For the race with the same name on Earth One, see Dominators.

"These are the Dominators. We don't know much about them."
"Except they're really strong. I heard a lot of stories about them when I was a kid. They came to my planet before I was born. They did experiments on a lot of people. Killed a lot more.
Barry Allen and Kara Danvers[src]

The Dominators are a race of extra-terrestrial beings.


Sometime before Kara Danvers was born, the Dominators traveled to Krypton and performed experiments on a number of people, as well as killing a lot more.[1]

Over a year after Kara became Supergirl, one of the Dominators allied themselves with Roulette, who went into the slave trade on Slaver's Moon after Supergirl dismantled her fighting club, wanting to buy all her human prisoners. Later, while helping the prisoners escape, Mon-El almost gets shot by one of the guards, but the Dominator stops the guard and bows to Mon-El.[2]

Some time after Kara and Mon-El's escape, Lar Gand and Rhea arrived on Slaver's Moon and one of the Dominators informed them of their son's exploits and told them that they had gone to Earth.

Powers and abilities


  • Super strength: The Dominators were said to be really strong, overpowering inhabitants of Krypton, although this might not be much of a feat, as Kryptonians usually don't exhibit superhuman attributes under a red sun.
  • Telepathy: The Dominators are able to communicate telepathically with others, seemingly also being able to use their own language, despite languages such as English not being their native language.


  • Multilingual: The Dominators are capable of learning to speak other languages very quickly.


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