"Disbanded" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-tenth episode overall. It aired on March 29, 2017.


Diggle and Felicity are shocked by Oliver's decision to call on the Bratva to help take down Prometheus. Concerned the Bratva may overstep, Diggle has a hard conversation with Oliver about what happens if things go south. Meanwhile, Felicity learns something shocking at Helix.[1]




Preparation ran from January 31 until February 8, 2017. Shooting ran from February 9 until February 21, 2017, with a break on February 13 for Family Day.[2]


  • This is one of the episodes that Oliver didn't wear his Green Arrow costume but wears his Hood costume in the flashback.
  • The original theme music didn't play when the title card was shown at the beginning.
  • The title refers to the brief disbandment of Team Arrow. Picking up where the last scene from the previous episode left off, Oliver said that he's shutting the team down following his brutal interrogation where Chase told him that everyone around him will either suffer or die.


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