"She cries more than Halle Berry at award shows."
Cat Grant about Eve Teschmacher.[src]

Eve Teschmacher is the personal assistant of James Olsen and Lena Luthor, previously Cat Grant.


Early life

Eve attended Yale University and graduated as the top of her class.[1][2] At some point she also studied nuclear physics.[3]

Working for CatCo

Eve is scolded by Cat

New assistant to Cat Grant.

After Kara Danvers was promoted, she recommended Teschmacher to be her replacement as Cat's assistant. Cat found her inadequate, particularly compared to Kara, and often screamed at her. She was apparently reduced to tears on more than one occasion because of this.[1] At one point, Eve forgot Cat's coffee, and as a punishment Cat made her call the dean of Yale and admonish him for having given her a diploma.[2]

Mon-El and Eve make out

Kara caught Mon-El and Eve make out in the copy room.

Eve became James Olsen's assistant after Cat decided to take a leave of absence from CatCo. She was instantly infatuated with "Mike Matthews" (the fake identity of Mon-El) on his first day at work, and willingly helped him with his files. She and Mon-El are later caught having sexual relations in a copy room by Kara. Later on, she let Mon-El use her credit card to buy a suit to wear to go to Lena Luthor's charity event.[4]

Some days later, while working one night, she witnessed Vibe and Gypsy duel, questioning to herself in the background why National City got weirder every day, as the two jumped into another universe.[5]

Mon-El went on a date with Eve

Mon-El went on a date with Eve.

After Kara rejected Mon-El, he decided to move on and went on a date with Eve,[6] but it went badly for her as he could only talk about Kara the whole time. Eve told him that he had to get over his ex if he ever wanted to date anyone else, to which he quickly responded that he and Kara hadn't dated. A few days later, When Kara bumped into Eve, she asked how things were going with "Mike" as she thought they were dating and Eve told her the truth of what happened. Kara told Eve that she and "Mike" hadn't dated, and Eve slyly replied that this was what he had said, too.[2]



The Flash

Season 3


  • Eve is the second Supergirl character to be in another show in the Arrowverse, following Kara Danvers herself.
  • Eve is the only Supergirl character that appeared in an episode without Kara Danvers (in "Dead or Alive").
  • In Eve's first appearance on the show, the way Cat Grant screams "Ms. Teschmacher!!!" Is identical to the way Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor screams it throughout Superman.

Behind the scenes

  • Eve Teschmacher first appeared in the 1978 film Superman as the assistant of Lex Luthor, famously portrayed by actress Valerie Perrine.