Doris Chase (died March 2017) was the wife of the late Adrian Chase.


At some point in her life, she met and fell in love with Adrian Chase, who later became her husband. After a gunmen attacked City Hall and shot Adrian, he was taken to the hospital but recovered quickly, though Doris was concerned about his well-being and tried unsuccessfully to convince him to take some more rest instead of going immediately back to work.[1]

After the Green Arrow stormed Adrian's house, he came across Doris. She was rescued by the elite squad unit of the SCPD, before being taken to the mayor's office. She watched as her husband gave a speech regarding the Green Arrow's break and enter, before standing with him as Oliver gave his piece. Sometime later, Spartan took her, explaining how Adrian was the throwing star killer, before bringing them face to face, Adrian in his Prometheus getup. Wishing him to give himself up, Adrian stabbed her. Spartan rushed her outside, calling an ambulance, but Doris died on the way to Starling General.[2]



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Doris Brinkley Chase was the wife of Adrian Chase and the mother of his children. Their deaths were the catalyst for him to become Vigilante. She first appeared in Vigilante #2.