"There are no strings on me."
—Leonard Snart, right before the Oculus blows up
"Destiny" is the fifteenth episode of the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on May 12, 2016.


Being in the vicinity of the Time Masters leaves Rip and Rory incredibly disturbed for very different reasons. Meanwhile, Sara takes over the Waverider, Kendra is reunited with Carter and Snart decides he might be a hero after all.[1]


Preparation ran from February 29 until March 8, 2016. Shooting began on March 9 and ran until March 21, 2016.[2]



Sneak peeks


  • The Time Masters appear unaware of the danger Stein posed, as he was steadily becoming unstable to the point where he would explode.
    • If Jax hadn't managed to get back, the Legends would have likely left Stein behind to explode and take the Oculus with him.
  • Time Master Druce tells Rip that Earth will be attacked in 2175 by alien race from Thanagar. In the comics, Thanagar is the planet of Hawkmen.
  • Before Snart sacrifices himself, he says that "there are no strings on me", quoting a lyric from "I've Got No Strings", a song from Pinocchio.
  • In the last episode, Snart made it clear he was attracted to Sara. This episode shows she reciprocates the feeling by sharing a kiss with him before his death.
  • Based on what Rip tells the team, the Oculus seems to trick a person's conscience. Such an example is Rip sparing Per Degaton when killing him would have been the right move.
  • This episode features the last appearance of present day Leonard Snart, following the events of this episode.