"That's what you've all proven here. Meta-humans or not, superpowers or not, you are Earth's mightiest heroes."
Kara Danvers[src]

Earth is the third planet orbiting the solar system's yellow sun. The planet serves primarily as home to its native race, the human, and came into existence long before the written history of its population. A version of Earth exists in each universe within the multiverse.


In prehistoric times, the Earth was populated by dinosaurs.[1]

Earth One

In the 20th century, some humans began to gain superpowers through various means. They become known as meta-humans, and the threat posed by their abilities attracted the attention of an alien species known as the Dominators. In 1951, the Dominators launched a reconnaissance mission in Redmond, a city in the United States, and waged a battle against the United States Army. The aliens would later return in 2016 with the goal of eradicating all meta-humans after they deemed Barry Allen's ability to travel through time a threat to all of reality.[2]However they were defeated and forced to retreat by the Earth's heroes with help from Supergirl an alien herself from another universe.



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  • Ray Palmer is the only known human to have spent an extensive period of time living in Earth's prehistoric era.


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