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For the scientist whose identity was stolen, see Harrison Wells (Earth One).
"You want to reshape the world? Try reshaping history. Try rewriting destiny."
—Eobard Thawne[src]

Professor Eobard Thawne (born c. 2151) is a meta-human speedster from the 22nd century, a descendant of Eddie Thawne, a time criminal, and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash. Obsessed with the 21st century's Flash, Eobard recreated the accident that gave the Flash his powers and became a speedster himself. But after his very first travel back in time, Eobard learned that he was destined to become the Flash's archenemy and grew to despise the hero, attempting to prove his superiority as the Reverse-Flash and therefore became the opposite of the Flash. Since then, the two speedsters battled one another for many years, but neither of them were strong or fast enough to defeat each other.

After learning the Flash's secret identity, Eobard traveled back in time to kill Barry as a child in an attempt to erase him from existence but he was thwarted when the Flash brought his younger self to safety. An enraged Eobard then killed Nora Allen and framed Henry Allen for the crime instead. However, when Eobard attempted to travel back to his own time, he lost his connection to the Speed Force, becoming trapped in the 21st century. Upon realizing the Flash was the only way to get back to his time, Eobard forged a life for himself as Dr. Harrison Wells, the director of S.T.A.R. Labs, and pushed through for the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure that Barry would become the Flash. This also caused the existence of countless other meta-humans. Posing as Wells, Eobard mentored the Flash to increase his speed so that Eobard could use the hero's connection to the Speed Force to return to his own time. Though his identity was eventually revealed, Eobard moved on with his plan. He was seemingly erased from existence after Eddie killed himself. However, time remnants of Eobard were preserved throughout history by the Speed Force, ensuring that his previous time travels would be left intact.

At some point in his life Eobard partnered himself with Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn to change their destinies.



Eobard was born in the year 2151 into the Thawne family, an affluent bloodline of politicians, scientists, and captains of industry, and is a descendant of Eddie Thawne. He claims that he is a distinguished member of his family and that even his first name "Eobard" is distinguished. He also claims cows are extinct in his time. He was also appears quite knowledgeable of his family's history even knowing of Eddie despite history having virtually no record of Eddie's existence, considering his ancestor to be a failure of a Thawne. In addition to knowing of his family's history he appears quite knowledgeable about numerous 21st century individuals and events. These include history books about the Star City superhero Oliver Queen/Green Arrow with the hero's recorded death at age 86. He also learned of H.I.V.E. leader Damien Darhk's plan to destroy the world in nuclear fire and survive in an ark to rebuild, only to be defeated by the Green Arrow. He also learned of Rip Hunter, the designer of the first Time Sphere, thinking the individual was an "interesting man". At another point in his life, Eobard became a scientist, eventually joining the academia as a professor.[1]

Eobard was a big fan of the Flash, the Central City superhero the 21st century, and became obsessed with and desired to be the Flash himself. After years of research, Eobard learned how the Flash gained these powers and duplicated the reaction that was originally behind the Flash's powers of super speed, resulting in Eobard gaining super speed himself and the power of time travel. After gaining the Speed Force, Eobard eventually traveled back in time to an unknown point presumably after the Flash was inactive where he somehow learned that he was destined to become the Flash's greatest enemy. Eobard became consumed with rage to know he would never be the Flash himself, and grew to despise the Flash with every fiber in his being, and deciding to embrace his destiny and become the reverse of everything the Flash was, giving himself the moniker of the "Reverse-Flash", and made it his life's work to kill the Flash. Eobard vowed that for everyone Flash saved Eobard would kill more, for everyone who Flash was loved by Eobard would take from his former idol.[2] He also somehow obtained possession of an artificial intelligence program created by The Flash. Eventually Eobard began searching various moments throughout history to find when Flash was active.

Grandfather Paradox

According to Eobard, the Flash he encountered before ending up stranded in 2000 was originally created by Tess Morgan and Harrison Wells's particle accelerator in 2020.[3][4] Therefore, his first encounter with the Flash had to happen some time between 2020 and 2024. Specifically, the Flash of this original timeline was described by Eobard as a mature and veteran hero, unlike the rookie he would end up training himself.[4] When explaining his motives to Barry Allen, Eobard was by Barry if they were enemies in the future, but Thawne corrected him, saying that their rivalry happened in a future, implying the possibility of alternate timelines.[5] However, due to unknown means related to the Speed Force and the concept of time remnants, a time remnant version of Eobard appeared in 2016, recreating the speedster's first encounter with the Flash in the current timeline.[2]

Alternatively, it's possible that Eobard's first travel through time triggered all his future actions that occurred across history to take effect at one, which nullified the existence of his own timeline-of-origin (where Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan's particle accelerator created the Flash in 2020) and trapped him within a time loop, him continuing to exist as a time remnant despite the erasure of his ancestry - thus, he always encountered the Flash in 2016 of a new timeline he inadvertently created. This is supported by Eobard himself telling the Flash that "the reality you and I know will fade away" when the latter created "Flashpoint".[4]

Although Eobard's existence was preserved through the Speed Force as a time remnant however, sparing him from Eddie's suicide in 2015 which wiped out the Thawne family, the future of the current timeline Eobard would return to after his first encounter with the Flash should have been one where the Thawne dynasty never existed. Yet Eobard would later speak as though there were still other Thawnes in his time, despite being in the current timeline where they never existed because of Eddie's suicide. This would imply the possibility of Eobard somehow traveling between his timeline-of-origin and the current timeline.

Warring with the Flash

First encounter with the Flash

Eobard Thawne questions Gideon as to where he is

Eobard arrives in the past for the first time.

After learning to be the Flash's destined archenemy, Eobard traveled back in time and Gideon confirmed his whereabouts, prompting Eobard to search for the Flash. Arriving to Central City in 2016, time remnant Eobard rigged a truck to drive at high speeds and collide with a building to lure Flash out, and was successful. Pleased to have located the exact time era Flash is active, Eobard planned his return home to properly plan his next attack and broke into one of Mercury Labs' offsite facilities, and prepared equipment designed to act as a time machine to send him back to his own time. However Eobard was unable to replicate the Tachyon power source and sought out Dr. Tina McGee.

Reverse-Flash meets The Flash

Reverse-Flash meets Flash for the first time.

Storming Mercury Labs and killing 4 guards, he confronted Tina but was interrupted by Flash. However Reverse-Flash was surprised when Flash addressed him by his real name, revealing Flash already met him at some point in the future and that Flash had seen him die. However Reverse-Flash simply told Flash knew what time period Flash was from that Flash would soon die and knocked Flash out before taking McGee.

Eobard learns about his future

Eobard learns about his future.

When Eobard showed his makeshift device, Tina unintentionally revealed that Reverse-Flash tried to steal a similar device the previous year. Upon hearing this Eobard realized that he'd must have gotten stuck in the past at some point in his future, and was unable to access enough Speed Force energy. Eobard ordered Tina to accelerate the energetic properties within the tachyon device. But when Tina expressed doubts, Eobard vibrated his hand and calmly told Tina to learn or die.

Vibed Timeline: After Tina finished the work, Eobard killed his hostage anyway and used the tachyon device to return to his timeline. However Cisco's powers vibed this future event 3 hours before it occurred which gave Flash enough time to locate him.

The Flash versus Reverse-Flash

Reverse-Flash's first showdown with Flash.

Changed timeline: After Tina finished the work, Eobard prepared to kill anyway but Flash arrived, subdued him and destroyed the machine. Eobard (unwavered by his nemesis's sabotage to his trip home) said he would find another way to travel to the future and boasted his superiority to Flash before issuing a challenge to catch him. Both Reverse-Flash and Flash began racing throughout the streets of Central City, Flash managed to anticipate his path and intercepted him, culminating with Flash catching Reverse-Flash. Flash proceeding to severely beat Reverse-Flash almost to death in a fit of rage for his future actions. Only reluctantly stopping himself from delivering a death blow, Flash instead knocked him out and placed him in the pipeline prison at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Eobard meets Cisco

Eobard meets Cisco.

Eobard was visited by the young engineer Cisco Ramon, asking how his ring works. Confused yet curious Eobard talked to Cisco, and deduced he must have history with Cisco in the future, but was confused as to why the engineer wanted to know how his ring worked. However Cisco told Eobard of being the one that found him because of powers given to Cisco by Eobard's future self. Cisco also reveals that Eobard helped build the very prison he's incarcerated in, leaving Eobard puzzled to learn of his future actions and develops an almost instant fascination with Cisco.

Young Eobard meets Barry

Eobard reveals his origins to the Flash.

Eobard was later approached by Flash (unmasked but concealed in the shadows) asking foe the source of his hatred. Eobard explained his obsession with the Flash and his desire to be the Flash himself, so much he spent years learning how he gained these powers and succeeded in replicated them. Then he traveled through time and learned that he was going to become Flash's greatest enemy, rather than be the Flash himself, and became the reverse of everything Flash was, vowing to kill as many people as Flash saved. As Flash was disgusted to learn what was behind Eobard's motivations, Eobard angrily stated that he'd become better than the Flash, became the one thing the Flash could never stop and promises that one day he'll learn Flash's real name.

Eobard meets Wells

Eobard meets Harry, inspiring his future actions.

Shortly after he was approached by a member of Team Flash and Eobard realized that his imprisonment has ruptured the timeline. Eobard doubted the man knew how to send him back without Tina's tachyon device but the man had instead developed an alternate method to send him home. Fascinated with his warden, Eobard asked the man's name, but the man refused, claiming to be no one of consequence yet Eobard was unconvinced and was instantly fascinated by the individual.

The Reverse-Flash and the Flash stand at the entrance to the Pipeline

The Reverse-Flash before the Flash sends him back to his time.

Eobard was released from his cell and informed of Team Flash's alternate method of sending him back to the future, to have both him and Flash run at high enough speeds to create a wormhole through which Eobard can return to his own time. Eobard also gloated of winning again, speaking in the past tense for all his future actions. As they prepared Eobard vowed they would meet again and Flash agreed but also vowed to stop him every time, and both Flash and Reverse-Flash speed around the ring of the particle accelerator. After gaining enough speed, the wormhole was created and Flash hurled Reverse-Flash through the portal and Reverse-Flash successfully returned to his own time.[2]

Subsequent battles with the Flash

After Eobard's first encounter, the two speedsters would then fight each other for a long time in various different times, with neither of them managing to defeat the other, though Eobard was confident that he was always one step ahead of his enemy.

At some point he met Iris West-Allen, The Flash's future wife. Like most speedsters Eobard also had at least one encounter with a Time Wraith and came to fear them, trying his best to avoid them. He also may have met Felicity Smoak/Overwatch, a progeny in computer sciences and a member of Team Arrow. It's possible that he had an encounter with Hunter Zolomon/Zoom (the man that falsely operated as The Flash on Earth Two) or Jay Garrick/The Flash (The Flash of Earth Three).

Though Eobard hated the Flash over the course of their war he seemed to grow some respect for his nemesis, acknowledging his former idol as a veteran hero and an intelligent individual who wouldn't use time travel for selfish or foolish reasons.[4]

Crisis in 2024

Crisis in 2024

A crisis in 2024 reporting a battle between Flash and Reverse-Flash.

Around midnight on Thursday, April 25th in the year 2024, Reverse-Flash battled Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl in the streets of Central City causing the most destruction the city had ever seen. The fight also somehow caused the sky to turn a deep crimson color. Their fight caused several trucks to start leaking their contents onto the streets, and caused power outages spread over 20 blocks throughout the city. The speedsters then started battling over two overturned tanker trucks, and the lightning emitted from them caused the oil from one of them to ignite. While sounded by smoke both speedsters had a very heated conversation on an unknown matter, then the two sped off leaving Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl behind. The two then continued their fight up and down an unknown avenue then vanished without a trace.[6]

Travelling to 2000

The Flash vs. the Reverse-Flash in the year 2000

Reverse-Flash battles Flash in the year 2000 at the Allens' residence.

At some point in his future Eobard eventually did learn the Flash's real name, Barry Allen, and decided the best way to defeat his enemy was to murder Barry as a child and traveled back in time to the night of March 18 in the year 2000, aiming to murder 11 year old Barry, but was pursued by his archenemy from a currently unclear point in time. The two fought inside the Allen house around Nora Allen, each landing solid hits on each other with Reverse-Flash gaining a slight upper hand, but eventually Flash is the one with the advantage. When the 11 year old Barry comes into the room, Nora is in the center of the room surrounded by streaks of yellow and red lightning and gets a brief glimpse of Reverse-Flash's face. Despite his efforts Flash manages prove himself superior to Eobard Thawne and take his younger self 20 blocks away to safety and Reverse-Flash was enraged but quickly thought of another way to achieve his goal, kill Nora to traumatize Barry in the hopes that Barry wouldn't achieve his destiny and he'd return to a future without the Flash.[7]

Because of the actions of Barry from 2016 most of the following events have been altered resulting in the Flashpoint timeline, and then the current timeline that Eobard would create to correct Barry's mistakes. Despite most of the following events being erased from Eobard and Barry's personal timelines, Eobard's own previously erased actions appear to remain intact in the newer timeline in order to prevent paradoxes, despite never physically carrying them out himself in the guise of "Harrison Wells".


Reverse-Flash marooned in the past

Reverse-Flash is marooned in the past.

Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Nora in the stomach and fled the scene to return to his own time which he hoped would now be one without The Flash, but he was stopped by his sudden loss of connection to the Speed Force. After Gideon confirmed that his powers have been drained due to his latest time jump, Reverse-Flash realized that he was now stranded in the 21st century with no way back to his time, and so screamed in frustration.[3]

Becoming Harrison Wells

Eobard spies on Wells

Eobard spies on Harrison.

Realizing he needed to harness Barry's speed to return to his own time Eobard began devoting himself to ensuring Barry does indeed become the Flash in order to harness his speed, and traveled to Starling City to stalk Dr. Wells. Knowing Harrison's supposed important role, Eobard plotted to use the scientists' reputation and his own futuristic knowledge to re-create the particle accelerator as quickly as possible. One month after killing Nora, Eobard spied on Harrison and Tess while on a date where Harrison proposed the idea of S.T.A.R. Labs to his wife.[3]

Eobard kills Wells

Eobard kills Harrison to take his victim's appearance.

Eobard rigged the road with spike strip and caused Harrison's car to crash, killing Tess and injuring Harrison, then dragged Harrison out of the car. Identifying himself to the terrified scientist, Eobard then took out his appearance-stealing device, attached one end to Harrison and to the other to himself. He absorbed Wells's DNA and literally made himself look exactly like Wells, though Harrison died in the process. After Harrison's death, he buried the body in a field near the bridge and took his victim's place in the car. When the police found him he introduced himself as Wells and subsequently took the identity. After the accident Eobard told the police the car crashed due to a tire blowout, thereby keeping Harrison's murder a secret. Eobard then moved to Central City to carry out his plan, with Harrison's co-workers thinking it was too hard to remain in Starling City with too many reminders of Tess.[3]

As Wells, Eobard subsequently devoted his life to S.T.A.R. Labs' creation and its particle accelerator as quickly as possible, using past knowledge but took precautions to ensure his plan would work and kept close observation throughout Barry's whole life by setting up cameras all over Central City even in the West house where Barry lived following Nora's death. Eobard also came to like Big Belly Burger, thinking it was one the few reasons to stay in the 21st century since cows are extinct in his time. After opening S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard built a secret room accessible only via hand print where he kept his belongings, including the Gideon program which was still able to stay informed of future events, including a news paper article written by Iris on the crisis in 2024 which acted as a deadline as to how long Eobard had to harness Barry's speed. Eobard also kept his Reverse-Flash suit on a display case, and also stored a second suit away in the room. He also set himself up in a mansion, but for security reasons, he never kept any future belongings in his house.

Eobard observed his nemesis's life including science fairs and soccer games as an unseen influence on his life, looking upon Barry with nothing but hate but would eventually begin to grow genuinely fond of Barry (as he hated but the Flash's future counterpart). Despite his new found fondness, he still vowed that Barry would die. He also kept just as close observation of his ancestor Eddie Thawne and took whatever precautions were needed to ensure Eddie would continue the Thawne family bloodline, thus ensuring Eobard's existence. Through Harrison's previous connections Eobard also became associated with a younger version of Tina, though Tina always sensed something was different about Wells after Tess' death. He also knew Simon Stagg, the supposed philanthropist who was famous for others' scientific achievements and knew how the greedy and corrupt man really was. Eobard also once met Robert Queen at a charity event, one of their subjects of discussion was Robert's son. In his search for promising young minds to help with his work he became aware of Felicity Smoak and foresaw "great things" from the woman.

Harrison Wells and Hartley Rathaway playing a game of chess

Eobard playing a game of chess with Hartley.

At some point Eobard hired Dr. Caitlin Snow, Ronnie Raymond and Hartley Rathaway. Eobard also grew close to Hartley during assistance in the particle accelerator's construction. It's possible he also hired them because of his future knowledge their achievements. Eobard and Hartley often bonded through activities such as games of chess.[8] He also adopted a pet gorilla named Grodd that he kept at S.T.A.R. Labs who he became close to and Grodd would view Eobard as a "father". In 2009, Eobard was approached by General Wade Eiling to work on a military project together to create soldiers with physic abilities and Eobard agreed, but Eiling begun using Grodd as a test subject and tortured the gorilla without Eobard's knowledge. When Eobard discovered this, he cancelled the project but still had "big plans" for Grodd.[9] He also hired Arthur Light, a man who developed a lethal high powered shockwave rifle. But around 2012 Eobard fired Arthur for apparent insanity.[10]

Eobard fires Hartley

Eobard fires Hartley.

In 2013, Eobard found and hired Cisco's younger self acting on the knowledge of Cisco's future self and begun growing close also much to Hartley's dismay (though Eobard still assured that Hartley was still "his guy"). When Hartley realized the particle accelerator could fail and cause an explosion, Eobard was threatened so Eobard had Hartley fired and threatened to ruin Hartley's career if anyone was ever told.[8] After Hartley's firing, Eobard grew closer to Cisco and came to view Cisco as a surrogate son. Eventually Eobard finished the particle accelerator but Eobard built his version to also act as a time machine for Barry to travel back in time to undo Eobard's murder of Nora, thus giving Barry sufficient reasoning to help Eobard return to his time.

Explosion of the particle accelerator

Eobard, Caitlin, Cisco and Ronnie try to stabilize the accelerator

Eobard, Caitlin, Cisco and Ronnie try to stabilize the particle accelerator.

On December 23, 2013, Eobard held an event at which he planned to switch on S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, which he had created. He began speaking on stage, claiming that the particle accelerator would create a brighter future, bringing advancements in power and medicine, as well as physics as they knew it.[11] Later that night, the particle accelerator was switched on. However particles began to behave abnormally, such as liquids floating in the air, followed by a loud bang from the particle accelerator. Eobard sent Ronnie and Cisco down to manually shut the particle accelerator down before anything bad happened. After Ronnie had vented the system, assuring S.T.A.R. Labs' safety but sacrificing himself in the process, Cisco called Eobard down to the chamber. Eobard made his way down but not before entering his secret room and watching Barry be struck by the lightning bolt as planned.

In addition to Barry, Eobard also ensured that Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator ensuring that Cisco does indeed gain powers. He also ensured that Grodd was affected by the particle accelerator and the dark matter combined with the drugs Eiling injected years earlier activated and mutated into a hyper-intelligent gorilla and escaped the cage, though Eobard allowed Grodd to roam free in the sewers, continuing to grow in intelligence and size.

Eobard meets Joe

Eobard convinces Joe to transfer Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs.

After the explosion Eobard begun pretending to be paralyzed from the waist down not just to keep suspicion of his future activities as the Reverse-Flash away from himself, but also rigging it with a machine to feed him the Speed Force via tachyons and make him faster than even Barry. After Barry was put in to a coma due to the lightning strike caused by the shock-wave, Barry's condition eventually went critical, at which point Eobard convinced Joe West, Barry's foster father, to allow to move Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs.[11] However Joe was never fully trusting of Eobard and knew something wasn't right but was too desperate to see Barry awake that ignored these feelings.

Eobard considers killing Barry

Eobard considers killing Barry.

While Barry was at S.T.A.R. Labs Eobard one day remarked how amusing it was to see how helpless Barry was, how easy it would be to just kill. He also remarked the irony of him going back to kill and now needing to ensure Barry's existence to return to his own time, and though remarking how interesting it's been watching him grow up. However Eobard firmly stated that nothing is forgiven and that one day Barry will die.[12] Due to S.T.A.R. Labs' reputation being tarnished Eobard ordered their Starling City branch shut down and the supplies moved back to Central City. Eobard sent Caitlin and Cisco to inventory supplies where the two unexpectedly encountered Deathstroke's army.[10]

Working with the Flash

Eobard meets Barry

Eobard greets Barry.

After Barry woke from the coma, Eobard was called down to the lab to talk to Barry. He took Barry around S.T.A.R. Labs, explaining what had actually happened on the night of the particle accelerator explosion and how they'd moved Barry. Before they could run more tests, Barry left. After having realized Barry had the ability to run super fast, Eobard and the team went to an airfield where they sought to test Barry's speed. Eobard cautioned restraint, though Barry instead ran at full pelt, accidentally running in to barrels of water. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry told Eobard the story of Nora's murder and suspected belief that perhaps there were more powered humans, perhaps like the man who murdered Nora, oblivious the very same man was there. Keeping his secret safe Eobard told Barry of being most definitely unique.

Eobard encourages Barry

Eobard encourages Barry to fight Clyde.

Following a later run-in with Clyde Mardon's weather manipulation, however, Barry returned, angry that Eobard had seemingly lied. He admitted fault, explaining that the explosion had released various forms of seemingly theoretical energy across the city, including anti-matter, dark energy and x-elements. Barry mentioned planning to stop Clyde, though Eobard attempted to stop Barry from taking the risk, as Barry was incredibly important in terms of scientific advancement. Despite Eobard's claims that Barry was not a hero, only simply a boy who was struck by lightning.

Eobard reviews the timeline

Eobard checks the timeline.

Though seemingly for scientific reasons Eobard's words were clearly an attempt to sway Barry away from the heroic destiny, and exploit Barry's powers without worrying about an impending death at the hands of other metahumans. Regardless Barry headed out to find Clyde anyway. Eobard eventually realized the only way to make Barry faster was to allow the boy to fight the other metahumans, to push himself to the limits. As Barry struggled to unravel a tornado Clyde had made Eobard intervened over the communication, apologizing, reassuring Barry that he did in fact believe, that he could undo Eobard's wrongs and succeeded in defeating Clyde. Later Eobard went into his secret room and checked up on the future and was relieved to see the future was intact.[11]

Eobard and Joe talk

Eobard convinces Joe to accept Barry's heroics.

After having acted as a hero, Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Eobard again cautioned restraint to Barry, telling his protégé to make sure to know limits. Barry later tried to act the hero again, though he passed out. He was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs and despite being scolded, they decided to try some tests. Barry began running on a modified treadmill, causing him to eventually pass out. Eobard identified that it had to do with his glucose levels, due to an extremely fast metabolism processing it too fast. They hooked Barry up to 40 IV bags before he finally awoke. As they began discussing a new diet for Barry, Joe entered the room; Eobard was surprised to see Joe. He reassured Joe that they were looking out for what was best for Barry, though Joe disagreed that what they were doing was the way to do it. Barry yelled at Joe, causing him to get upset and leave. A while later Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, having been beaten up by another meta-human identified by blood samples as Danton Black. Barry decided against trying to take him down, and despite Eobard's support, he was adamant that what they were doing was a mistake.

Eobard kills Stagg

Eobard murders Stagg to keep Barry safe.

Following that, Eobard went to talk to Joe. He claimed that next time Barry suited up, he would doubt himself. Eobard headed back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Caitlin was able to grow a clone of Danton Black from a replicating cell, so they called Barry in and explained this. The clone promptly awakened, presumably due to the prime Black activating some clones, and Joe hurried in through the doors, shooting the clone and reassuring Barry that only he could stop meta-humans, being one himself. They talked to Barry when he reached Stagg Industries and Eobard noted that he had to find the prime one, the original Danton Black. Ultimately, Danton was knocked over an edge, but despite being caught by Barry, forced himself to drop, killing him. The team watched a news report of it on the TV afterwards. Following that, Eobard visited Simon Stagg. After Stagg claimed that he wanted to find and use the streak, Eobard stood up from his wheelchair and stabbed the man, claiming that The Flash (as he would one day come to be known as) had to be kept safe.[13]

Eobard and Cisco build the Pipeline prison

Eobard and Cisco work on building the pipeline prison.

After the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a presumed meta-human, the S.T.A.R. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects. Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the particle accelerator. Cisco and Eobard went down to the particle accelerator's core chamber. Eobard had to go do some modifications while Cisco waited, and they soon went back up, using future knowledge of his own imprisonment in its future counterpart. The two later assisted Barry when he went after a mist-controlling meta-human inside the Central City Shopping Mall. However, Barry discovered that the man could turn himself in to gas, and inhaled some of his toxic gasses, before racing back to S.T.A.R. Labs where the team painfully extracted the poisonous gas. The team was soon able to identify the makeup of the gas: hydrogen cyanide with traces of a sedative. Barry figured that the two would be mixed in a death row execution and they identified the meta-human as Kyle Nimbus, proudly nicknamed The Mist by Cisco. Barry went to protect Nimbus' next target, Joe, and the team supported him. Unable to outrun The Mist, they suggested he make him tired, as he would have to revert to his physical, human form eventually. Barry succeeded and Nimbus was taken back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he was locked up in the particle accelerator prison.[14]

Eobard defeated Barry in a game of chess while Barry also played a game of table tennis with Cisco and a game of Operation with Caitlin. When Felicity visited S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard greeted her and was more than pleased to meet her, noting he's aware of all her accolades and that he always keeps an eye out for such talent. When Felicity questioned about the possible dangers of what Barry does, Eobard reassured her that everything they do is to ensure Barry's safety and that Barry is in good hands. Eobard was later furious at Cisco who built a weapon, a cold gun, powerful enough to kill Barry despite his speed without any consent, though Cisco built it prior to Barry waking from his coma which was stolen by master thief Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. Eobard ordered Cisco to track down where the cold gun is and to do so immediately after telling him weapons don't belong in S.T.A.R. Labs. After Felicity left, Eobard noted she was a remarkable young woman. Eobard told Cisco to never do anything as to build such a weapon again, though he was unaware of another similar weapon that Cisco had built which was also stolen.[15]

Eobard manipulates Bette

Eobard manipulates Bette into killing Eiling.

When a metahuman named Bette Sans Souci seemingly begun destroying facilities around the city Barry revealed that Bette was also being pursued by General Eiling, and Eobard revealed his history with Eiling. After Barry met with Bette and convinced her not to kill a scientist she had a grudge against and she was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs where Eobard and Caitlin tended to her. The team learned that Bette was affected by thermite when the accelerator went off and everything she touches explodes, and as a result she was captured by Eiling and experimented on. However Eiling himself tracked Bette there but Eobard distracted him long enough for Barry to get Bette out of the facility. Later when the team learned that Bette's condition couldn't be reversed Eobard met with Bette, and manipulated her into killing Eiling. However she was stopped by Barry and killed by Eiling but her body began building up to an explosion, and Eobard coached Barry on running on water where he dropped Bette's body in the water where it exploded safely. Later Eiling visited S.T.A.R. Labs and proposed an alliance with Eobard again but he refused and threatened his life if he ever tried to blackmail him again.[9]

Eobard works with Joe

Eobard works with Joe.

After Barry failed to stop Tony Woodward, Eobard told Barry they'd find a way to stop him, but told Barry to rest and heal for the time being. A day later, Joe visited Eobard, asking for help on Nora Allen's murder case, ironically now knowing that man Joe was looking for was right in front of him. When Joe asked if his particle accelerator was possibly involved, Eobard reminded Joe that the murder occurred 14 years ago long before his accelerator was even thought of. After a few other suggestions from Joe, Eobard told him that they were all highly unlikely. After Barry tried to stop Tony alone, Eobard was furious as they had yet to find a way to stop him. When Barry told him that he could just heal, Eobard told Barry he can't heal if he was killed. Eobard then told Barry could stop Tony if he moved fast enough as any material can be struck at a high enough velocity.

Joe apologises to Eobard

Eobard realizes Joe isn't going to stop looking.

The following day, Eobard had a drink with Joe, where Joe suggested that he was involved as Eobard arrived in Central City shortly after Nora was murdered. Eobard told Joe to look up Tess Morgan before leaving. Joe visited Eobard at S.T.A.R. Labs, having looked up Tess, and apologized for accusing him for murder. Eobard then told Joe about "his" past and why he moved to Central City as there were too many painful memories to endure. Later that night as Joe was reviewing the evidence of Nora's murder, Reverse-Flash reappeared and encircled him to make him scared, briefly allowing his suited face to be seen and stole the evidence. Before leaving Reverse-Flash left a death threat towards Iris by pinning a photograph of her to the wall with a knife, and the words "stop or else" to scare Joe away.[16]

Eobard learns the timeline changed

Eobard panics when learning the future has changed.

In an entry in his personal log, Eobard noted that Barry was driven to use his powers to help people, and stated that this was keeping Barry from realizing his full potential. He later told Barry that he had to "kick it up a notch" in his training. When Farooq Gibran attacked a transformer station Barry confronted him but lost his powers, and when Eobard went to check on the future he learned the timeline had altered. Instead of the crisis in 2024 the future now told of the permanent shutdown of the post office, and there was no record of The Flash or Barry Allen. While searching for a solution Farooq attacked S.T.A.R. Labs seeking vengeance for the deaths of his friends caused in the explosion of the accelerator.

Eobard attacked by Farooq

Eobard is saved from Farooq by Barry.

Eobard released Tony, offering him his freedom in exchange for killing Farooq. Later, he had a brief argument with Barry about sacrificing Tony to stall Farooq, angrily insisting that he had merely done what was necessary. When Farooq cornered Team Flash, Eobard confronted him, reciting from memory the names of everyone who died in the particle accelerator disaster, and demanding that Farooq leave the others alone, saying that he was the only one who deserved to be punished. Farooq agreed and blasted Eobard out of his chair and while seemingly helpless to move, though in reality was faking it, Barry finally regained his speed and allowed Farooq to drain his speed once more but the amount of power overloaded Farooq and killed him. After Flash defeated Farooq, Eobard made another log entry, stating that he had previously been mistaken and that Barry's desire to help others was the key to developing the Flash's potential, not an obstacle as he had thought. He then took a blood sample from Blackout's corpse, whilst signaling Mist to stay quiet, saying that he was interested in finding out how the latter had drained the Flash's powers.[17]

Eobard and Felicity

Eobard talks to Felicity about Oliver's identity.

After Rainbow Raider robbed a bank by forcing everyone inside to go angry and attempt to murder each other, Eobard aided the team in figuring out how he did. However they were distracted by the appearance of Starling City's The Arrow who both Eobard and Joe distrusted, due to his previous body count and Dark Archer and Deathstroke's terrorist attacks since he became active. Barry however defend Arrow saying he was a hero and insisted they were wrong but they told Barry to see that Arrow is out of Central City by tonight. However Barry ignored them and when Felicity visited he asked her to make him trust Arrow more, and asked for his name but Felicity refused but Eobard insisted he'll figure it out on his own. Presumably because of his future knowledge Eobard was already aware of Arrow's true identity. Later when Barry suffered the effects of Rainbow Raider's powers he went crazy and tried to murder Eddie, and Eobard insisted Felicity call Oliver Queen, The Arrow, for help deliberately revealing his identity to Team Flash. Preparing a device to make Barry regain his senses by correcting his emotions via the colors of the emotional spectrum, Eobard and Joe arrived just as Flash and Arrow fought and used the device to restore Barry's stability. After capturing Bivolo Oliver addressed Team Flash and noted the importance of keeping his identity. Eobard also thanked Oliver for his help but as Oliver left, he felt that something was off about Eobard.[18]

Reverse-Flash confronts Barry

The Reverse-Flash challenges Barry.

As a thank you for their help Barry gave Eobard, Cisco and Caitlin a Christmas present each, but Eobard declined Barry's offer of eggnog. A few hours later Reverse-Flash stormed Mercury Labs looking for a tachyon prototype device, killing the guards but was unable to reach the device due to the doctor sealing it away and he stormed off. Eobard "helped" Joe and Barry track down Reverse-Flash by building a trap as Joe and Barry secured the bait. Later Reverse-Flash spied on Barry as the youth talked to Iris then when Barry noticed him and ran after him, demanding to know why he killed Nora, but Reverse-Flash instead challenged Barry to a fight in a stadium. Reverse-Flash proved to be the better speedster, severely beating Barry down using several coordinated attacks, but told Barry already knew the youth's identity, that they'd fought for a long time with Barry always losing. He also told Barry it would be destiny to die at his hands, as it was Nora's.

Reverse-Flash kills Eddie's taskforce

The Reverse-Flash slaughters Eddie's taskforce.

Later S.T.A.R. Labs orchestrated the trap using the tachyon prototype and lured the Reverse-Flash in.[19] A holographic recording that was seemingly actually real to almost everyone played of Reverse-Flash that only answered to Eobard. As the force-field appeared to fail, Eobard rushed into the force-field so fast that no one had time to think and were all frozen, making it look like the Reverse-Flash pulled him into the field. In the field, Eobard created a lifelike speed mirage of himself then suiting up as Reverse-Flash in the place of his hologram and repeatedly punched his after image, making it appear to everyone else that Reverse-Flash was trying to kill him.[7] After the field disappeared, Reverse-Flash grabs the device and takes it to his secret room then reappears in the basement, and while still bouncing back and forth to maintain the speed-mirage of Eobard, Reverse-Flash kills Eddie's task-force in seconds without any effort but hesitates when he approaches Eddie, shoving the detective to the side rather than killing (since this would risk his own existence), and attacks Joe.

The Reverse-Flash beats the Flash

Reverse-Flash beats Flash.

Reverse-Flash reminds Joe he warned but before he can kill Flash intercepts him and drags him outside. However, Reverse-Flash again proved superior to Flash, but he was timely stopped by someone unexpected. The Reverse-Flash vowed their fight wasn't over and ran off. Arriving back in time to take the place of his speed mirage Eobard was tended to by Caitlin and Cisco profusely apologies for the force-field failing. Though Eobard assured Cisco it wasn't his fault he expressed annoyance towards them for not informing him of Ronnie's survival, but assures Caitlin that they will find Ronnie and bring him home. Later Eobard place the tachyon prototype on his Reverse-Flash suit and while watching it harness it's power, says "Merry Christmas" with his distorted voice as his wounds healed.[19]

Eobard, Cisco, and Caitlin continued to train to improve Barry's speed using a drone to fire at. After Cisco called the man in yellow "the Reverse-Flash", Eobard approved of the name unlike Caitlin. After Snart returned, Barry decided to pursue Snart, though Eobard warned Barry the Reverse-Flash is a greater threat. Due to Snart's threat, Eobard and Cisco presented the CCPD with a shield that could withstand Snart's cold gun. During Barry's battle with Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, Eobard realized the best way to let Snart's and Mick's guns cross streams is to move slower.[20]

Eobard guided Barry to detour the Royal Flush Gang. After a suggestion from Cisco, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Eobard all took a group picture together. Later that night, Eobard went to his mansion and got off his wheelchair. He received a phone call and was attacked by Hartley. After Barry, Cisco and Caitlin arrived, Eobard told them he won't require their help with the case. Barry realized it couldn't have been a teenage prank and Eobard told Barry he knew who it was.

Eobard and Hartley talk

Eobard talks to Hartley.

Original Timeline: After Barry stopped Hartley from attacking the Rathaway families' company, Hartley told Barry of knowing of Eobard's secret. After Hartley was locked up in the meta-human prison, Eobard asked how Hartley figured out that The Flash worked with them and Eobard was told Hartley figured out through triangulation. When Eobard was leaving Hartley taunted him by claiming to know his "deep dark secret", prompting a level of worry from Eobard. Eobard returned to his team and admitted he knew there was a chance of the particle accelerator explosion, yet choose to proceed because of the reward it could offer. After Hartley escaped the prison, Eobard ran out of his Time Vault but collapsed to the ground after losing his speed. Hartley approached Eobard and asked him if Hartley was still "his guy".

Eobard's speed fails

Eobard experiences another loss of connection to the Speed Force.

Eobard later decided to regain his team's trust by publicly admitting he was aware of the chance of the particle accelerator exploding. He was then asked by Mason Bridge if he had any plans in the future of turning the particle accelerator on. After Hartley attacked the Keystone Cleveland Dam, Barry went to stop Hartley. Barry was quickly stopped with sound waves though Eobard transmitted waves through the cars at the damn, stopping Hartley. Eobard then told he wished to one day regain the trust of the team but Barry told him he already had. Later, Eobard returned to his Time Vault, reporting to Gideon that his speed comes and goes. Gideon reported that it is unsure how longer the Tachyon device is viable and Eobard told Gideon that it was only meant to be a temporary fix and the real end game was coming.[8]

Due to a timeline change caused by Barry from 2016 most of these events have been erased and replaced by the following.

Eobard suspicous of future Barry

Eobard gets suspicious when Barry speaks about a Time Wraith.

Current Timeline: When Hartley attacked the Rathaway family's company, The Flash stopped Hartley. However during the fight, the communication system in Barry's suit started to malfunction, leaving Eobard confused about what was happening but everything went well when The Flash defeated Hartley. After Hartley was locked up in the meta-human prison, Barry deduced that Hartley had EMP weapons rigged to his hearing aids which surprised Eobard when Cisco discovered this was right. Barry approached Eobard later and presented a new equation to getting faster, but Eobard was surprised to see that Barry had devised such a complex equation with Barry's knowledge in such a short time. When Barry returned after facing a threat in the C.C.P.D. Barry told Eobard and the team of the ghost-like creature that had attacked (dubbed a "Dementor" from the Harry Potter books). But when Barry mentioned seeing the creature whilst running to stop Hartley, Eobard realized the answers to his confusion. The youth with them was from the future and the ghost-like "Dementor" was a Time Wraith who'd followed back. Eobard invited Barry into his quarters to discuss the equation. When Barry's back was turned, Eobard stood up and knocked Barry out.

Eobard figures that Barry has time traveled

Eobard figures out Barry is from the future.

Eobard took Barry, handcuffed, into the Time Vault and interrogated Barry but the youth played dumb and still addressed him as Wells, but Eobard sped in front of his nemesis and saw Barry didn't even flinch. Barry then attempts to phase out of the cuffs but fails, further identifying himself as from the future as Eobard had yet to teach his protégé how to phase. Finally Barry referred to him by real name, thus Eobard’s theory was confirmed. Barry told Eobard of needing him to teach how to get faster. However Eobard quickly realized that if Barry was alive in the future then his plan failed and tried to kill Barry, but Barry quickly claimed that Eobard did win, that he'll be successful into using Barry's speed to get back to his time. Unfortunately a singularity had formed and that was why Barry was there, to get faster in order to stop it but needed Eobard's help. Furthermore Barry claimed that was a letter left for his younger self if something happened to Barry, detailing Eobard's true name and impersonation of Wells, how Eobard's plan worked, and how to stop him. Eobard reluctantly listened to Barry.

Eobard gives Barry tachyon info

Eobard gives Barry information on tachyon enhancement.

At the same time the Time Wraith found its way to S.T.A.R. Labs and attacked Cisco, Caitlin and Hartley but they were able to fend it off. When Cisco and Caitlin left Barry asked Eobard how to kill a Time Wraith but Eobard revealed there is no known way to kill them hence why speedsters try to avoid them. As Barry searched the police department for any clues Eobard searched S.T.A.R. Labs, but Cisco and Caitlin were unable to replicate the frequency Hartley used to stop the Time Wraith. As they debated how to stop the Time Wraith Barry of the present day showed up just as Barry of the future returned. Barry of the future accidentally begun to reveal future knowledge trying to convince the team of being from the future. To shut Barry up Eobard played dumb and pretended that he'd just met the future Barry, and told the team to prepare the particle accelerator, telling future Barry to travel through time to outrun the Time Wraith, while they build a sonic weapon to stop the Time Wraith for good when it returns in future Barry’s time along. Before sending future Barry back Eobard gave his nemesis a drive with information on increasing speed via tachyon enhancement, and future Barry successfully made it back to the future with the information he came for.[21] Other altered events are unclear though Hartley's reformation appears to be the only change and the following events appear to remain mostly intact.

After Shawna Baez broke Clay Parker out of Iron Heights, Joe deduced Clay was a meta-human, however, Eobard corrected Joe, stating there was a woman's DNA matched with Clay's. Using the DNA, they learn the DNA belonged to Shawna. After learning Shawna's powers, Eobard told Barry they should focus on learning Shawna's limits. The following day, Eobard learned from Cisco that the latter let Hartley out of the meta-human prison, much to his disappointment. Later, Eobard learned Shawna can't teleport in dark space, as she can only teleport to what she can see. When Barry went after Shawna, he reminded Barry that she can't teleport if she couldn't see, leading to Barry busting out all the lights in the tunnel.[22]

Eobard talks to Caitlin

Eobard stakes out Martin's house with Caitlin.

After Firestorm attacked Quentin Quale, Eobard told the team letting Ronnie roam free was no longer an option. Eobard deduced the reason why Martin Stein was in control of Ronnie's body was due to simple Darwinism. Eobard and Caitlin decide to have a stakeout outside of Professor Stein's home assuming Martin would be nearby to watch over his wife. While waiting for Stein, Eobard swore to Caitlin his work won't be finished until he brings Stein and Ronnie back to normal. Shortly after, Firestorm came by and the two quickly contacted Barry. While Barry and Firestorm battled, the two followed, though accidentally hit Barry as the latter fell. After learning Martin claimed he could be separated, Eobard said it was possible, but only theoretically as splitting a human and an atom were different concepts.

Eobard delays his timetable

Eobard figures out how to separate Ronnie and Martin without killing the two.

Eobard learned that Ronnie's body was rejecting Stein, causing an exothermic reaction and a possible nuclear explosion. Due to them only have hours before Ronnie's body detonates, Eobard suggested they may have to kill Ronnie. While the team were outraged of the concept, Eobard told them if Ronnie and Martin knew the consequences, they'd likely sacrifice themselves. In his time vault, Eobard pulled a hand gun and Gideon told him it was a crude weapon. Eobard then decided to make a quantum splicer using the tachyon device, though Eobard was told it would delay his timeline. Eobard told Gideon there would be no timeline if Central City was blown up. Cisco and Eobard built the tachyon device and gave it to Barry and Caitlin to take to Firestorm. After the splicer was placed on Firestorm, Eobard told the two to get away from Firestorm.[23]

Eobard confronts Eiling

Eobard learns Eiling knows Barry's identity.

Eobard greeted Ronnie as he returned, thanking him for sacrificing himself to protect those around him and was introduced to Martin. Eobard then did medical work on Martin, checking if he still had the ability to harness nuclear energy. Eobard learned he was unable to and reported this to the team. After Wade Eiling attacked Ronnie, he payed a visit to the former. Eiling asked Eobard to surrender Firestorm, though Eobard refused. Later, Eobard spiked Martin's drink before conversing with him. After Martin passed out, Eobard contacted Eiling, and Eiling took Martin away. Eobard claimed to the team he was left helpless when Eiling came by to take Martin. When Barry said he would go after Eiling, Eobard reminded Barry what Eiling could do to him.

Eobard gives Eiling to Grodd

Eobard reveals his identity to Eiling before letting Grodd have fun.

In search for Martin, the team used Ronnie as he was still connected with Stein and Eobard convinced them both to use the quantum splicer to merge against, but this time accept the balance they successfully became a more stable Firestorm. To silence Eiling, Reverse-Flash abducted him from his office and took him Grodd's home in the sewers, and revealed himself to Eiling. Upon unmasking Eobard told Eiling that he protected his own unleashed Grodd upon him both to silence him, and for vengeance for what Eiling did to him years before.[24]

Eobard and Cisco watch a Buster Keaton movie

Eobard and Cisco watch Buster Keaton movies together.

Eobard and Cisco passed the time at S.T.A.R. Labs watching an old Buster Keaton movie though Cisco was shocked that he'd never seen it before, and Eobard sarcastically remarked "must have been before my time" and approved Cisco's request to make a list of movies to see. However Eobard also reminded Cisco of his brother Dante's birthday party but Cisco said he'd decided the best thing was to not go at all, and remarked how things had been much better since he stopped seeing them. Though Eobard was saddened to learn Cisco was still on bad terms with his family they were distracted by an alert of a break in at the Central City Morgue, though Eobard was confused as to why anyone would rob a morgue.[7]

Identity revealed

Eobard suspicous of Caitlin

Eobard realizes Caitlin is a distraction.

Original Timeline: When Barry returned he told them all that Mark Mardon was the killer and was on a vendetta to avenge Clyde and Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the same way Clyde was. Eobard was later told by Barry the former saw himself while running toward the morgue. Eobard told it could've been a speed mirage or an illusion. Eobard then told he would further investigate it after Mark is taken in, though Eobard seemed to be aware that Barry saw a future version of himself. A couple days later, Caitlin took Eobard to Jitters for a coffee, while Cisco investigated how the Reverse-Flash escaped. When Caitlin insisted they enjoy their drinks at Jitters Eobard reluctantly agreed, but after a while realized that Caitlin was trying to keep him distracted and away from S.T.A.R. Labs. Eobard suggested if they adjusted the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite, they could possibly pick up a storm, helping catch Mark. When Eobard told Caitlin they should go to S.T.A.R. Labs to alert Cisco, Caitlin turned around to get their coffee's in to go cups but Eobard now sure Caitlin was distracting him took off, leaving behind his chair and revealing the truth to Caitlin.

Eobard kills Cisco to protect his secret

Eobard kills Cisco.

When Cisco had just discovered a hologram was used the night they "trapped" the Reverse-Flash, Eobard revealed himself to Cisco and reveals his true name. Eobard revealed to Cisco the night Nora was murdered, he intended to kill a young Barry. Eobard then revealed that he only trained Barry as if he didn't he wouldn't be able to get the speed to return to his time. Eobard told Cisco nothing would stop him from returning to his home, though Cisco offered help. Eobard noted Cisco to be smart, but not smart enough to bring him back. Eobard told Cisco he showed him what it was like to have a son, before phasing his arm through Cisco's chest, killing him.

Because Barry time traveled by accident for the first time and manipulated events this event never occurred and instead is replaced by the following.[7]

Eobard suspects Barry time traveled

Eobard suspects Barry time traveled.

Current Timeline: While running, Barry stopped, confusing Eobard and Cisco and reminded him to get to the morgue but he'd claimed to have been yesterday, confusing them both. When Barry returned he told them all that Mark was the killer and was on a vendetta to avenge Clyde and Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the same way Clyde was. However Barry finished Eobard's sentence and correctly guessed almost every word Cisco and Caitlin were about to say to each other before they did, and with this Eobard realized that Barry had in fact time traveled. After learning he had traveled back one day Eobard stressed the importance of keeping history in tact which meant not telling him and tells Barry that he is to repeat the events of the day again and to not tell anyone or alter anything. Eobard checked in with Gideon but was assured the future remained in tact.

Eobard and Cisco talk

Eobard encourages Cisco to stay.

Barry however, ignoring Eobard's advice, went after Mark anyway and captured him before he could commit his crimes. Eobard, angered that Barry had altered time, reminded him that whatever tragedies he'd averted time would somehow replace it and maybe even worse than before. Eobard had Barry run at his to speed on the treadmill in an attempt to re-create the conditions that allowed Barry to time travel in the first place, but even his highest speeds couldn't achieve it. After learning that Leonard Snart had returned with Lisa Snart and kidnapped Cisco, Eobard begun trying to track him down but Barry begged Eobard to let him talk about the previous yesterday and Eobard reluctantly agreed. Barry states that Mark was about to destroy the city and Iris admitted to have feelings for Barry but now she doesn't and though Barry claimed that Iris still had them, Eobard reminded him they were buried deep in her consciousness and without Mark's actions they remained unrealized. Furthermore, that Barry's powers are dangerous could cause serious havoc upon the world, though Barry knew he would have the chance Eobard suggests maybe he shouldn't since more people could die if Nora lives.

Reverse-Flash taunts Mason

The Reverse-Flash moments before killing Mason.

Cisco then came back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Leonard having realized him but only if Cisco told Leonard who The Flash is or he'd have killed Dante and Cisco tearfully quits the team in shame. However Eobard talks to him and reminded him that choosing between loved ones is an impossible choice and regardless he is still family and Cisco stays. Later Reverse-Flash went to Central City Picture News where Mason was writing an article implicating Eobard (Wells) to the murder of Stagg and disappearance of Eiling, and attacked Mason. After learning from Mason that everything he knew about him was on his drive Reverse-Flash killed him, hid his body and fixed the office to cover his tracks. Reverse-Flash then looked at Mason's computer and noted that he really was onto him and destroyed all his evidence.[25]

Eobard questions Barry

Eobard suspicious of Barry's shift in personality.

When a terrorist named The Trickster attacked the park by dropping bombs disguised as presents Eobard assisted the team in searching for a means to locate this new Trickster. However Eobard noticed Barry seemed cranky but Joe assured him that Barry was just having a bad morning. Later however when the Trickster made another broadcast Barry showed further signs of angst towards Eobard but he surmised it must be because of Barry's previous visit to see James Jesse in prison, bringing back memories of Henry Allen's incarceration. When The Trickster uploaded a broadcast informing the public of a bomb in the city and left it's rough location Flash failed to find it, but Eobard realized it was a trick but Flash refused to listen to him much to everyone else confusion. Eobard was proven right as there was no bomb and it was a diversion so the Trickster, now identified as Axel Walker, could break Jesse out of prison and take Henry hostage.

Eobard teaches Barry to phase

Eobard coaches Barry through phasing.

When both Tricksters made their move to poison everyone at a fund raiser held by Mayor Bellows, Iris called Joe on his cellphone to clue him in and Eobard begun working on the antidote to the poison. However Barry had a bomb placed on him by Axel which would explode if he didn't run faster than 600 miles an hour or try to remove it, so Eobard taught Barry how to phase through a truck which separated him from the bomb and saved him. After succeeding in foiling The Trickster's plot Barry brought Henry to S.T.A.R. Labs to meet everyone where he thanked all of them for their efforts, especially Eobard. When Eobard remarked how remarkable Henry was and how lucky Barry is to have him, Barry said the same about Eobard. However Eobard knew that Barry was beginning to suspect he knew who he really was.[3]

Eobard works with Felicity

Eobard and Felicity work together to catch Brie.

Eobard helped Barry investigate the strange death of Lindsay Kang at the hands of numerous honey bees, but where interrupted when Felicity and her boyfriend Ray Palmer/The Atom arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs seeking help on Ray's suit. After the bees took a second victim, Bill Carlisle, one of the bees followed Barry back to S.T.A.R. Labs while Barry, Felicity and Ray were out to dinner with Iris and Eddie leaving only Caitlin, Cisco and Eobard to fend off the bees. When it came for him Eobard almost broke his cover to evade it but Barry arrived in time to stop it. They shockingly discovered it wasn't a bee at all but a robot and learned the previous victims worked at Mercury Labs and paid a visit to an "old friend" Tina McGee. Dr. McGee confirmed the bees were the work of Brie Larvan but the bees went after Tina while Brie herself was sheltered some miles away, so Barry and Ray teamed up to stop Brie and the bees while Eobard and Felicity assisted over communications.[26]

Eobard stops Everyman

Eobard stops Hannibal from killing Caitlin and Iris.

After Flash failed to catch up to a thief who could change into any person of any age Eobard became worried that this meta-human if he/she were to copy Barry, then he/she may be able to copy his speed and told him to stay away from the criminal. After confirming the meta's identity as Hannibal Bates Barry and Eddie went after Bates but failed when Bates (using Eddie's appearance) goes on a killing spree. Meanwhile, Bates (disguised as Barry) infiltrated S.T.A.R. Labs and came close to killing Iris and Caitlin but Eobard used a taser to force Bates into unconsciousness. After Joe and Cisco returned from Starling City Eobard gave his regards to Eddie and talked to Joe about his visit, but Joe questioned why he never went back. Eobard again lied and claimed it was because of Tess but Eobard changed the subject and asked why Joe never talks about Iris' mother but Joe didn't reply and Eobard offered to have another drink with him sometime which Joe agreed to.[27]

Reverse-Flash ambushes Eddie and Iris

The Reverse-Flash ambushes Eddie and Iris.

Eobard later returned to his secret room to ask for an update from Gideon but she assured him everything was fine and later helped Cisco and Caitlin work on a device to induce lucid dreaming, which they claimed was for physiologists dealing with people traumatized by meta-human incidents. Later Eobard called Barry and informed him of a fire in a building nearby but Flash was unable to retrieve all the civilians before the fire burnt out of control, but Eobard told him to rotate his arms at high velocities which extinguished the flames. After Eobard returned from a conference Caitlin informed him that Cisco finally figured out how the Reverse-Flash "escaped" and Eobard realized his cover was blown. Eobard instead sent Bates to pose as him and spring the trap the team had set for him as a means to get to confess to Nora's murder. After Joe killed Bates, Eobard finally dropped his facade and addresses the team over the intercom and admits to using Bates as a distraction in exchange for his freedom. Barry and Caitlin expressed their anger for ruining their lives but Eobard claimed to understand their anger, but tried to assure them that his actions have actually improved their lives. Barry then angrily tells Eobard to face him and he assures him that they will fight again, very soon.

Eobard reveals his identity to Eddie

Eobard reveals to Eddie what their connection is.

To secure leverage, the Reverse-Flash ambushes Eddie and Iris, just as Eddie is proposing, and knocks out Eddie before moving in on Iris. However, before the Reverse-Flash can kill her the Flash arrives and Reverse-Flash abducts Eddie instead.[12] Reverse-Flash takes Eddie to his secondary lair underneath S.T.A.R. Labs.[6] Upon hearing that Eddie is already aware he isn't Wells Reverse-Flash decides to reveal his true identity and relation to Eddie, answering his questions as to why Reverse-Flash didn't kill Eddie at Christmas, and informs him he is his "insurance".[12]

Eobard shows Eddie a future newspaper

Eobard reveals Eddie's future.

To distract Team Flash, Eobard ordered Grodd to distract them using whatever means he saw fit while he constructed a device to re-power the particle accelerator, while keeping Eddie tied to a chair. While Eddie questioned Eobard's claims he stood by his pride to be a member of their family but revealed that history has virtually no record of Eddie and is considered to be a failure, and even shows Eddie the newspaper showing that Iris is destined to marry Barry. Later Eobard finished his device and activate the accelerator.[6] Before leaving Eobard tries to justify himself to Eddie by asking to reflect on his own life and think of all the things that define it and what would he do if he lost everything, if he would accept his new life or get back everything he lost.

After the accelerator activates, Reverse-Flash escapes the facility with Barry in pursuit but releases Shawna as a distraction for the rest of the team. Despite Barry's efforts he is unable to keep up and Reverse-Flash escapes. Eobard returns 36 hours later when the accelerator is ready for activation, but Barry meets him outside. Eobard commends Barry's failed but brave attempt to transport the meta-human prisoners to safety, having been foiled by Captain Cold earlier after being forced to reluctantly work with him, but justifies his actions as necessary and only doing what he needed to. However as Barry asks about his plan Eobard invites him inside but Barry doesn't fall for his deceptions, but Eobard questions Barry's plan to face him again since he failed every time before. At that moment, Firestorm and Al Sah-him, arrive and despite being outnumbered Eobard was unphased and confident he could fight them, and he engaged them all at once.

The Flash battles the Reverse-Flash

The Reverse-Flash fights the Flash atop S.T.A.R. Labs.

Reverse-Flash and Flash fought but Reverse-Flash manage to subdue Flash and sent Firestorm flying miles away forcing Flash to save him, but Al Sah-him was able to hit him with an arrow laced with nanites, courtesy of Ray, which disabled Reverse-Flash's speed forcing him to fight Al Sah-him in hand to hand. When Reverse-Flash recovered he pinned Al Sah-him to the ground and prepared for the kill only for Flash to save him and both speedsters fought above S.T.A.R. Labs. While both Flash and Reverse-Flash fought Firestorm intervened and blasted Reverse-Flash off the roof before Al Sah-him finished him off with another arrow.[28]

Ceasing to exist

Eobard tells Barry the truth

Eobard explains to Barry about their opposite rivalry.

Eobard was placed inside the pipeline and after sometime Barry visited him to get answers, addressing him by his real name and asked why Eobard killed Nora. Eobard explained his feud with Barry, the circumstances and reasoning for his murder of Nora, and that he needed Barry to become The Flash in order to generate enough Speed Force to create a wormhole though which he could return home, and in the process Barry could return to the night of Nora's murder and undo Eobard's actions. Barry didn't believe him but eventually opened up to Eobard's plan and explained that his plan required using the particle accelerator, explaining that Barry would have to run at Mach-2 speed through the accelerator and collide with a single hydrogen particle. Doing so would send him back to any time Barry desired and create a wormhole behind him which could be used by Eobard to return to his time. However what Eobard neglected to tell them is that doing so would result in the creation of a singularity. When he was chastised he assured them they would have enough time for both to achieve their goals, 1 minute and 52 seconds, and once accomplished they would be able to close the portal.

Eobard tells Cisco about his powers

Eobard reveals Cisco's metahuman status.

Later while building a time machine for Eobard, Cisco visited him for advise on materials. Cisco also asked how his Reverse-Flash ring worked (reminiscent of the time Eobard first met Cisco in 2016). After he told Cisco what he required Eobard became infuriated that Cisco didn't have as much sympathy for his predicament. However Cisco revealed to Eobard that he had murdered Cisco in an alternate timeline. Eobard (though unsympathetic for killing Cisco justifying that he had a good reason) showed great concern and joy to learn that Cisco had indeed become a meta-human and informed Cisco that a "great destiny" awaited his protégé. Eventually Barry prepared for the jump and ran at the speed required and Eobard tutored on how to access the time Flash wanted, and successfully time jumped to the night of Nora's death.

Reverse-Flash tries to kill the Flash

Reverse-Flash tries to murder Flash after being prevented from returning to the future.

After the portal opened, Eobard admired Cisco's newly built Time Sphere, admitting that its original creator would be impressed. After a strange helmet arrived Eobard knew it was time to leave and bid farewell to Cisco but before he could take off, Flash returned and destroyed the pod. Enraged, Reverse-Flash charged at Flash and fought his nemesis. As Team Flash worked to close the portal, Reverse-Flash beat Barry into submission and prepared to kill his former protégé, vowing to kill everyone else Barry loved. However Eddie shot himself in the heart in the last second before Reverse-Flash's killing blow to Barry. As Eddie's heart failed Eobard's face reverted from his Harrison Wells likeness back into his original as he started fading out of existence.

Eobard Thawne being erased from existence

Eobard ceases to exist.

When Eddie died of his self-inflicted injuries, Eobard's body begun to crack apart. Eobard arrogantly told Barry that he had controlled his life for so long, and asked how Barry'd get along without him, right before his body was incinerated and his existence erased from the timeline. However, his removal from existence all together caused a paradox that reopened the singularity, which also served as a doorway to Earth Two.[5] This singularity also caused Ronnie's death when Firestorm was forced to help Flash to close it.[29]


Eobard's confesses to Nora's murder

Eobard's video will to Barry.

In the event of his death where his plan to use Barry's speed to return to his own time were to fail, Eobard arranged for Barry to inherit S.T.A.R. Labs and also made the confession video to Nora's murder for Barry to give to the police to free Henry. Eobard's actions continued to affect Barry even 6 months later who blamed himself for Eddie and Ronnie's deaths, for which Barry blamed Eobard for causing. 6 months later, Barry received Eobard's message. Before confessing Eobard stood his ground in saying that his former protégé will never truly be happy. Eobard then confesses to Nora's murder much to Barry's shock and delight. Unfortunately, this completely destroyed his reputation as Wells and he is now considered a murderer to the public with the truth of Eobard's deception known only to Team Flash and several of their allies.[29]

Eobard's deception made Team Flash's first respective meetings of "Jay Garrick" and Harry Wells awkward. Barry was instantly distrusting of Jay after everything that happened with Eobard until Iris convinced Barry that not everyone is like Eobard. Team Flash, especially Cisco and Joe, were immediately distrusting of Harrison's Earth Two counterpart due to Eobard's impersonation.

When trying to lure out Zoom, Barry admitted to Joe of being haunted by Eobard's words that Barry'd never be happy as Eobard knew Flash's future self. However Joe thought that Eobard was just trying to mess with Barry one last time, and urges Barry to forget Eobard's words and go out and be happy. Eobard's destroyed reputation as Wells made it hard for Harry to be seen in public. When Grodd returned, Harry wore Eobard's spare Reverse-Flash suit to fool Grodd into releasing Caitlin. Harry was even shot by Patty Spivot, mistaking Harry for Eobard and it was only Jay's timely intervention that saved Harry. Around Christmas time, Barry (talking to Harry in place of Eobard without Harry hearing) told Eobard that he is still a part of his former protégé's life and how much he is hated. However Barry decided to not want to keep hating Eobard, and decided to forgive him.

Eobard's own future actions would dictate his younger self's actions when arriving in 2016 and met Flash for the first time, leading to Eobard learning information he'd use in his past. Barry later remarked to Harry that Eobard did help a lot as a father figure. When Barry found out that Jay was Zoom, Barry begun to blame himself for making the same mistake that had happened with Eobard. Eobard's destroyed reputation as Wells once again affected Harry when Griffin Grey (mistaking Harry for Eobard) kidnapped Harry to develop some metahuman cure.

Eobard's destroyed reputation as Wells made it equally hard for HR Wells to be seen in public, and Harrison's Earth Nineteen counterpart was highly irritated that Team Flash neglected to informed of Eobard's actions prior to arriving from Earth Nineteen. 


Barry saves his mother

Reverse-Flash is prevented from killing Nora.

Back in 2000, when the Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen knife and attempted to stab Nora, he was attacked by another version of the Flash from 2016, who viciously knocked him down. Refusing to let Reverse-Flash kill her, and refusing to let him ruin his life ever again, the Flash knocked the Reverse-Flash out, radically altering the future and undoing many of Reverse-Flash's future crimes. Flash then took Reverse-Flash back to the new version of 2016, took his ring from him, and constructed a speed-dampening cell using carbine material to imprison him in an abandoned factory. Barry made frequent visited to Eobard to give him food. Unfortunately for Barry, instead of reverting back to the state it was before Eobard's time travel, the timeline turned into a completely new version, without Tess Morgan or Harrison Wells creating the Flash. Due to Barry creating a new reality than what they knew, Eobard was aware Barry's memories would fade in order to adapt to the new timeline. However, simply for amusement, Eobard kept this to himself wanting to see how long it would take Barry to realize this himself, but was unsure as to why he wasn't losing his own memories. Eobard would remain imprisoned for over three months.[30][4]

Eobard Thawne taunts Barry about Flashpoint

Eobard warns Barry of Flashpoint's dangers.

When Barry visited him again to deliver Big Belly Burger a now bearded Eobard, who had named the new timeline "Flashpoint", still promised to destroy Barry's world. However Barry didn't take Eobard's words seriously and reminded him he had everything back that Eobard stole from him and was finally whole, but Eobard told Barry that Flashpoint is nothing more than a mirage, and it's effects will end them both unless Barry lets him correct what he's done. Eobard also remarked how selfish Barry was being after being told there was another Flash, letting someone else endanger themselves' in pursuit of his own happiness. However Barry simply scoffed at Eobard's words and reminded him that he changed time because of what Eobard did to him in his original life with his own changes to time, but Eobard stated that once Barry started to feel the effects, Barry would beg him to kill Nora "again".[4]

Eobard Thawne mocks Barry

Eobard is amused by Barry's loss of memories.

When Barry started to lose his memories he returned to question Eobard, who explained to Barry that the new reality was beginning to overwrite the reality they were familiar with, and soon he wouldn't remember his original life. When Eobard was asked why he wasn't losing his memories he replied that he wasn't sure, but after a few moments he finally realized why. The more Barry used his speed the faster he'd lose his memories and Eobard laughed hysterically at this ironic revelation, but Barry believed Eobard was trying to manipulate him into releasing him from his cell.[4]

Eobard Thawne scolds Barry

Eobard angrily scolds Barry for being selfish.

Eobard then amusingly remarked that the Barry he knew from his future is far more intelligent than he is now. Eobard stated that soon Barry will forget he's the Flash and neither of them will be able to fix reality, that time would set permanently like concrete and not be able to be changed again. Barry told Eobard he was fine with it but Eobard pleaded that he needed to take him back to 2000 and correct what he'd done, but Barry told him to go to hell, but Eobard retorted that his actions would take them both there. As Barry left Eobard angrily yelled "Now who's the villain, Flash?! Now who's the villain?!".[4]

Eobard Thawne agrees to kill Nora

Eobard agrees to help Barry.

Barry returned later with Iris and agreed to release Eobard, though Eobard forced him to state why in words, as Barry did so expressing his hate while Eobard simply returned the same expressions, questioning whose anger is more justified. Eobard was then released and given his ring back. As Barry started to fall unconscious, Eobard kept Iris from coming near them, expressing how he wish he could kill him before telling Barry that this time he got to be the hero, and hauled Barry through the Speed Force and returned to 2000 moments after Flash and Reverse-Flash's younger selves had fought for the second time. Arriving moments after the younger Flash had knocked out his past self, Reverse-Flash taunted Flash while trying to assure Nora she was ok, saying that actually she wasn't. As a result Flash and the younger Reverse-Flash dissipated as Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Nora in the chest, correcting the major changes to the timeline.[4]


Altered reality

Eobard Thawne new timeline

Eobard taunting Barry about timeline changes.

Rather than restore the previous timeline, however, Reverse-Flash's actions created yet another altered timeline where his existence remained but Barry's present was altered though previous events appear to remain intact. After returning Barry to 2016, Eobard claimed that everything was back to the way it was, at least for him, and tauntingly told Barry his present wouldn't be the same and he'd have to simply wait and find out. When Barry asked him what he meant, Eobard appeared pleased to have tormented his foe yet again and simply told him he would see him sometime soon and sped off.[4]

Aiding the Nazis

At an unknown point in his life Eobard would travel through time to collect relics in order to locate the Spear of Destiny, and form partnerships with various individuals to further his own goals. First he traveled to 1942 and began secretly aiding high ranking members of the Nazi party in order to obtain the Askaran Amulet, the means of locating the spear. During this time he encountered the Justice Society of America and had several encounters with it's leader Rex Tyler/Hourman. He also met the time travelling heroes the Legends who were trying to prevent his from achieving his plans. During his last encounter with Hourman the JSA leader discovered Reverse-Flash's plans, then was instructed by Mick Rory/Heat Wave's to travel to 2016 to stop the Legends initial departure from 2016. Reverse-Flash attempted to stop Hourman and succeeded in slaughtering the Legends, but was unable to prevent Hourman's venture through time. To stop his plans being exposed, the Reverse-Flash traveled back to 1942 to start his plans over by killing Hourman and preventing his future actions. Eobard started helping Damien Darhk, instructing him to join Adolf Hitler's plan to build an atomic bomb and destroy New York City.[31][32]

Aberration timeline: The information Eobard provided with Damien aided in Adolf Hitler's plan to kidnap Albert Einstein and force him to develop an atomic bomb, which would destroy New York City as planned. The aftermath of this would also cause World War II to end October 8th 1947 instead, and would cause the death of an additional 12 million more people. This caused an aberration, resulting in a time quake that alerted the Legends.[31]

Eobard meets Darhk

Eobard saves Damien from being killed by the Nazis.

Fixed timeline: Though Damien succeeded in constructing the bomb by kidnapping Mileva Maric instead of Einstein, and forcing her to build the bomb, the Legends foiled his plan by having the Waverider intercept the bomb, though they survived when Rip time scattered them to various points in history. When a German officer tried to kill Damien after refusing to help him build another bomb, Reverse-Flash slayed the U-boat's crew members before he and Damien greeted each other.[31]

Eobard Thawne's biomolecular enhancer

Eobard convinces Krieger to help in exchange for a bio-molecular enhancer.

Seeking the Askaran Amulet, Eobard began working with Baron Krieger and met with him in Paris. Though Krieger told him the amulet was in Berlin though Hitler refused to part with it. Eobard presented a sample his newly developed biomolecular enhancer, which could be used to create an army of super-soldiers to oppose the Justice Society of America. He also claimed it would let Hitler plant his flag above the White House within months. Eobard gave Kreiger a small dose for one person for him to confirm the serum's properties and promised to deliver more, but only if he obtained the amulet. Reluctant, Kreiger agreed.[32]

Reverse-Flash kills Hourman

Reverse-Flash kills Hourman to obtain the amulet and prevent future interference in his plans.

While Kreiger did obtain the amulet, he was intercepted and killed by the combined efforts of the JSA, Legends and the United States Air Force and the amulet fell into Hourman's possession. Reverse-Flash later attacked Hourman at the JSA's headquarters. Reverse-Flash told him of their history, as this Rex hadn't met Reverse-Flash yet, and his plan to stop the Legends. Hourman said he was told he disappeared but Reverse-Flash corrected him that he was erased from the timeline, then phased his hand through Hourman's chest. As Hourman bled to death Reverse-Flash stole the amulet and sped off before Amaya Jiwe/Vixen came into the room. Killing Rex at this point also caused his older self in the original timeline who'd arrived in 2016 to warn the Legends, to fade out of existence before he could reveal Reverse-Flash's plan to them, only succeeding in warning them not to travel to 1942.[32]

Allying with Damien Darhk

Eobard traveled to 1987 to aid his "old friend" Damien Darhk as he was about to caught by members of the DEA while trading drugs with dealers in exchange for a relic. Eobard offered Damien a partnership to aid him in his plans in exchange for rewriting his own destiny. However Damien initially refused but Eobard warned him he knew of his plan and it's outcome and promised that he could give Damien actual power, rather than symbols of power. Though he didn't receive and immediate answer Damien's interest was peaked. When the Legends confronted Damien during his deal with the Russians in exchange for another relic, Eobard arrived to stop them from killing Damien.[33]

Eobard allies with Damien

Eobard forms an alliance with Damien before taking his ally into the future.

Just as Sara Lance/White Canary had taunted him about the ultimate unlucky outcome of Darhk's plans for H.I.V.E., Eobard sped Damien out of the facility. When Damien realized that Sara had snatched his relic, he demanded Eobard to take him back, but the speedster reminded him the Legends had left the time period and were beyond reach. Damien reconsidered Eobard's offer and begged him to take him back to his next destination, insisting he needed to change his fate. Accepting his answer, Eobard showed him a Time Sphere and when Damien was inside Eobard sped around it to open a portal into the Speed Force where he traveled to his next destination with Damien.[33]

Forming the Syndicate

Eobard and Damien then traveled to 2016 and recruited Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer, promising to alter his destiny including saving his son in exchange for his help. Planning to cause an aberration to lure the Legends out and retrieve the Askaran Amulet Eobard's "syndicate" traveled to 1927 and offered their assistance to crime lord Al Capone.

Damen Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, and Eobard Thawne introduce themselves to Al Capone

Eobard, Damien and Malcolm approach Al Capone as part of their plan to obtain the amulet.

When the syndicate approached Capone he initially refused and tried to have them killed Eobard slaughtered his men, and Capone listened to his proposal. Eobard would ensure Capone would remain out of police custody and become mayor of Chicago. In exchange Capone would aid them against the Legends. Intrigued Capone agreed. As per their deal and part of the plan Eobard informed Capone that he was destined to be apprehended by Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, and Capone had Ness abducted and plotted to kill him. As planned the Legends arrived and foiled his plan. As the Legends searched one of Capone's clubs for evidence against him, Eobard abducted Sara and Stein. Eobard had Stein brought to him and and use the appearance-stealing cord and made himself look exactly like Stein, planning to infiltrate the Waverider and find the amulet himself.

Eobard Thawne (Martin Stein)

Eobard (as Stein) infiltrates the Waverider.

Taking Martin's place, the Legends came to his "rescue" though Eobard had Capone attack them to avoid drawing suspicion. On board the Waverider, Eobard began searching for the relic but could not find it and was soon interrupted when Sara came to speak with him about Lily, Martin's daughter, caused by an aberration. However Eobard questioned her claims leaving her suspicious. Then Nate Heywood/Steel came into the library asking to speak with Sara about Jax though Eobard insisted Jax could wait, though Sara immediately noticed when he refereed to him as "Jax" and not "Jefferson".

Lightning flickering in Eobard's eyes.png

Eobard confronted by Amaya and Mick.

Realizing Sara and Nate were aware of his deception Eobard attacked them, dropped the disguise, and sped off. In the hallway he was subdued by Jax with a speedster weapon but Eobard quickly recovered and attack Jax. Before he could kill him Ray Palmer/The Atom attacked him, but before Atom could finish him Eobard sped off towards the bridge. Returning the ship to 1927 Eobard opened the cargo doors and allowed Malcolm and Capone's men on board to kill the other Legends as he continued searching for the relic. Finding Mick with a bag of valuables Eobard believed he'd found the amulet but realized too late Mick tricked him, and was blasted from behind. Eobard was surprised to see Rex's lover, Amaya was his attacker and attacked her. Before he could kill her though Eobard was alerted by a device on his wrist, indicating her significance to the timeline was too critical to alter, and he sped off to prevent causing a paradox.

Eobard locates Spear of Destiny

Eobard, Malcolm and Damien merge the relics and display a compass to the Spear of Destiny.

However Malcolm had managed to force Sara to give up the amulet in exchange for Stein's location. By the docks Eobard elaborated the the amulets were in fact one in two pieces as Malcolm pointed out to a confused Damien, displaying a holographic compass. However Malcolm initially mistook it for a "portable planetarium" much to Eobard's annoyance. Elaborating that the compass was a guide to finding the Spear of Destiny to a confused Malcolm and Damien, Eobard informed them finding it would be complicated but the first step is locating the former leader of the Legends; Rip Hunter.[34]


"That is why you killed my mother? That's why you ruined my life? Because you couldn't be me!?"
"I BECAME BETTER THAN YOU! I am the one thing you cannot stop, Flash!"
—Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne[src]
Young Eobard meets Barry

Eobard challenging the Flash in vain.

In his first encounter with the Flash, Eobard was petty, somewhat short tempered and unstable. When Barry found out Eobard's hatred was because he couldn't be just like Flash, Barry expressed disgust, causing Eobard to snap, yelling that he's "become better than" Flash, arrogantly stating he's the one person Barry can't stop. This trait can be further seen in his murder of Nora Allen after Barry's younger self is saved from danger (though he reasoned that he did that to try and ward off Barry from becoming the Flash).[2]

Though polite, Eobard is also shown to be rather arrogant, self-righteous, confident, and somewhat sadistic. During his first encounter with The Flash, these traits were evident, Eobard believing Flash couldn't keep up with him. Despite his superior speed, Flash outsmarted Eobard, beat him unconscious and imprisoned him. Upon meeting Cisco for the first time, Eobard was impressed by Cisco's powers, even curious, maintaining politeness for the most part. However, he still smirked with sarcasm when Cisco taunted him of his imprisonment. Eobard is also shown to take great joy in mocking his enemies for the fall-out of their own actions, demonstrated when Harry Wells came to free him and send him back to his own time so as to repair the damage to the timeline.[2]

Another notable personality trait is his deep and insatiable hatred for the Flash. Eobard admitted that he used to be a huge fan of Flash, going as far as to find out how his hero came to be and how to become like the man, even succeeding in gaining super speed himself. But realizing that he was fated to be his idol's greatest enemy caused him to go insane with hatred and rage, to the point he was determined to erase Flash from existence, even going as far as to kill Barry as a child and killing Nora when he failed to do that, partly out of rage but partly out of his strong desire to ward Barry off from becoming The Flash.[2]

Eobard tends to justify his murders by stating that all those whom he had killed had already been dead for centuries from his perspective. In particular, he has used this rationale to justify his murders of Nora and Tess Morgan. In reality, Thawne couldn't care less about his victims, seeing how he killed them out of convenience, despite those acts harming the timeline.[3] According to an older Eobard, he once felt rage every time he looked upon the Flash, a hate shared by his adversary.[5]

"I know that rage. I used to feel that rage every time I looked upon you. And now, somehow, I know what Joe and Henry feel when they look on you with pride. With love."
—"Harrison Wells" to Barry Allen[src]
Eobard tells Cisco about his powers

Despite everything, Eobard grew to be a father figure to Team Flash.

Under his Harrison Wells façade, Eobard is a scientific genius responsible for numerous achievements in the scientific field and had a large sense of respect from the scientific community, as was the very genius behind the particle accelerator's existence. After finally being able to orchestrate the accident behind Barry Allen's powers, Eobard was presented with Barry, helpless, lying in a coma, so easy to kill. While observing Barry's coma, his anger at the Flash became evident, when he began vibrating his hand threateningly as his voice slowly became a furious hiss.

However, despite Barry lying beside him completely helpless, Eobard refrained from killing Barry, knowing that the Flash was needed for him, if the time traveler ever wanted to return home, but still claimed that "nothing was forgiven", vowing that he still wished to kill Barry as soon as it was possible. Whether Thawne changed his mind later on is unknown.

Eobard was a character of dual-identities towards his team and himself as he openly appears caring and compassionate, guiding Barry's journey of becoming the Flash, but had been shown to be willing to kill to ensure Barry's safety, and willing to sacrifice the meta-human prisoners to ensure this protection. Eobard was also willing to sacrifice other people as he activated the particle accelerator after being warned of its possible malfunction at the risk of the city, all to ensure Barry would be struck by the lightning bolt to turn into the Flash. Though seemingly caring and compassionate towards Team Flash, he also did appear somewhat tortured, a combination of "losing" his "wife" Tess and the number of people killed because of his accelerator.

He is shown to be a very secretive man, as not neither Cisco Ramon nor Caitlin Snow had ever visited his house, and had either killed or manipulated people to their deaths. He did, however, seem to care about Barry's life, as he nearly gave up his own secret to rush to Barry when he chose to take a missile head on, instead of running from it. He was also willing to confront Blackout, in a bid to divert from attacking Barry, Cisco and Caitlin, and spurring the return of Barry's powers. He also protected Grodd from being tortured by Wade Eiling's inhumane experiments. Despite at first being tempted to kill Firestorm, Eobard decided to help separate into two people again. This can be either from the fact that killing Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein would cost Eobard the trust and respect of Barry, Cisco and Caitlin or the fact he genuinely had a change of heart.

Eobard is a man of sophistication, it's unknown if he was raised in this manner of upbringing, or if it was another thing he had picked up from Harrison, in any case he is a man of the finer things in life, such as his own private collection of scotch, showing an interest in classical orchestra and was able to fluently speak in Latin, a trait he shared with his former protege Hartley Rathaway.

When his real personality is shown to Team Flash, after abandoning his Wells identity during his time under that persona, Thawne stated that everything he's done has made his own team's lives better, despite the fact that he had been selfishly using Barry to get back to his own time, and both Cisco and Caitlin were pariahs from the particle accelerator incident. This shows, even after 15 years hiding behind a different identity, he remains a self-righteous sociopath that tries to justify his immoral actions.

Eobard remains somewhat sadistic and unstable, shown by his numerous threats to Iris West and the rest of Barry's loved ones whenever his plans start to fail, attempting to kill seemingly on a whim. He also continues to to take great joy in mocking his enemies for their vain attempts to stop him and not understanding his plans, demonstrated when Team Flash thought Hannibal Bates was him. Though he continues to justify his murders by stating that all those whom he had killed had already been dead for centuries from his perspective, shown with his killing of Cisco, he expressed a bit of remorse for some of these murders, though it wasn't enough to dissuade him from returning to his time by any means necessary.

In addition to taking on Harrison's complete genetic makeup and physical appearance, Eobard also ended up taking on some of his victim's personality traits, particularly the love for Tess as Eobard admitted. This love supposedly affected him to the point that he even admitted to feel like he would burst into tears when thinking of Tess and the fact that he was Tess' killer. Also Joe West rationalized the reason Eobard was willing to go so far to return to his home and time, even committing acts of murder, identity theft and espionage, was because he deeply loved the people and life he had back home - a love not unlike what Joe had for his children, namely Barry and Iris.

Due to hiding behind his Wells identity, adapting and evolving every situation to better suit his agenda under his disguise and being Wells himself for fourteen years, Thawne has become even more skilled at plotting and manipulating since he time-travelled, coming close to believing his own lies. But he is not flawless in his deceptions and though he is able to fool those who know him to an extent, Tina McGee, who were said to have been "thick as thieves" as the real Harrison's close friend, could detect that he became a "different person" ever since Tess's death. He presents himself as a kind, humbled benefactor, even that is extensive to what situation better suits his multi-layered personality and he is more than capable of acting ruthlessly pragmatic to one which requires such behaviour, even in front of Barry, Cisco and Caitlin at times. Up until his true nature was revealed, he rarely killed directly but preferred to silently bend others and systematically destroy any threats to his designs or life using his vast intelligence. In moments of desperation or with no foreseeable alternative than violence, he would have no problems with threatening or straight-up murder.

As long as none of his "friends" knew his secret, he treated them like they were his own children. Before Barry changed the timeline, Eobard wanted to keep Cisco from finding out most of all because he wanted to avoid killing Cisco if necessary. But when Eobard found out he killed Cisco in that alternate timeline, he stated he didn't care nor was he sorry for it because he was certain he had a good reason for doing so.

Even though Eobard hated the Flash and was originally sorely tempted to kill Barry from 2014-2015 too, seeing his protégé as little more than a means to an end looking upon with little hate. However, he grew to care for Barry, having looked after and raised as a student and in some ways, even as a son. When exposed as the Reverse-Flash and trapped in the Pipeline, Thawne even stated that he could understand and empathize with the paternal love that Joe and Henry Allen had for Barry. Though Barry was initially disgusted by Eobard's words and wanted nothing to do with them, Barry later admitted Thawne may have been genuine. In spite of this, Eobard's hatred for Barry seemingly resurfaced when Barry reneged on their deal, which included Barry going back in time to save Nora and Eobard returning to his home in the future - this was evident when Eobard violently pummeled Barry just before vowing to kill not only the Flash, but Barry's friends and Henry too. Although he seemingly calmed down shortly before fading from existence, he still used his last seconds to mock Barry about how his nemesis would get on and survive without him there to control.

In his will, though Eobard stated that Barry would never truly be happy, implying that his hatred for Barry may never have completely died, he also acknowledged that the two of them were never truly enemies and that it was not he who Barry truly hated, and that as a favor, he was going to give what Barry wanted: a confession to his guilt in Nora's murder, which would free the unjustly accused Henry from prison - and allowing Barry to inherit S.T.A.R Labs officially, but only after watching the video first. This final, posthumuous act shows that in spite of all his villainous traits, Eobard does have honor in him, and in spite of his very complicated feelings about the Flash, which still included resentment and a desire to be on top of Flash even in death, showed that he on a certain level genuinely cared about Barry's well-being.

Eobard was also very laid-back about what happens to him, though this usually happened when he believed that his plan will not be affected. Even when confronted with the combined forces of the Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm, Eobard showed absolutely no signs of fear or concern and instead smirked, remarking "this would be fun". It is probable that Eobard was holding back the entire time and was planning on being thrown into the pipeline anyway, so he could gain S.T.A.R. Labs' full cooperation with helping him return to his time.

Eobards' calm, laid-back attitude to dangerous situations against his own life actually hid decades of pent-up rage and hatred. After discovering the only way to return to his timeline was to create the Flash, a man who he felt pure loathing for in its entirety, he found the situation almost laughably ironic claiming it was fate's way to spite him one last time as the only reason he traveled through time was with the sole purpose of killing his so-hated archenemy and with these plans in array, it would contribute to Eobards' already vast anger, causing him to snap out on Barry and threaten to kill the whole of Team Flash and Henry.

Suffice it to say, Eobard as Wells had an extremely complex psychological makeup, with an adaptable and malleable nature. He ranged from being a self-focused and egotistical sociopath of the highest order, to a truly compassionate and honorable man in his later years, albeit with a very twisted sense of honor. Overall, he was a very morally gray man, much less the monster that many people tend to see him as, and had shown himself as a very tortured man, cursed to fight his own hero and become his enemy. Ultimately, his motivation for all the good and evil he has done throughout fifteen years was claimed to be a return to his old life as Eobard Thawne in the 22nd century, to leave the "barbaric" 21st century and come back to the people he cared about. Since it was all for naught, with Eddie Thawne erasing the lives of the Thawne family that was supposed to come after him, this burden of reuniting Eobard with his century fell onto the next version of Eobard, one that survived erasure by reversing Flashpoint.[5][4]

"Do I know you?"
"Let's just say... It's complicated."
—Martin Stein and Eobard Thawne[src]
Eobard Thawne new timeline

Inadvertently saved by his nemesis, Eobard wouldn't let anything stand in the way of his mysterious, new plan.

Trapped and imprisoned in an alternate timeline version of 2016 (which Eobard dubbed "Flashpoint") by Barry Allen, the Reverse-Flash has shown contempt and ridicule toward his heroic counterpart. His hypocrisy came through as he called Barry out for being "the villain", despite Barry only changing the part of timeline that was wronged by Eobard's time travel in the first place, when ironically, his future self as Wells was gonna let him save his mom as part of his endgame. Eobard's more twisted and demented demeanor was turned directly against Barry, with him stating he would take great pleasure tormenting his arch-nemesis, for the timeline to be "restored", despite the "true timeline" also being a product of Thawne's machinations.[4]

Thawne's hypocritical nature showed itself further in his attempt to erase Rex Tyler from timeline, which altered Rex's encounter with the Legends in 2016. Despite blaming Barry, Eobard implied that he clashed with Rex in multiple variations of the timeline, yet did not care for the damage to time that killing Rex preemptively would cause.[32]

Unwilling to let anything stand in his way, the Reverse-Flash would cause multiple historical aberrations for the Legends to clean up on his quest to find the Spear of Destiny, being so low on morals that he was ready to provide Nazi Germany with his meta-human biomolecular enhancer that could allow the Nazis to win the war, all just to get a part of the Askaran Amulet from Baron Krieger. Eobard has also shown a willingness to work with various terrorists, such as Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn, and had zero compunctions about helping Damien double-cross the Nazis in 1942, slaying them all with his own hands. Furthermore, according to Darhk, it was Eobard who had him be a part of Adolf Hitler's plan to nuke New York City in the first place, for no discernible reason other than the possibility of gaining an artifact from Hitler.[33]

Armed with the knowledge of the future(s), Eobard would show great pride and cockiness, creating an aura of the all-knowing mastermind around himself. He's shown it both to his enemies, implying to Martin Stein that a version of him knew the Professor, and to his allies, goading his "partner" Damien Darhk for more than forty years before finally revealing the possibility to change Darhk's unlucky fate, and acting condescending towards Malcolm Merlyn, amused at Merlyn knowing the Askaran Amulet's lore, despite him seeming like nothing but a "pretty face" to Thawne. However, he would also show himself eager to tell the others of his knowledge of history and myths, detailing how the Amulet would help his allies find the Spear of Destiny.[34]

Eobard would often toy with his enemies, the Legends in particular, showing them how easy it would be for the Reverse-Flash at his full power to slaughter them all. He directly threatened to kill Jefferson Jackson, but was stopped by Ray Palmer. For one reason or the other, Eobard seemingly tries to keep the Legends alive deliberately, in particular since he modified his appearance-stealing cord to allow its victims, such as Martin Stein, to stay alive, a courtesy that he would not show to the innocent Harrison Wells.[34]

Thawne has also shown a more contemplative, philosophical side. When he taunted Barry Allen and was met with another declaration of hate from Barry, Eobard replied that he, too, hates the Flash, and yet sometimes he wonders, just which one of them is in the right, implying some hidden reasons for him to hate Barry, much more grievous than those claimed by his younger self.[4]

Powers and abilities


The Reverse-Flash killing two guards

The Reverse-Flash using his superhuman speed.

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Replicating the circumstances that behind The Flash's powers, Eobard Thawne gained access to the Speed Force. Thus, his physiology has been greatly augmented to beyond peak human performance, letting him handle extreme physical exertion and performance. His powers make the Reverse-Flash arguably one of the most powerful characters shown in the universe, with the Flash capable of equaling him.
    • Accelerated healing factor: Eobard's wounds from being attacked with the force of a speeding car by the "Man In Yellow" were completely gone without a trace afterwards, which he covered up by isolating himself to avoid speculation of any kind.
    • Accelerated perception: Eobard's speed also extends to his senses and mental capacities, allowing him to take in information and process it at much faster rates than a normal human, as well as see and hear clearly when moving at super-speed. This ability allows Eobard to see the world as if it is in slow motion, which, combined with his physical speed, lets him perform thoughts and actions long before a normal human around him could even perceive them. Even Eobard was having troubles keeping up with how fast Shawna Baez's cells were moving when he was trying to look at them. When Barry was running at mach 2, Eobard was able to follow his movements with his eyes, and does this again when Barry travels to the past under his guidance.
    • Bodily vibration/Intangibility: Eobard has the ability to vibrate any part of his body at different frequencies on command, with varying effects. This is seen by the said are becoming a haze that normal people can't perceive clearly. It can also garble his voice with a deep growl to disguise it. He can also seamlessly phase his arm through a person, killing them instantly. Cisco Ramon described the sensation as having the entire area crushed apart. By vibrating the cells in his body, Eobard can move and pass through people or objects unharmed. This ability appears to have damaging effects on electrical equipment, as it shorted out Mason Bridge's computer. By vibrating rapidly Eobard was able to reverse the effects of the modified appearence-stealing cord.
    • Electrokinesis: As a speedster, Eobard can produce powerful red electricity from his body. The moment he arrived at the stadium for Barry's first fight with him, the electrical lights and video screens around it started glitching and flashing. Eobard is also capable of making his eyes glow bright red, which most likely is another effect of his electrokinesis.
    • Enhanced strength: Reverse-Flash has displayed a degree of enhanced strength even while not using super speed, as shown during the fight against the Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm, where he threw Flash into S.T.A.R Labs' sign several yards away with one arm. In his encounters with Rex Tyler and Amaya Jiwe, he easily restrained these two by holding one by their necks after charging at them with his speed. He was also was able to effortlessly break a man's neck from behind while protecting Damien Darhk in 1987.
    • Superhuman agility: Eobard possesses inhuman bodily coordination, balance, equilibrium and dexterity. He is able to change direction immediately, thus allows him to make sharp turns on city streets without sliding or losing his balance.
    • Superhuman durability: Eobard's connection to the Speed Force enhanced his durability above that of human, allowing him to easily recover from attack and exertion much quicker than normal and survive impacts that would be fatal or at least permanently disabling to normal humans. It was much harder to stun him when he is using his abilities as he can take multiple hits while moving and not be knocked down or stopped in his tracks. He was also hardly fazed after falling from the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs to land from several stories up unfazed by moving at super speed at the same time.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Eobard's increased speed also augments his reaction time, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than a normal human.
    • Superhuman speed: Even after losing his connection to the Speed Force and being stranded, by using tachyons, Eobard can move at high speeds, significantly faster than Barry Allen's limit of Mach 2.2. during 2014-2015. Using this speed, he can easily move on vertical structures and ceilings. Barry said that he's so fast that he could kill everyone in the police precinct in seconds. His tremendous speed was later revealed to be greatly influenced by tachyon particles in his body. As revealed by Caitlin Snow, this allows him to with each stride his feet spend less time on the ground, thus propelling him forward much faster.In 2024 crisis Eobard's speed is over 13,7 Mach, that's make him faster than Zoom and equal of the Flash.
      • Aerokinesis: Using his speed, Eobard can generate air flow as vacuums on various levels. He can create fierce waves and vacuums of air by shaking a body part very fast. His speed vacuum is very powerful, as he was able to blow Firestorm blocks away by rotating just one hand.
      • Speed mirages: By using his speed to bounce back and forth so quickly, Eobard can create after-images with his speed, making it appear like he's in two places at once. This image is so realistic, human mind can't perceive the difference.
      • Superhuman momentum: The Reverse-Flash can generate an inhuman amount of physical force from any part of his body, especially while using super speed, and is able to deal very punishing blows. This allowed him to exert inhuman physical strength with almost absolute ease. Even The Flash was quickly pummeled to the point Flash was unable to fight back despite healing powers.
      • Time travel/Chronokinesis:[35] Using the Speed Force, speedsters such as the Reverse-Flash are able to conduct chronokinesis, or temporal manipulation, which allows him to travel throughout time. Eobard is able to freely travel throughout time. Also, despite Eobard ceasing to exist in 2015, his time remnant appeared in 2016, re-creating Eobard's first encounter with the Flash from the previous timeline (unless this was his definite, younger self and Eobard always encountered the Flash in 2016 after nullifying his timeline-of-origin, etc). After preventing Flashpoint from permanently happening, Eobard then traveled to 2016 inside the Speed Force, protecting him like a bunker from the effects of a time paradox that resulted in his future self's erasure from existence.
    • Superhuman stamina: Eobard's body can handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress. His body's enhanced stamina allows him to function much longer than a normal human without getting tired or weak. Therefore, he is also adapted to the extreme amounts of force exerted on him while he is moving at super speed, as well as the extreme temperatures and lessened amount of breathable air.


  • Expert computer hacker: Eobard's shown to be a skilled computer hacker, being able to hack into the radio signals of multiple cars in order to destroy Hartley's weapons.
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Master tactician/Manipulator/Leader: Eobard is very intelligent, as evidenced by the crucial role he played in Team Flash and creating the particle accelerator. Eobard managed to run S.T.A.R. Labs very successfully for 14 years, until the particle accelerator explosion incident caused the company to shut down. Eobard was considered a genius in the late 22nd century which makes him potentially more intelligent than most if not any individual of the early 21st century. He had a superb knowledge of meta-human biochemistry and molecular structure, creating a biomolecular enhancer (dubbed "the serum" by less-knowledgeable). He has also shown in-depth knowledge and understanding of time-traveling like the Time Masters. With this, he was able to effectively evade any encounters with a Time Wraith and confidently travel back over 150 years to change the past with no fear of affecting his own future, as well as to give the Legends trouble balancing the timeline. Eobard is a great tactician, as evidenced by him coming up with plans to help Barry Allen defeat the meta-humans. He managed to for nearly a year to prevent Barry's team from figuring out that he is the Reverse-Flash. Eobard is a capable manipulator, he managed to manipulate Tony Woodward and Hannibal Bates by negotiating that he will release the two, if they help him, these have resulted in the two meta's deaths. When he crossed the fence leading to S.T.A.R. Labs, he instigated Barry to confront him. He wanted to get back into the pipeline anyway, so when the Flash, the Arrow and Firestorm fought him, it presumably didn't matter to lose or get captured.
  • Master engineer: Eobard has shown to be very proficient in the art of engineering, being able to recreate the tachyon device into a Quantum splicer for Firestorm with Cisco, creating a ring which compresses and stores his suit, using futuristic technology to reactivate and modify the particle accelerator as well as creating his own Time Vault. Eobard also managed to modify the appearance-stealing cord to be nonlethal to the person whose appearance is being mimiced, however, it still caused the victim a great deal of pain, as this happened with Martin Stein.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Though suffering a beating at the hands of the Flash from 2016 in his first encounter with him, Eobard eventually became an expert hand-to-hand combatant, fighting on with the Flash of the future. Whereas the novice Flash from 2014-2015 Flash relied primarily on speed to overwhelm slower opponents with random striking, the older Eobard was shown to be a very methodical fighter, striking at precise spots to systemically wear down his opponent. He easily defeated the younger Flash from 2014-2015 in multiple fights. Even when his speed was temporarily disabled, he was shown to be able to temporarily hold his own against a master unarmed fighter like Oliver Queen. An earlier version of Eobard, on a quest to find the Spear of Destiny, was shown to be an adequate brawler, yet not as precise in fighting as his future self.
  • Speed Force expert: Eobard is shown to have great intelligence about the Speed Force and its usage. He has many times helped and guided Barry to use it better. He knew it has powers to create vacuums, move seamlessly pass through any solid target and was able to direct Barry on how-to use the Speed Force to time travel. He also used it fluently in combat, much better than Barry initially was able to due to a greater experience.


  • Anti-speedster weapons: The Legends have an arsenal of anti-speedster guns, which would allow the user to momentarily slow Eobard down. However, Eobard showed himself resistant to the weapon, restoring his powers after mere moments.[34]
  • Carbine: Eobard's intangibility has difficulty passing through this compound, requiring him to build more momentum to get past it.
  • Nanites: When he was shot with a nanite arrow, Eobard lost his powers for a short amount of time even though Oliver Queen said it'd take away his speed for "quite awhile", and he could somewhat vibrate, allowing him to phase the nanites out of his body, instantly restoring his powers.
  • Residual Tachyon energy: When Eobard is near a liquid, it floats in the air, giving a hint that he is present. This is caused by tachyons he is exposed to when working with them, helping him run faster. It can also be caused if Eobard has recently moved through time, as tachyons usually have this effect when around time traveling speedsters who have used this power or where temporal distortions have been, causing massive change in time and having marked the area to have tachyons.
  • Speed Force connection flux (2000-2015): While originally having access to the Speed Force similar to Barry Allen, Eobard somehow severely damaged his connection to the Speed Force when he suffered a massive power drain from having traveled back in time to kill Barry as a child. While later regaining his super speed and most of its related powers, he still lacked a proper connection to the Speed Force, rendering him unable to travel through time and stranded in the distant past. At the same time, his recovered speed was unstable, randomly appearing and disappearing, forcing Eobard to rely on the tachyon prototype to stabilize his powers for longer durations. This also appeared to have an effect on his ability to walk, as once his speed disappeared, he would immediately fall to the ground. However the version of Eobard that now exists after Flashpoint never experienced the power-draining event and as such is at full power, allowing him to travel through time with ease.
  • Time Wraiths: Like many other speedsters, Eobard has come to fear the Time Wraiths and does whatever he can to avoid their wrath.


  • Earpieces: On his suit's cowl, there are two lightning-bolt shaped earpieces, also similar to those on Barry Allen's Flash suit.
  • Reverse-Flash ring: Eobard owns a ring with a Reverse-Flash lightning-bolt symbol on it that can open secret rooms within S.T.A.R. Labs. He uses it to open up a wall that contains a mannequin which his Reverse-Flash suit is draped over. Eobard is able to hold his entire costume in his ring, and shoot it out of the top, allowing him to change into it at super speed and always have it ready for wear.[28]
  • Reverse-Flash suit: Eobard wears a protective suit whilst acting as the Reverse-Flash, to hide his identity from his victims. It is similar to the Flash's future suit, but only reversing the colors (red to yellow, white to black).
  • Various Future Technologies: Eobard has several devices and gadgets from his time at his disposal. Some have been displayed and their functions have been shown, though there are those that are still unknown.
    • Appearance-stealing cord: This device has two cords that are connected to two organisms, corroding one while transferring that one's genetics (especially phenotypes) to the other, allowing the survivor to physically resemble the other in every way. Eobard used this to physically become Harrison Wells but also gained his victim's memories and love for Tess Morgan. After Flashpoint, Eobard modified this device (or an identical one), which allowed it to be used without killing the person he uses it on. Due to this modification, Eobard is no longer trapped in that person's appearance, and can revert to his normal appearance whenever he chooses by vibrating his cells. Eobard used this modified this device on Martin Stein.
    • Biomolecular enhancer: Eobard gave this to the Nazis in 1942 as a bargaining chip to get something in return from Adolf Hitler. It was used to mutate Baron Krieger into der Übermensch.[32] Ray Palmer modified Eobard's enhancer into a drug to cure Nate Heywood's hemophilia. As a result, Nate has received meta-human powers of his own as Steel.[36]

Former equipment

  • Tachyon device: After his connection to the Speed Force began fluctuating, he stole this device from Mercury Labs, using it with the intentions to get faster and stabilize his fluctuating Speed Force connection for longer durations. However, once the effects of this device could no longer help him, he converted it into a Quantum splicer for Firestorm.
  • Wheelchair: After the particle accelerator exploded, Eobard pretended he became paralyzed in his legs to hide his identity from the team. In addition, a device was stored on the underside of the wheelchair that was charging his super speed which Cisco Ramon eventually discovers. After his identity was revealed to Team Flash, Eobard abandoned this wheelchair which is currently in S.T.A.R. Labs.



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  • Eobard's bloodtype is AB-Negative.
  • As noted by Cisco, Eobard shares a similar fondness for movies with him. He appears to be a fan of the Back to the Future film trilogy, the film Ghostbusters and implies he's seen It's a Wonderful Life. However he also claims to have never seen any Buster Keaton movies even in his time.
  • Eobard seems to have a liking for food from Big Belly Burger, as cows are extinct in his era and has an interest in curly fries. Interestingly, he shares this love for Big Belly Burger with Harrison's doppelgängers (Harry Wells and HR Wells), implying he got this fondness from Harrison's DNA.
    • However he is still shown to have a liking for it in Flashpoint, a timeline where he never became Harrison. 
  • When he runs at high velocity speeds, the electricity that radiates off of the Reverse-Flash is red while the Flash's electricity is yellow.
  • Due to his appearance in "Out of Time", the Reverse-Flash is the first speedster to appear in an episode without the Flash.
  • Even after Eobard was revealed to be an impostor, his former allies still have a habit of referring to him as Wells (sometimes "Evil Wells" or "the Other Wells"), much to the chagrin of Harry.

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Eobard Thawne is Barry Allen's greatest enemy, operating under the alias "Professor Zoom", also known by the title of "the Reverse-Flash". After Flash: Rebirth storyline in New Earth, and a later one in Prime Earth, Eobard was depicted as the man who killed Barry's mother.
    • Unlike his comic version, Eobard Thawne is never referred to as "Zoom" or "Professor Zoom", but only as the "Reverse-Flash". In the comics Eobard Thawne is the first Reverse-Flash (official alias "Professor Zoom", commonly referred to as "Zoom") encountered by Barry Allen and Wally West. His role as the Flash's enemy is continued by Hunter Zolomon (also known as both the new "Reverse-Flash" and the second "Zoom", sans the "Professor" moniker). In the show this continuity between the two characters is removed.
  • Even though Harrison Wells does not originate from the DC comics, as he is an original character specifically created for the show, another brief character, only known as "Dr. Wells", appeared in the tie-in DC comic book of the 1990s The Flash TV series titled, Flash TV Special #1 (January, 1991). Interestingly enough, the character was a wheelchair-bound villain who dressed in black and yellow and had the ability to be in two places at once, similarly to how Eobard Thawne (disguised as Harrison Wells) was introduced on the show.
    • Even before that, a villainous character known as Dr. Wells, sporting similar looks, appeared in the 1973-1985 animated series Super Friends episode "Elevator to Nowhere". Like the CW version, Dr. Wells was associated with time travel, forcing Wonder Woman and the Atom to participate in his time machine experiment.


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