Earth Nineteen is one of the many universes in the multiverse. The name was coined by Caitlin Snow.


Invasion by another Earth

Sometime around 1992-1993, Earth Nineteen was invaded and almost destroyed by hostile forces from an unknown neighboring Earth. Inter-dimensional travel was outlawed on Earth Nineteen in an effort to prevent another such conflict, and they established the Collectors in order to track down any of their citizens who violated the ban. After locating a criminal, the Collectors were also tasked with taking them back to Earth Nineteen to await execution. Gypsy would become one of the most prominent members of the organization, as well as a legend among the citizens of Earth Nineteen.[1]

The departure of H.R. Wells

In 2016, the Harrison Wells of Earth Two sent out a cryptogram in search of a successor for his position as a member of Team Flash. Randolf Morgan cracked the cryptogram and replied with a holographic message containing the image of his partner, H.R. Wells, who wanted to travel the multiverse to work on his novels.[2] Later, H.R. left Earth Nineteen for Earth One. He shared knowledge of his world with several of Earth One's residents, reminiscing about the Flash of his world, "meta-hominids" and "World War M".[3]


Thanksgiving is a somber holiday that represents the end of the decade long war with another Earth. The inhabitants of Earth Nineteen celebrate the day by having all able-bodied people hunt a bear/jaguar/wolf like creature and afterwards eat a large feast. [4]

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  • H.R. Wells, a denizen of Earth Nineteen, seems to prefer referring to meta-humans as "meta-hominids". This is possibly as it is a local term for these mutated creatures.
  • Coffee is no longer obtainable in this universe, as evidenced by H.R. Wells's obsession with it on Earth One, as well as Gypsy's taking back several bags of it.[1]
    • Due to the Plastoid attack, which wiped out the coffee crops, Gypsy likely did not share the coffee with her father, who swore off ever drinking it again.
  • Earth Nineteen doesn't have any form of billiards.[5]
  • Earth Nineteen doesn't seem to have soap operas or if they do, badly written ones.
  • Earth Nineteen is described as an Earth with far more advanced technology than Earth One by its denizens.[1]
    • In a deleted scene from Invasion! Part 1, it's revealed that batteries from Earth-1 aren't completely compatible with Earth-19 devices, such as H.R.'s voice recorder.
  • Gambling was banned on Earth Nineteen after an incident involving Vice President Al Capone.
    • This would mean that events similar to Earth One in The Chicago Way occurred and Capone wasn't sent to jail for tax evasion and became a politician.
  • Gelatinous foods were banned from after the war with the Plastoids because of their resemblance.
  • On Earth Nineteen, reptiles are given as common housewarming gifts.
  • Instead of Valentine's Day, Earth Nineteen's denizens celebrate "Friend's Day".
    • It's possible friendship is considered more important that romance on this Earth
  • Earth Nineteen appears to have similar currency in dollar bills to Earth One; however, who is pictured on the currency is completely different. H.R. Wells notes Abraham Lincoln is on the $100 bill, while on Earth One, it's Benjamin Franklin.
  • There are telepathic gorillas on Earth Nineteen like Gorilla Grodd.
  • Gypsy is considered a legend as she never loses a battle.
  • The famous glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. known as the Minus World on Earth One was apparently coined the Negative World on Earth Nineteen.


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