"Maybe I wasn't the mother you wanted but I was always there. I stayed and I tried."
—Donna to her daughter[src]

Donna Smoak is the mother of Felicity Smoak, the ex-wife of Noah Kuttler, and the ex-girlfriend of Quentin Lance.


Raising Felicity

After her husband left her to avoid going to prison, Donna began working at bars in order to raise Felicity. Donna had to work 60 hours per week.[1]

Visiting Star City

Donna dropped by Star City and gave her daughter a surprise visit as she forgot to hit send on her text. Felicity though, didn't seem too happy to see her. Donna was happy to meet Ray Palmer at Felicity's house, even showing she had one of his smart watches. Donna was then given a more advanced version by Ray. After the first wave of cyber attacks by Brother Eye, Donna and Felicity dropped by Verdant where Donna thought there was gonna be a night club. Donna was then pleased to meet Oliver Queen, where she asked her daughter how many billionaires she knows. After Team Arrow went down to the Arrowcave, Diggle left Donna to take care of Sara for the time being. Donna later went looking for Felicity where she found her at Queen Consolidated. Donna told Felicity she had only wanted best for her and that she always feared she would one day abandon her but felt like she already had. Donna later had an apology from Felicity where Donna admitted she got over excited over a free flight to Starling City, where Felicity quickly realized she was sent for a reason. They would be kidnapped by Cooper Seldon. Donna then learned she was brought as leverage so Felicity could help hack into the GPS of the trucks sent by the treasury. When Cooper had Felicity at gunpoint, Donna told Cooper to point the gun at her and not her daughter. When Donna dropped by Queen Consolidated to say goodbye to her daughter, Donna was more than happy when Felicity left work to spend some time before she left.[1]



Donna celebrating the holidays, specifically Christmas and Hanukkah.

Donna is shown to be a jovial person and loves children. Despite having an estranged relationship with Felicity since her husband left them, Donna has done all she can to raise Felicity by herself, although she has always felt lonely since Felicity has inherited all of her father's traits and none of hers. Even Felicity's blonde hair was actually dyed, as her natural hair color is black.

Despite this, she's done all she can to raise Felicity to have a better future than her, including working 60 hours per week. Although Felicity did not realize how hard her mother worked for her daughter's future until well into her adulthood. Despite their estranged relationship, Donna knew Felicity well enough to know she was in love with Oliver only after seeing them in the same room in mere seconds. Also, Donna loves Oliver like a son and asks him at his and Felicity's wedding reception if she can call him "son", which he agrees to.



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  • Like her daughter, Donna is Jewish.[2]
  • Mentioned in Irreconcilable Differences, Donna mentions she and Noah were married by a rabbi impersonating singer Tom Jones. Noah says she loves Tom Jones, while Donna corrects him saying he's the one who loves Tom Jones.
  • It's likely Donna was named after the original WonderGirl, Donna Troy.


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