Emma Falk (died April 2012) was a convenience store worker in the Glades. She was the wife of the late Joseph Falk.


Emma met Joseph at St. Therese Academy where he was working as a custodian. They married in 2005. In April 2012, Emma was working at a convenience store as robbers entered. They demanded money, which she gave them. As she reached for the phone, one of the robbers shot her in the stomach, killing her.[1]


Emma's death is what caused her husband, Joseph Falk, to have a psychotic breakdown, he would later become a vigilante, terrorizing the Glades, acting as judge, jury and executioner; killing innocent people in cold blood, this was what eventually led to Joseph's painful yet deserved/justified death at the hands of Oliver Queen (under the persona of the Hood).



Season 1


  1. "Salvation"