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"I don't need charity from the son of the man who screwed me over."
—Derek Reston to Oliver Queen[src]

Derek Reston, (died November 2012) also known under the alias of King, was a bank robber and the first leader of the Royal Flush Gang. He was also the husband of Mrs. Reston, and the father of Kyle Reston and Teddy Reston.


Queen Consolidated

Derek Reston worked for Queen Consolidated, inside a factory in Starling City. He lost his job and with it his house, when Robert Queen moved production to China.

Royal Flush Gang

Because of his unemployment, he turned his family to a life of crime, robbing banks, and moving to different cities after a couple of heists in each. His family, working under the name the "Royal Flush Gang", successfully robbed a Starling City bank. During their second robbery in the city, The Hood attempts to stop the robbers. Despite opposing The Hood and the police, the Royal Flush Gang managed to escape, but without their stolen money.

Oliver Queen, who had found out about Derek's secret life, visited him in a bar. He revealed that he was aware that it was his father's fault that he was unemployed, and that people sometimes make bad choices. Oliver offered him an immediate job if he would be focused again, a deal in which Derek was interested in. He later tried to convince his family to give up their life of crime. His family was initially against the idea, but they agreed that they would commit one final robbery.

Final heist

Derek and his son Kyle entered the bank they intended to rob, later taking out a security guard. Oliver, who had already given a warning, went to stop them. As Oliver was fighting Kyle, the security guard had woken up. The guard fired his gun at Kyle, but Derek ran in front of his son to intercept the bullet. Oliver knocked out Kyle and ordered the security guard to call 911. Oliver sat next to Derek in his dying moments, revealing his identity to him to show that he had always had his best interests at heart. Derek admitted that what he did was wrong, and that he should not have dragged his son into a life of crime. Before dying, he asked if his son was alright. Oliver told him he was just knocked out.[1]


Derek was a family man and, despite being a criminal, a man with a strong sense of honor, only turning to crime when out of desperation caused by the loss of job. He deeply cared for each member of his family and deeply regretted that Kyle Reston had become a killer and was overall reckless.[2]


  • Expert tactician: Derek was able to plan a successful string of robberies with relative ease.
  • Skilled marksman/Firearms: Derek was skilled in handling firearms, handling an assault rifle during the robberies.


  • Zastava M70B1 Assault Rifle: Used one during the robberies.
  • Hockey mask: Derek used a hockey mask with a playing card print to conceal his identity during the robberies.



Season 1

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Derek Reston is an inventor who, under mind control of Hector Hammond, created Ace Android, which served as a basis for second incarnation of Royal Flush Gang.
    • Additionally, King (usually of Spades, but might use other card colours too) is a legacy name usually attributed to a field leader of Royal Flush Gang. However, Reston had never been King in comics.


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