A doppelgänger is a person who is an alternate universe version of another person. Between each of the fifty-three known Earths, different versions of the same people exist, meaning there are various doppelgängers. Occasionally they may look different, having only once appeared the same.

Known doppelgängers

Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name Image Earth Name
Henry Allen Earth One Henry Allen Jay GarrickThe Flash (Jay Garrick) Earth Three Jay Garrick/The Flash
Barry AllenThe Flash Savitar Earth One Barry Allen/The Flash/Savitar Barry Allen (Earth Two) Earth Two Barry Allen
John CorbenMetallo (John Corben) Earth Thirty-Eight John Corben/Metallo Metallo (Earth-X) Earth-X "Metallo"
Henry HewittTokamak Earth One Henry Hewitt/Tokamak Henry Hewitt (Earth Two) Earth Two Henry Hewitt
James JesseThe Trickster (James Jesse) Earth One James Jesse/The Trickster The Trickster (Earth Three) Earth Three "The Trickster"
Shay Lamden (Earth One) Earth One Shay Lamden King Shark (Earth Two) Earth Two Shay Lamden/King Shark
Laurel Lance (Earth One)Black Canary (Laurel Lance) Earth One Laurel Lance/Black Canary Laurel Lance (Earth Two)Black Siren Earth Two Laurel Lance/Black Siren
Quentin Lance Earth One Quentin Lance Sturmbannführer Earth-X Unnamed
Floyd LawtonDeadshot Earth One Floyd Lawton/Deadshot Floyd Lawton (Earth Two) Earth Two Floyd Lawton
Tommy Merlyn Earth One Tommy Merlyn Tommy Merlyn (Earth-X)Prometheus (Earth-X) Earth-X Tommy Merlyn/Prometheus
James OlsenGuardian Earth Thirty-Eight James Olsen/Guardian James Olsen's Earth-X doppelgängerJames Olsen's Earth-X doppelgänger masked Earth-X Unnamed
Linda Park Earth One Linda Park Linda Park (Earth Two)Dr. Light Earth Two Linda Park/Dr. Light
Oliver Queen The Arrow Green Arrow Earth One Oliver Queen/The Hood/The Arrow/Green Arrow Oliver (Earth-X) Oliver (Earth-X) masked Earth-X Oliver/Black Arrow
Cisco RamonVibe Earth One Cisco Ramon/Vibe Francisco RamonReverb Earth Two Francisco Ramon/Reverb Earth-X Vibe (Earth-X) "Vibe"
Dante Ramon Earth One Dante Ramon Dante Ramon (Earth Two)Rupture Earth Two Dante Ramon/Rupture
Ronnie RaymondFirestorm (Ronnie Raymond) Earth One Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm Ronnie Raymond (Earth Two)Deathstorm Earth Two Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm
Al Rothstein (Earth One) Earth One Al Rothstein Al Rothstein (Earth Two)Atom-Smasher Earth Two Al Rothstein/Atom-Smasher
David Singh Earth One David Singh Singh Earth Two Singh
Eddie Slick (Earth One) Earth One Eddie Slick Eddie Slick (Earth Two)Sand Demon Earth Two Eddie Slick/Sand Demon
Felicity Smoak Earth One Felicity Smoak/Overwatch Felicity Smoak's Earth-X doppelgänger Earth-X Unnamed
Leonard SnartCaptain Cold Earth One Leonard Snart/Captain Cold Leo SnartLeo Snart in costume Earth-X Leo Snart
Caitlin SnowKiller Frost (Caitlin Snow) Earth One Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost Killer Frost Earth Two Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost
Harrison Wells (Earth One) Earth One Harrison Wells Harrison Wells (Earth Two) Earth Two Harrison "Harry" Wells Earth Twelve Harrison Wolfgang Wells Harrison Wolfgang Wells Earth Thirteen Wells the Grey Wells the Grey Earth Seventeen

Harrison Wells (Earth Seventeen)

Harrison Wells Earth Nineteen Harrison Wells (Earth Nineteen) Harrison "H.R." Wells Earth Twenty-Two Wells 2.0 Wells 2.0 Earth Forty-Seven H. Lothario Wells H. Lothario Wells Unknown Earth Hells Wells Hells Wells Unknown Earth Harrison Wells (Francophone) Harrison Wells
Iris West Earth One Iris West-Allen Iris West (Earth Two) Earth Two Iris West-Allen
Joe West Earth One Joe West Joseph West Earth Two Joseph West
Hunter Zolomon (Earth One) Earth One Hunter Zolomon Hunter ZolomonHunter Zolomon as The FlashZoomBlack Flash Earth Two Hunter Zolomon/The Flash/Zoom/Black Flash
Kara DanversSupergirl Earth Thirty-Eight Kara Danvers/Supergirl Kara (Earth-X)Overgirl Earth-X Kara/Overgirl
Winn Schott Earth Thirty-Eight Winn Schott Winn Schott (Earth-X) Earth-X Winn Schott

Unseen doppelgängers

Though at least one of the pair have never been seen, the following characters and their respective equivalents are presumed to be doppelgängers:

Earth Name Earth Name Earth Name
Earth One Nora Allen Earth Two Unnamed
Earth One Henry Allen Earth Two Unnamed
Earth One Beyoncé Earth Two Knowles Earth Thirty-Eight Beyoncé
Earth One Mariah Carey Earth Thirty-Eight Mariah Carey
Earth One Al Capone Earth Nineteen Al Capone
Earth One Adam Fells/Geomancer Earth Two Adam Fells/Geomancer
Earth One Grodd Earth Nineteen Gorilla Grodd
Earth One Alfred Hitchcock Earth Nineteen Hitchcock
Earth One Adolf Hitler Earth-X Hitler
Earth One Quentin Lance Earth Two Unnamed
Earth One Sara Lance/The Canary/White Canary Earth-X Unnamed
Earth One Lilith Earth Thirty-Eight Lilith
Earth One Shaquille O'Neal Earth Nineteen Shaquille O'Neal
Earth One Oliver Queen/The Hood/The Arrow/Green Arrow Earth Two Oliver Queen
Earth One Robert Queen Earth Two Robert Queen/The Arrow
Earth One Mick Rory/Heat Wave/Chronos Earth-X Mick Rory
Earth One Patty Spivot Earth Two Patty Spivot
Earth One Martin Stein/Firestorm Earth Two Martin Stein/Deathstorm
Earth One Carla Tannhauser Earth Two Unnamed
Earth One/Earth Two "Weird Al" Earth Nineteen Alfred Yankovic
Earth Two Jesse Wells Earth Twenty-Two Unnamed
Earth One Ben West Earth Two Unnamed
Earth One Kanye West Earth Thirty-Eight Kanye
Earth One Unnamed Earth Two Ashley Zolomon
Earth One Thea Queen/Speedy Earth Two Thea Queen