertigo. Felicity questions him on why the energy drink is in a syringe, and then walks away exasperatedly when Oliver tells her he ran out of sports bottles. However, she contacts him later that night and asks him to meet her. They go to Big Belly Burger, where Felicity admits that despite the outrageous stories he'd told her when he asked for her help, she somehow trusts him enough to share the information she has collated. She presents him with the copy of The List in her possession, telling Oliver that it may be the reason why Walter had been abducted.

In "The Odyssey", Felicity leaves her work at night and gets in her car. She turns and sees a gunshot-wounded man in a hood, who reveals himself as none other than Oliver Queen. Felicity is taken aback and remarks that everything she knows about him "just became so unbelievably clear." Oliver tells her to take him to his father's old warehouse and nowhere else, which she does. When Felicity gets to the warehouse, she and John Diggle operate on Oliver and manage to stop the bleeding. While Oliver was unconscious, John commented that he thought all this would be more of a shock to Felicity and asked if she already knew, to which Felicity simply recalled all the horrible cover stories they have told her for the favors Oliver asked her for, pointing out that she may be blonde, but she wasn't that blonde. John, when asked what was in the "energy drink" vial given to her in "Vertigo," revealed that it was Vertigo, and that it was him and Oliver that took down The Count, but that they also couldn't have done it without her help. After learning how much she has helped already, she agrees to help Oliver on a provisional basis until Walter is found. After that, she would go back to her boring I.T. girl life.

In "Dodger", Oliver hoods up to mark a name off of the List and Felicity locks him in the Arrowcave to point out that he's about to threaten to kill a single father with a ten-year-old son. Oliver ignores her objections, prompting her to quit in the belief that it was a bad idea to get involved with them in the first place. To coax her back on the team, Oliver goes after The Dodger, a thief who forces others to steal for him with bomb collars. During their first team meeting at Big Belly Burger, Felicity notices the attraction between John and his former sister-in-law Carly, which leads to her persuading and/or daring the guys to go on dates: John with Carly and Oliver with McKenna Hall, mostly for fun, though Oliver's date also had more to do with the intention of planting a bug on McKenna's phone, which would allow them to get information about the Dodger. When Team Hood sets up a sting using one of the Queen jewels, the Dodger simply steals the bait himself. Felicity naively confronts him, which leads to him collaring her with a bomb. With Felicity guiding him through the streets via the tracking device they installed in the jewel, Oliver chases after the Dodger while Diggle attempts to disarm the collar. He manages to find and stop the Dodger, retrieving the detonator and freeing Felicity from her collar.

In "Dead to Rights", John has begun training Felicity to defend herself in case she is attacked, saying it let him "sleep easier knowing she could handle herself." During their break, Oliver comes in, having just killed Guillermo Barrera, an assassin-for-hire. He gives Felicity Barrera's phone, hoping she could figure out who the target was so they could stop any another assassin who came to finish the job. Felicity manages to get the last number Barrera called, which was a front for the Chinese Triad, a restaurant called the Jade Dragon. While Oliver goes to check it out, Felicity continues to decrypt the phone, eventually cracking through its firewalls and discovering that Barrera's target was Malcolm Merlyn. Later, after Malcolm is saved, Oliver informs them that the assassin had been Floyd Lawton, upsetting John. Felicity learns from Oliver that Lawton was the man who killed John's brother.

In "The Huntress Returns", Felicity accidentally interrupts a meeting between Oliver Queen, John, and Helena, offering to hack into the FBI database. Oliver sharply tells her to leave, trying to prevent Felicity from becoming involved with Helena's vendetta. This fails, as Helena later breaks into the I.T. Department of Queen Consolidated and threatens Felicity into hacking the FBI to find the location of her father's safehouse. Thankfully, Felicity had been in the middle of a call to Oliver's voicemail when Helena showed up, so he immediately proceeds to Queen Consolidated when he hears it. He finds Felicity tied up under her desk, quickly freeing her and even almost killing John when he arrives seconds later. Felicity explains what happened and apologizes for giving Helena the information, though Oliver assures her that she did the right thing by placing her safety first. The attack persuades Oliver to go after Helena with no mercy, as she has crossed the final line by threatening Felicity.

In "Salvation", Felicity is in the Arrowcave watching the news regarding John Nickel, one of the people on The List. With the DA's office deciding not to indict Nickel for the fire that occurred the night before, Oliver decides to go after Nickel, to which Felicity gave "100%" support. However, someone else gets to Nickel first and broadcasts his interrogation of Nickel on his website. Felicity sends the broadcast link to Oliver and Diggle, and upon seeing where the interrogation was headed, Oliver demands that Felicity track the signal it was coming from, only for Nickel to get shot on video. John contacts his friends in the NSA and discovers that the person who owns the website is a cyber-crusader called The Savior. Soon after, another video is linked onto The Savior's website, showing that Assistant District Attorney Gavin Carnahan had been kidnapped and strung up like Nickel had. Using information given away in the video, Felicity discovers that The Savior is Joseph Falk, a former employee of the Department of Transportation whose wife was killed in the Glades. Given ten minutes to find Carnahan, Felicity tries to find the location where the ADA is being held, but cannot pinpoint where the transmission is being sent from. She directs Oliver to two false locations, and as a frustrated Oliver tells her to find them faster, The Savior shoots Carnahan, shocking and upsetting Felicity. Later, when Oliver returns, she tells him she told John to leave in her loud voice and expresses guilt over her failure to find Carnahan. Oliver tries and fails to comfort her by telling them that, in their line of business, they sometimes lose a battle. Felicity then cites his policy on staying single as a good thing, saying she wouldn't know how to talk about the day she'd just had if she'd been dating someone. Her comment causes Oliver to rethink how his personal policy of isolationism is affecting him and those around him. Later, he tells Felicity that if she ever needs to tell someone about her day, she can talk to him.

In "Unfinished Business", Felicity arrives in the Arrowcave to find both Oliver and Diggle already present. Briefly teasing them about their fondness for the hideout, she shows them the news footage announcing The Count's escape from the mental institution, upsetting Oliver, who had already gone to see the Count because of the death of one of his club-goers and had discounted him as a suspect for being insane. Later, after John successfully dropped off tagged money by purchasing Vertigo, Felicity activates the tracker slipped into the bills and, at John's teasing of her throwing a pill party, admits that the only encounter she had with drugs was her accidental ingestion of a pot brownie during her freshman year, which had also triggered her nut allergy, making it an unhappy experience. John then brings them to the topic of Floyd Lawton, whom Felicity has been tracking without Oliver's knowledge at John's request. She gives him the information she had, then tries to convince John to let Oliver in on the secret, but John refuses and leaves.

Some time later, Oliver and Felicity hear a report about a Vertigo-related hostage-taking incident in Starling City Aquarium. As Oliver mixes the herbs he had to use on the junkie, Felicity wonders why he wasn't going to kill the man instead. Oliver explains to her that his sister had been in the same place, and that if she hadn't deserved to be killed for taking Vertigo, then neither did this man. When he laments that he should've killed The Count the first time around, Felicity tries to talk him out of it, only for him to point out that his choice had been wrong since the city was once again in danger due to Vertigo, and that he would kill The Count once and for all when he gets the chance. Oliver leaves after instructing Felicity to call John for backup. Later, Felicity walks into the Arrowcave to find that Oliver's things had been replaced with the club's inventory and furniture, which Oliver claims is a long story. Directed to look at the autopsy reports of the Vertigo victims, Felicity discovers that one of the junkies had died due to his allergy to chlorpromazine. Oliver promptly leaves Felicity in the Arrowcave to recheck the mental institution, realizing that the amount of anti-psychotic drugs needed to manufacture the new Vertigo could only be found in a mental institution.

In "Home Invasion", while Oliver and Diggle are working out and talking about Floyd Lawton, Felicity refutes Oliver's claim that Lawton is on another continent, explaining that she'd decrypted A.R.G.U.S.'s communication logs and ending up admitting that she dyed her hair blonde, much to Oliver's amusement and John's impatience. Felicity tells them that Lawton had returned to Starling City thanks to a sting setup by John's friend, A.R.G.U.S. agent Lyla Michaels. Felicity pulls the details of the sting for John and Oliver to study and create a counter-plan for, and later monitors the movements of Edward Rasmus, who hired an assassin to kill Laurel Lance's clients, orphaning a young boy who is also targeted for having seen the assassin's face. Just before the time for A.R.G.U.S. 's sting, Felicity gets a notification that Rasmus was on a flight manifest heading out of Starling City, forcing Oliver to choose whether to support John or help Laurel's case. He chooses Laurel, and when he returns, Felicity is tending to John's head wound. Upset that Oliver chose Laurel yet again, John tells him that his absence caused the deaths of four A.R.G.U.S. agents, and though Felicity doesn't say anything on the subject, it is clear that she agreed with John.

In "The Undertaking", Oliver brings Felicity the laptop of Harold Backman, who launders money for the white-collar criminals of Starling City, and asks her to return money to their rightful owners before they turn the laptop over to the IRS. Felicity tries to convince Oliver to apologize to Diggle for breaking his promise to him, but Oliver stubbornly refuses. After a while, Felicity walks into the club to find Oliver, only to find him conversing with Laurel Lance, whom she now meets for the first time. Excusing herself as someone who is fixing the club's router, Felicity urges Oliver to come with her so she could show him what she'd found, explaining that she hacked Cayman Fidelity and compiled a list of deposits made in the last year and had discovered a payment made on the same day of Walter Steele's disappearance. She manages to track it to Dominic Alonzo, who runs the biggest underground casino in the city. With Oliver hesitating to both storm Alonzo's place due to the unknown amount of security guarding the place and contact John for help, Felicity convinces him to let her get caught counting cards in order to place a bug on Alonzo's computer. Despite his reservations, Oliver bends to Felicity's tenacity, but insists that he plan the mission, which Felicity agrees to.

Before she goes, Felicity pays a visit to John to try and convince him to help them save Walter, but to no avail. Sometime later, she and Oliver arrive outside Alonzo's casino, where Oliver gives her another chance to back out. When Felicity refuses to do so, he assures her that he'll be right outside, and they separate. With Oliver scouting ahead and providing her the password (Snapdragon), Felicity heads in, detailing how many of Alonzo's employees were in sight and also accidentally rambling at him, much to her chagrin. Her plan to get caught counting cards goes off without a hitch, and she is brought into Alonzo's office. Introducing herself as Megan, she plants the bug and agrees to never count cards in Alonzo's casino again, only for them to find the earwig that connected her to Oliver. Having lost contact with her, Oliver storms the casino and, after getting Felicity out of Alonzo's clutches, reverts to his old method of intimidating his target into confessing the information he wanted. The fear of God placed in him, Alonzo tells them that he'd heard the gunshot that killed Walter, devastating her and Oliver both.

Felicity returns to the Arrowcave later that night to find Oliver sitting in the dark. Admitting that she'd been doing the same thing, she tries to extend her condolences to Oliver and his family, only for Oliver to tell her that Walter was still alive. He explains that his mother had known who had Walter all along, and he'd followed her straight to Malcolm Merlyn after giving them the news that Walter was found dead. He asks her to pull up Malcolm's phone records to trace the call he made to where Walter was being held, which Felicity discovers is in Blüdhaven. Seeing that the least amount of security is on the roof, Oliver charters a jump plane to parachute down, and when he recovers Walter, Felicity immediately proceeds to the hospital to see him.

In "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Felicity, Oliver and Diggle are trying to figure out what The Undertaking is and how Moira Queen is involved in it. Oliver decides that it's time he spoke to his mother about it, and when Felicity expresses concern due to what happened the last time he tried that, he tells her that he'd be doing it without the hood. When Oliver returns, Felicity is shocked to see the mess his face has become, scolding John and reminding him that he was supposed to pull his punches, indicating that John had told her about the plan Oliver had concocted to make his mother talk. Oliver asks her to research Unidac Industries, to which Felicity reminds him that Queen Consolidated acquired Unidac Industries in the same month they'd met. Discovering that Unidac Industries specialized in seismic infringement, Oliver theorizes that Malcolm plans to level the Glades using a device that triggers a man-made earthquake. Upon finding a news article suggesting that the copycat archer was involved, they realize that the Dark Archer is working for Malcolm Merlyn, and that they were tying up loose ends.

When Felicity decides to hack into Merlyn Global to find information about Malcolm's plan, but is stonewalled by the company's firewalls, she expresses that they would have to waltz in to gain access to the company mainframe. Oliver decides to do just that, and Felicity ends up posing as a delivery girl for the Big Belly Burger and sneaks to the twenty-fourth floor with Oliver. While hacking in, Felicity encounters a guard patrolling the floor earlier than scheduled, and since Oliver is detained by Malcolm himself, John is forced to head up to rescue her, forcing her to pretend to be a Tommy Merlyn groupie. Later, she tells them that she left a Trojan in the mainframe, thinking it would come in handy in the future. The Trojan later alerts them when Malcolm logs onto his computer, prompting Oliver to face him as a distraction while John went to retrieve the earthquake device. However, Felicity's Trojan backfires on her, as Malcolm moved the devices when he discovered the virus.

In "Sacrifice", Detective Quentin takes Felicity into custody for questioning after police technicians find a computer trail linked with the vigilante's activities that traces back to her computer at Queen Consolidated. Felicity is later released when Oliver, as the vigilante, contacts Lance to warn him of the impending attack on the Glades. Before leaving, and without blowing her cover, Felicity explains that she had thought the vigilante was a bad person too, until she realized how much he'd sacrificed for Starling City. She points out that it makes him more of a hero than Lance gives him credit for. After stealing data from Merlyn Global, Felicity works with Lance to disarm the earthquake device threatening the Glades, blowing her cover with Lance and confirming that she was definitely in league with the vigilante, in order to prevent the Undertaking. Though successful in disarming the device, Felicity was stuck in Verdant as the back-up earthquake device was activated and proceeded to destroy the east side of the Glades.

Season 2Edit

In "City of Heroes", Felicity and John Diggle travel to Lian Yu in order to find Oliver Queen. In the process, she charters a rickety airplane that she inevitably jumps out of and eventually steps on a land mine, which Oliver saves her from by swinging from a tree using a rope arrow. In a bid to cajole him into returning to Starling City, she reveals that his mother's trial was coming up and Queen Consolidated was undergoing a hostile takeover, which meant that she would probably laid over if it succeeded, and that his family would lose the source of their income. She and John convince Oliver to come back, under the condition that he did it as Oliver Queen, and not as The Hood. Later, she, Oliver and John finally meet Isabel Rochev at QC in regards to the company buyout. The meeting is interrupted by The Hoods, who declare that Oliver has failed the city. As Oliver rushes Isabel out, one of The Hoods members points a gun at him and Felicity hits him with a statue. Oliver and Felicity escape through a window, swinging once again via a chain out the window and into another two floors below, escaping The Hoods. After the attack, Felicity confronts Oliver for not even trying to stop the Hoods, and he responds by citing the body count he typically leaves behind. After Oliver finds out that The Hoods kidnapped Thea, she, Oliver, and John go to the upgraded lair. She helps him find out information about The Hoods, why they formed, and their location. She then gives Oliver his new bow. Back at the hideout, after Oliver defeats The Hoods, they talk about a new way and a new name for The Hood.

In "Identity", Felicity vehemently protests her new job as Oliver's executive assistant despite Oliver's valid excuses. She inevitably stays on as his EA, even though she dislikes her new job. She manages to track where the Chinese Triad strikes next, only for The Arrow to get into an intense fight with Bronze Tiger. Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity called Oliver out on his attitude and told him he was so involved with himself, he didn't realise that Diggle and Carly had broken up, partially because of him. After missing a crucial fundraiser, Oliver becomes vilified by Sebastian Blood, even though he was actually helping the hospital by stopping the Triad from acquiring the next batch of medical supplies being delivered to them, Felicity gives Oliver a single cup of coffee, stating the word "One" quietly, implying it would be the only time she would get him coffee.

In "Broken Dolls", Felicity and John are waiting in the Arrowcave when Oliver arrives, having been nearly caught by the SCPD thanks to Laurel setting a trap for him. Oliver asks her to keep an eye out on a new vigilante, a blonde woman who seemed like a highly-skilled fighter, but they soon reprioritize to help Officer Quentin Lance with The Dollmaker case. Because of all the times she hacked the SCPD, they've outsource their evidence to a facility that she can't hack into from the outside. Oliver and Lance break into the facility and give Felicity the connection she needs to retrieve and disseminate the information there, leading to a break in the case. It turns out that all the women used a special type of lotion called Mermaiden, and her skills leave Lance mystified at the thought that she can discover all of that with what little information she's been given in less than a minute, prompting Oliver to smile under the cover of his hood. She then volunteers to be bait for the Dollmaker, going to each boutique and buying Mermaiden. Quentin points out that Felicity must trust The Arrow a lot to be bait for a serial killer. Creeped out, and scared, she vows to never be bait again, right before she's attacked by the Dollmaker. The Arrow and Quentin scare him off, but not before Felicity is injured. When she's recovered, she reports the kidnapping of Officer Quentin and Laurel to Oliver, and manages to provide him with their location.

In "Crucible", Felicity is forced to make excuses for Oliver's lateness to a QC investment party to Isabel Rochev. When asked where he was, Felicity opens her communications link to him, only to be startled at the sound of gunfire. Oliver finally arrives, only to have some blood on his skin that Felicity tries to excuse away. While watching Oliver and Laurel speak during the party, Felicity realizes that Laurel had also been in the same places where the masked blonde vigilante had helped Oliver out, leading her to theorize that it was Laurel, not Oliver, whom the woman was following. This allows Oliver to trap the woman and learn her real identity: Sara Lance. Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver tells Felicity and John that Sara hadn't died on the island, prompting Felicity to question why he hadn't told the Lances about her survival. Later, they set aside the Sara issue to locate The Mayor's hideout to take back a stolen weapons crate of military-grade armament. Felicity later "borrows" the FBI facial recognition software to identify The Mayor's real identity, Xavier Reed, and figures out that not only was Reed's foster brother serving in the army, he was also about to hand over assault rifles and grenade launchers to Reed, prompting Oliver to head out to stop it from happening.

In "League of Assassins", Felicity finally meets the elusive Sara Lance and expresses her happiness regarding Sara's survival despite not having known her before. This amuses Sara, who calls Felicity "cute". Oliver tells them that he and Sara were attacked inside Queen Mansion by a man dressed like the Dark Archer/Malcolm Merlyn, then asks Felicity to analyze a bag of dirt the man had stepped in. Hearing their lack of knowledge on the matter, Sara reveals that the man was named Al-Owal, a member of the League of Assassins sent to bring her back with him, as she too was a member. She admits to murdering a man who was inevitably found by his young children and uses it as an example as to why she kept her survival a secret from her family. Later, when Sara apologizes to Felicity for upsetting her with her confession, Felicity compares Sara's regret for joining the League of Assassins to her regret of joining a gym membership. Sara thanks Felicity for not making her feel like "what she was" and expresses how lucky Oliver was for having both her and John as friends. When Oliver arrives, Felicity reports that she'd found pesticide on the dirt he gave her, giving them Al-Owal's possible hideout. After Sara and Oliver fail to deter him, Felicity volunteers to warn Officer Lance about the possible threat on his life, but fails to do so, forcing Sara to reveal herself to her father.

In "Keep Your Enemies Closer", she appears when Oliver and Isabel Rochev are having a conversation about meetings, letting Oliver know that Roy has information for him. She later goes with Oliver, Diggle and unexpectedly Isabel to Moscow to rescue Lyla from prison. Unbeknownst to her, Isabel believes she's sleeping with Oliver, because of her abrupt job change. She sees that Oliver slept with Isabel and is visibly shocked by what happened. She confronts Oliver about why he slept with Isabel, implying that she has feelings for him, He replies that it didn't mean anything and that he couldn't be involved with someone that he could care about because of being The Arrow, implying that he "may" have romantic feelings for her as well, but he won't act on them.

In "State v. Queen", Felicity takes John to the Arrowcave when he passes out in the office, and when Oliver arrives, Felicity tells him that John had somehow been injected with Vertigo, and that his condition was the effects of severe withdrawal. The Count, who has broken out of prison, takes credit for the outbreak of Vertigo withdrawal among regular people. As Oliver is occupied with his mother's on-going trial, Felicity works with an ill John to try to figure out why a random mix of people were infected. After plotting out the employment of each infected person, she finds a path and links that path to the free flu shots that were given around Starling City. Since John is out of commission and Oliver is at the trial, Felicity decides to check out the immunization truck on her own, and is subsequently abducted by Count Vertigo. When Count Vertigo finds her Queen Consolidated ID badge in her coat, he manages to suss out The Arrow's true identity and uses Felicity as bait to lure Oliver to his office. Despite Felicity telling him not to kill Count Vertigo because of her, Oliver does it anyway when Count Vertigo moves to inject her with a high concentration of Vertigo. Later, Felicity thanks Oliver for saving her life, then apologizes for being the reason he had to choose to kill someone again. Oliver tells her that when her life was in danger, "There was no choice to make".

In "The Scientist", Felicity welcomes Moira Queen back when she pays a visit to the office, laughing at the joke Moira makes, but then awkwardly mentioning Moira's stint in prison, making Moira leave the room immediately. Minutes later, she and John fetch Oliver to tell him about a break-in at one of QC's Applied Sciences facilities, where a centrifuge has been stolen. They proceed to the site, meeting Officer Quentin, Kelton the Crime Scene Unit technician, and Barry Allen, who introduces himself as a CSI from the Central City Police Department. After Barry extrapolates a logical, but unbelievable explanation about the thief being super-powered by merely looking at the crime scene, Felicity realizes that he knew more about the case than they did and enlisted his help, telling Barry that Oliver wanted to keep the investigation in-house. During the course of their time together, Felicity exhibits signs of being attracted to Barry, though she was clearly uncomfortable when he mentioned his admiration of The Arrow and his theory that the vigilante had partners, particularly one versed in computer science. Barry seems to reciprocate her affections, and though he was briefly surprised to learn that Felicity spent her nights with Oliver, he is reassured when she denies liking Oliver romantically and then asks him to accompany her to the party Oliver is throwing to celebrate his mother's acquittal. She becomes angry at Oliver when he reveals that Barry has been misleading them, only for Barry to admit that he was investigating their case due to its possible relation to the events that led to his mother's death and the wrongful incarceration of his father. Oliver makes it up to her by reinviting Barry to the party, where they share a dance. Later, after Barry receives a phone call from his boss demanding he return to Central City at once, Felicity is visibly disappointed when he doesn't kiss her goodbye. She proceeds to the Arrowcave to direct Oliver to the thief's next target, only for the thief to overpower Oliver and knock him into a pile of unknown drugs. Felicity and John come to Oliver's rescue, and when she is unable to discover what Oliver was poisoned with, John decides to call 911, despite Oliver being in full vigilante garb. Felicity stops him from making the call, instead asking John to abduct Barry at the train station to ask for his help in saving Oliver.

In "Three Ghosts", Felicity, John and Barry work together to save Oliver, with Barry using a small dose of rat poison to thin Oliver's coagulating blood. When Oliver wakes up, he is upset to discover that Felicity has exposed his secret to an outsider without his consent, leading to their first fight which ends only when Barry points out that Oliver was being a jerk to her. While Oliver was away, Felicity runs a print that Barry lifted from Oliver's neck through the computer and finds a match, identifying Oliver's physically-enhanced attacker as Cyrus Gold. As she ran Gold's picture through facial recognition softwares, targeting traffic cameras to track Gold's location, Barry smugly reminds her about his theory of the vigilante working with partners, and then surprises them by mentioning that he'd kept count of the high-profile cases they'd been involved with. Oliver soon arrives to question Barry about the side-effects of the rat poison, which includes hallucinations and excessive sweating. Felicity correctly realizes that Oliver has been hallucinating and asks what he was seeing, only to be upset and embittered when he mentions Shado, another girl he met on the island. Minutes later, Felicity announces that she had found Gold's location and directs John and Oliver to a motel Gold might be staying in. When Gold manages to hurt John, with him and Oliver narrowly escaping, Oliver tells Felicity to call for backup, and she reaches out to Officer Quentin.

Later that day, Barry implies that despite her denying it, he understood why Felicity would like Oliver. Their conversation eventually turns to their holiday plans, though it is interrupted when Oliver arrives and asks for some privacy, prompting her and Barry to retreat to the Big Belly Burger to get some takeout. They return with John to find the Arrowcave in disarray, though Oliver denies that they'd had a break-in and doesn't explain what happened. After Barry tells Oliver that his hallucinations weren't being caused by any drugs in his system, Felicity finds a police report detailing Quentin's injuries and the death of several officers, including Quentin's former partner and friend, Lucas Hilton. Oliver leaves to speak with Quentin and returns with a key that Felicity tracks back to a place in the Glades. When Oliver prepares to face Gold once more, Felicity tries to stop him and fails, so she asks him to promise that he'd come back, but he doesn't. To John and Felicity's relief, Oliver returns mostly intact, and she rushes to hug him while he assures them that he'd stopped hallucinating, though he also warns them that they had to keep an eye on Roy Harper, who'd been injected with the same serum that gave Gold his enhanced abilities. When he asks after Barry, Felicity tells him that Barry had returned to Central City, just as Barry gives her a call. He tells her that he arrived too late to attend the activation of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, but that if she ever decided to go on a date with someone who wasn't Oliver Queen (marking the first time her romantic feelings for Oliver is blatantly mentioned), then that someone wouldn't be late for their date, much to Felicity's delight. Barry mentions that he'd left a present for Oliver: a mask. Felicity helps Oliver put it on, becoming the first person to see him as The Arrow. When asked how he looked, Felicity tells him that he looks like a hero.

In "Blast Radius", Felicity has gone to Central City to stay with Barry Allen, who is in a coma. When she returns, she helps Oliver track the bomber Shrapnel in a high-speed chase. She loses Shrapnel's signal and he ends up escaping. Oliver angrily blames her, claiming she's distracted by Barry Allen. Later, she helps Oliver escape one of Shrapnel's booby traps by identifying the trap's power source. Afterwards, Oliver apologizes to Felicity, admitting he relies on her and Diggle more than he thought he did, and acknowledges her as his partner. 

In "Blind Spot",

In "Tremors"

In "Heir to the Demon", Felicity discovers Thea's true parentage after questioning Walter about a wire transfer from a flagged account and her own prowess and informs Moira of her discovery. Taking advantage of Felicity's feelings for Oliver, Moira manipulates her into keeping her secret, saying that even though Oliver would hate her, he would blame Felicity for telling him. This deal led her to become distracted and withdrawn, something Oliver noticed. Unable to keep a secret, Felicity explained how her father left her when she was a child and she tells Oliver her fear of losing him. He assures her he won't, but which led her to tell him the truth about Thea.

In "Time of Death" Felicity starts to feel left out when Sara is brought onto the team and she, Oliver and Diggle trade battle scars. Felicity takes her frustration out on a training dummy, only for Sara to give her some pointers on self defence. When William Tockman, aka the Clock King, steals a Skeleton Key, a device that can access any computer system, she tries to stop him, but manages to divert their attention to stop a near-collision with a bus and a train. Felicity soon feels left out again when Sara reveals her aptitude for chemistry and with Tockman's genetic disease, they track him down. However, this proves to be a trap, as Tockman tracked Felicity down and with the Skeleton Key, fried the Arrowcave's computer systems. Assessing the damage and using some of Oliver's money as bait, Diggle tries to get Felicity to open about Oliver's relationship with Sara, but she tells him of her uncertainty  within the team, feeling extra pressure to take Tockman down. Tockman takes their bait, but Felicity tries to stop him alone. Oliver, Sara and Diggle manages to find her before Tockman, but while Oliver dealt with Tockman's men and Diggle stopping a gas main from exploding, Felicity and Sara find Tockman, only Felicity to get shot protecting Sara. Using the same virus that fried her systems, Felicity used Tockman's phone to knock him out. As Sara finished patching her up, Oliver asked her about her feelings in the group. Felicity admits that she has gotten used being Oliver's "go-to" girl and Oliver reassures her that she will always be "his" girl.

In "The Promise",

In "Suicide Squad",

In "Birds of Prey",

In "Deathstroke",


Felicity is an intelligent, ambitious, hard-working and tech-savvy woman who is highly confident in her computer skills. Though she doesn't go looking for trouble, she is also not one to back away from danger, particularly when there is a mystery waiting to be solved. These traits are proven when she accepts the task of looking into Moira Queen's seemingly blank notebook, despite Walter Steele's warning that the last man who looked into his wife's affairs died suspiciously the next day. In the same scene however, she also reveals a capacity for insecurity in regards to her position in the company, as seen when she assumed she was being fired after Walter called her up to his office. She is also a rather patient and indulgent person, as proven when she continues to humor Oliver Queen's odd requests despite the obvious lies he provides her with and the dubious and dangerous nature of the tasks he gives her, such as accessing the contents of a bullet-ridden laptop, analyzing the contents of what he claims is an energy drink stored in a syringe, and decrypting a security fob that contained plans to rob an armored car.

Aside from her natural talents and developed skills, Felicity's most prominent attributes are her capacity for compassion, kindness and trust. It is presumably these traits that allows Oliver to trust her with the knowledge of his vigilante activities, as well as rely only on her promise that she would deliver him to his father's old factory, despite the risk of her alerting the authorities instead. Felicity proves her worth by performing all he had asked of her, and then going beyond what he expected by helping John Diggle patch Oliver up. She then stays at his side with John until he wakes up and, out of loyalty to the then-missing Walter, agrees to join the team to help locate her kidnapped employer. True to her tech-savvy nature, she proceeds to upgrade the Arrowcave's computers simply because Oliver's poorly setup system bugged her. She also helped him cover his tracks by hacking into the SCPD crime lab's computers and to order the destruction of Oliver's blood sample, which was collected by the police after he was shot by his mother.

Initially, Felicity didn't approve of Oliver's harsh methods, but they ultimately came to an understanding after stopping The Savior. Even though both Oliver and John refuse at times, Felicity has shown that she is capable of handling herself in dangerous situations, having gone undercover in a Mob Casino, infiltrated the Merlyn Global Group headquarters under the guise as a delivery girl, and offered herself as bait to catch a serial killer, all to help them take down the criminals they were after.

Conversely, Felicity is also portrayed as a socially-awkward nerd. She has a habit of babbling without censoring herself, and usually does so using double entendres with sexual connotation. This happens when she is nervous, particularly in the presence of authority figures (such as Walter Steele and Moira Queen) or those she finds attractive (like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen). Her trademark babbling often results in her feeling so embarrassed, she tries to backtrack and explain herself, which only contributes to her rambling. The exception to her embarrassment seems to be Barry, though neither of them seem to notice when she does it. But despite her tendency to babble, she isn't afraid to give voice to her opinions, and she always stands her ground unwaveringly when she knows she's in the right.


  • Genius-level intellect: Felicity is an intellectual whizkid, as evidenced by the crucial role she plays in The Arrow's team, as well as her enviable skillset in tasks such as information retrieval, computer software and technology and the creation of customized gadgets, among other things. She was able to draw an accurate theory regarding Oliver's alternate identity from the few requests Oliver asked of her which would later be connected to the vigilante's activities, but she did not expose his secret identity to anyone, nor did she mention it until Oliver entrusted her with the information.
  • Computer expert: As a member of Queen Consolidated's I.T. department, Felicity has proven herself to be a highly skilled computer expert. She was able to recover valuable information, such as the blueprints of the exchange building where the Unidac Industries auction was being held, from Floyd Lawton's damaged laptop, despite the fact that it had sustained bullet holes. She was able to find the delivery location of a teflon-coated titanium blade arrow by tracking down its manufacturing company, Sagittarius, and finding out where and when it had been purchased using the company's records. She analyzed a sample of the drug named Vertigo and was able to find its manufacturing location in the city. She uses the computers from the Arrowcave to locate people Oliver has a problem finding on his own.
  • Expert computer hacker: Felicity is a highly-skilled computer hacker, capable of hacking into any computer system, which makes her a valuable asset to The Arrow's team. She was able to hack into the crime lab computers of the SCPD and order the disposal of the vigilante's blood, which had been lifted from a crime scene for analysis. She also managed to hack into A.R.G.U.S.'s databanks in order to track Deadshot's movements for John Diggle. The only computer system which proved immune to her skills was that of Merlyn Global Group, but this was remedied with the help of Oliver and John, who snuck her into Merlyn Global's headquarters so she could gain direct access to their mainframe. She then proceeded to download the entire schematics from the Markov Device, and planted a Trojan in the system, so they would know what Malcolm was up to. She is more than able to bypass most firewalls.



  • In the Firestorm comics, Felicity Smoak is a manager of a computer software firm, and serves as a supporting character for the superhero Firestorm.
  • Felicity Smoak is the fourth person to discover Oliver Queen's secret identity, The Arrow. She discovers this in "The Odyssey".
  • In "Home Invasion", Felicity mentions she dyes her blonde hair. This is perhaps a nod to her character from the comics, who wasn't a blonde.
  • Felicity is the second person to join Oliver's team, after John Diggle.
  • Felicity is extremely similar to Smallville's Chloe Sullivan, a blonde computer science genius who helped Oliver Queen and his group under the alias "Watchtower".


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