Emily Nocenti is the daughter of the late Victor Nocenti.


Civil suit against Martin Somers

After her father's death at the order of Martin Somers, Emily filed a civil suit against the latter, being represented by Laurel Lance. She was later warned by both Laurel and Joanna de la Vega, that Somers' lawyers would try to paint her as blinded by grief, and attempting to make money, during the trial, even though all she wanted was justice for her father. Laurel went on to tell her that there were a lot of dangerous people that didn't want the trial to proceed, but Emily told her that they'd have to kill her if they wanted her to give it up. After Somers was prosecuted after being recorded confessing to giving the order of having Victor Nocenti murdered, Emily thanked Laurel for fighting for her case.[1]



Season 1


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