"This Earth is at the center of the multiverse. It's the access point to every other Earth in existence."
Hunter Zolomon, referring to Earth One[src]

Earth One is a universe parallel to a plethora of others, such as Earth Two. The name was coined by Martin Stein. To Earth Two citizens, Earth One is referred to as Earth Two. Also, to Earth Seventeen's citizens, it is known as Terra Prime.[1]

Earth One is particularly important in that it is a central junction in the multiverse, being the middle intersection from which one can travel to any other alternate Earth.[2]


After learning of the existence of parallel worlds, Martin Stein coined the world's name, "Earth One", to describe Team Flash's relative position in regards to all of the other worlds.[3] Beginning in the early 21st century, it has become home to numerous groups of extraordinary protectors, such as the vigilante unit Team Arrow, the scarlet speedster known as the Flash and his team of allies who emerged after the explosion of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator that gave rise and prominence to superpowered meta-humans, and John Constantine's group of mystical allies. Even in other times, similar such heroes operate, such as the secret mid-20th century alliance the Justice Society of America, and the time-travelling Legends.

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  • Earth One vibrates at a lower frequency than Earth Two.

Behind the scenes

  • The universe's name is spelled "Earth-1" in the synopses for The Flash episodes.


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