"The totem is supposed to help me protect my village. Detroit is my village."
—Mari McCabe[src]

Detroit is a city located in Michigan, United States. According to Mari McCabe, it's her village.


Mari McCabe returned to Detroit looking for a job, but after stabbing her misogynistic employer she was incarcerated. Once she was bailed out, she had food with her foster father, but following that was jumped by thugs.[1] She was able to fend them off, before returning home.[2] She tested her newfound powers from her totem, before being caught by The Flash and The Arrow,[3] who began chasing her through the city,[1] eventually catching and befriending her.[4]

Once gaining the Fire Totem, Benatu Eshu went on a rampage through Detroit.[5] He publicly broadcast his plans to burn the city to the ground unless he was given the Anansi Totem, fighting its owner, Mari,Black Canary, The A.T.O.M, and the Water Totem's owner Kuasa, killing the latter.[6] and incapacitating the two formers leaving only Mari to take on Eshu. After a difficult fight Mari managed to defeat Eshu and destroy the Fire Totem, saving Detroit.


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