"I'm thinking."

DeVoe is a knowledgeable enemy of Barry Allen. He works alongside a currently unnamed assistant.


DeVoe was aware of an incident that imbued 12 people outside of Central City with meta-human powers, Ramsey Deacon among them. He set out to locate and isolate these individuals as part of his plan, which also required the Flash to be around to succeed.[1]

Sometime in late 2017, DeVoe and his assistant had a Samurai droid built to force the Flash to make his return to Central City. After the "Samuroid" was defeated, DeVoe used it to anonymously welcome the Flash back. After rebuilding another Samuroid in his hideout, DeVoe mused on how everything was going according to plan with the Flash's return and began to plan his next move.[2]

One week later, DeVoe got up early in the morning, researched all of Schubert's 600+ works and used this knowledge to finish his unfinished eighth symphony, playing it on a holographic piano. His assistant approached him, musing how she enjoyed the song as a child. DeVoe proceeded to ask her for an update on the meta-humans, to which she showed him she managed to locate Ramsey Deacon locked up at Iron Heights Prison. DeVoe then decided it was time to locate the others.[1]

Possible future

At some point, Barry used a device called a cerebral inhibitor against DeVoe.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Genius-level intellect: DeVoe is a great thinker, planner and designer.
    • Master mechanical engineer: DeVoe presumably designed the Samurai robots.
    • Genius strategist/Planning: DeVoe crafted a complicated plan in regards to the Flash, a part of which involved Team Flash being forced to find a way to bring the Flash back from the Speed Force using the Samuroid.[2]
  • Musical acumen/Composing: DeVoe was able to finish Schubert's unfinished eighth symphony by extrapolating the remaining movements after familiarizing himself with the body of his other 600 works.[1]


  • Cerebral inhibitor: According to Savitar, Barry will use a device to defeat DeVoe at some point in the future.[3]


The Flash

Season 3

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics Clifford DeVoe was the first villain known as the Thinker, a genius inventor corrupted by Hunk Norvok and enemy of Jay Garrick, whose brain-boosting "Thinking Cap" invention went on to gain artificial intelligence and become an enemy of the Wally West Flash, using DeVoe's name after his cancer-brought demise..


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