Edith Boardman (c. 1890[1]–1925)[2] was a previous reincarnation of the Egyptian priestess Chay-Ara before the current reincarnation Kendra Saunders. She was the wife of Joe Boardman and the mother of Aldus Boardman.


Edith was born with an unknown name in around 1890. In around 1915, Edith had a son, Aldus, with her husband.[1] Some years later, they visited the World's Fair.[2] In 1920, after realizing that Vandal Savage was on her and her husband's tail, they had their names changed to "Edith Boardman" and "Joe Boardman" and moved once again. However, Aldus admitted to having heard them talk at night and so they decided to explain the nature of their eternal cycle of reincarnation to him.[1] Five years later, they were hunted down by Savage at a fleabag motel in North Carolina, where he ambushed them in the middle of the night. Edith had Aldus hide in the closet and promise that no matter what, he'd stay put, and he did. Then Edith and Joe were murdered by Savage.[2]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


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