"Together, we are going to take over The Glades."
—Brick speaking to the freed inmates of his plan.[src]

Daniel "Danny" Brickwell, better known by his street name Brick for his borderline superhuman durability, is a criminal mobster with a plan to conquer The Glades, however, his scheme to take over the Glades had failed when he was defeated by Malcolm Merlyn. He was then sent to prison. He is also the person who killed Rebecca Merlyn for his initiation into a gang and because she was begging for her life.


Early life

Danny Brickwell kills Rebecca Merlyn

Danny kills Rebecca Merlyn.

When Danny was a street-thief his first victim was Rebecca Merlyn, whom he killed simply because she begged for her life. Danny then became a notorious criminal mobster using the name "Brick", feared by many residents of Starling City, including Roy Harper.[citation needed] At some point before Oliver was stranded on Lian Yu, Robert Queen wrote Danny's name in the list.[citation needed]

Takeover of the Glades

Seeking to take over The Glades, Brick orchestrated the theft of evidence against criminals still awaiting trial to have them released from lack of evidence and to join his crew. When confronting one of his men who shot a cop stealing schematics of the evidence locker, Brick gave the man a choice to shoot him or be killed. However, Brick beat him to death anyway. Later, Brick and his men stormed the building to steal the evidence, despite resistance from Diggle and Arsenal, and got away. He also employed unknown means to survive a head-shot. All the criminals incarcerated based on the evidence he stole were released and Brick forced them into his gang, threatening to send it to the D.A. if they refused, and informed them of his plan to seize the Glades.[1]

File:Brick asks Quentin and Mayor Castle to remove all police from the Glades.png

On Quentin Lance's orders, a team was sent to arrest Brick and his men, but he put most of them in the hospital. Later Brick stormed a meeting of the city's most elite, Mayor Castle, 3 aldermen, Laurel Lance, Quentin, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak. Brick ordered the mayor and the aldermen be brought with them but to kill the rest. His men only succeeded in taking the aldermen as everyone else fought back. Brick later contacted Mayor Castle and ordered a meeting between the two in person or else the aldermen would die. Later Brick transported the aldermen to his hideout, but not before Arsenal and Black Canary attempted to stop him. When Arsenal shot an arrow into Brick's arm, an enraged Brick shot one of the aldermen in front of them and dumped his body on the street. He later met with Mayor Castle, Quentin and Ray and ordered all police to leave the Glades or the other aldermen would die. Arsenal and Black Canary stormed Brick's hideout and freed the aldermen but when Black Canary confronted Brick again he still overpowered her, forcing her to run. Though he lost the aldermen, he later informed Mayor Castle that he had the addresses of every city official in the city, forcing her to order the evacuation of the Glades.[2]

With all the cops gone, Brick and his men quickly took control off the Glades. He made his men extort the people living in the Glades and took the abandoned police precinct as his headquarters. Learning that two of his men encountered Arsenal but got away, he gave them his gun and ordered them to kill him in order to survive. One guy went for the gun, but Brick grabbed it first and shot him. The power went out and Brick quickly rallied his men, ordering them to shoot anything that moves. Black Canary and Arsenal took out some of his men but Brick went for a shotgun and started to shoot flares at them. Knocking them down, he moved in with his gun to finish them off, but his hand was shot with an arrow by the Dark Archer and he fled.[3]

He later left his headquarters as Black Canary and Arsenal approached him again. He rallied his goons and seemingly outnumbered them, but then their army, including Diggle, Sin and Wildcat, arrived. Brick ordered his men to fight Team Arrow's army and also engaged Wildcat, who managed to hurt Brick, despite Brick eventually coming out on top. Black Canary and Arsenal came to Wildcat's rescue, forcing Brick to run. When in an alley, however, he was confronted by the Dark Archer again who fought him, but Brick lost as the Dark Archer subdued him. He revealed his identity as Malcolm Merlyn, Rebecca's husband, who angrily pointed his gun at him and prepared to execute him. However, The Arrow appeared, trying to persuade Malcolm to spare him if he truly wanted to make things right, and Malcolm ultimately agreed. Brick was promptly arrested and incarcerated.[3]

Working with Damien Darhk

After Damien Darhk took over Iron Heights, Brickwell was released. Shortly after, Darhk requested to see him and Murmur in the H.I.V.E. headquarters. Despite being annoyed to be there, Brick took Darhk's "errand" to kill Noah Kuttler. Only hours later, Brick and some Ghosts managed to find Noah's hideout. Danny offered to make it painless, though Noah shot and ran in response. Brick found him moments later and offered him his usual routine of giving him a fighting chance. Before Noah could respond, Brick was shot in the hand with an arrow by the Green Arrow. They fought momentarily before the vigilantes fell back. Later that night, they engaged in another fight, in which Green Arrow won. It was unknown what became of Brickwell after the battle but it can be assumed he was taken into custody along with Amar.[4]


Danny is a violent career criminal who desires nothing but power. He killed his first victim just because she begged for her life, which he considered a sign of weakness. He is an ambitious leader and is able to win people for his cause. In order to keep his men in line he uses brutal methods to show his power and make an example of them. When a man fails he gives him his gun and tells them they can try to kill him or he will kill them. He then proceeds to beat them to death with his bare hands, in front of his other men. 

Danny is also cruel, sadistic and unstable as he seems to enjoy hurting and killing people. He seemed to take joy in beating Laurel Lance and John Diggle and killed an alderman in revenge for Roy Harper shooting an arrow in his arm. When Malcolm defeated him and was preparing to execute him, he mocked him and said he killed Rebecca because she was weak. He expressed no guilt or remorse in anyway for the suffering he had inflicted on others.

When Danny realized that his plan to take over the Glades had failed, he tried to goad Malcolm Merlyn into killing him so he would not do any jail time.


  • Peak of human physical condition: While once at peak physical conditioning in his younger days, he has since "gone to seed" as he reached middle age. Despite this, he is still a rather fit individual. From his constant gambit of giving his victims a chance to kill him first, he has repeatedly shown great speed and reflexes, regularly striking his target before they even get a chance to fight back.
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance: Danny's body is seemingly inhuman in terms of durability, able to withstand physical trauma as extreme as John shooting him in his head, as the bullet only grazed his skin and he was unfazed by the attack. However, he is still vulnerable, as he is seen able to visibly bleed and be in pain from being shot by an arrow, though he quickly recovered. In an actual fight, he is able to take multiple blows from weapons and fists with only minimal damage. During his fight against Ted, a professional and master fighter, Danny took the initial beating before quickly rebounding. Danny still has limits as to how much punishment he can withstand. He was quickly toppled by Malcolm with just two strikes (albeit possibly contributing to the damage Ted already inflicted).
  • Advance hand-to-hand combatant/Brawler: Danny is very formidable in bare-handed combat. Using an effective brawling style and powerful fist strikes, he was able to beat a man to death and easily subdue Laurel Lance. Against skilled fighters like John Diggle and Ted Grant, he is able to swiftly beat his opponent into submission. However, his fighting skills are inferior to Malcolm Merlyn's highly trained combat style.
  • Marksman/Firearms: Brickwell is skilled in the use of firearms.
  • Intimidation: As a mobster, Brickwell was feared by those who lived in the Glades. He was able to get Mayor Castle to evacuate the Glades by telling her he had the homes addresses of all the city officials.
  • Expert tactician/Leader: Brickwell is skilled at leading the members in his criminal organization. He is also an expert at formulating plans. He had evidence that was used against criminals awaiting trial so that they would be released and would be a part his gang.


  • Gun: Danny carries a gun he used his entire career. He proudly claimed he killed every one of his victims with that gun. He gives this particular gun to his victims and allows them to try to shoot him.



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  • Brick is inadvertently the catalyst for the events of the whole Arrowverse in the present day of Earth One, from 1993 onward. Murdering Rebecca led to Malcolm seeking out Ra's al Ghul and train with him to become Dark Archer, then plan the Undertaking, the events of which would lead Oliver to become Green Arrow. This also led to Slade becoming Deathstroke, Sara becoming The Canary, and in turn Laurel becoming Black Canary. It also led to Roy becoming Arsenal and Ray becoming The Atom. It also led to Diggle becoming Spartan and Felicity becoming Overwatch. It also led to Adrian becoming Prometheus. Additionally this led to Barry becoming The Flash after being inspired by Oliver's heroics, which would in turn indirectly led to Eobard becoming Reverse-Flash almost two centuries later, which also led to Cisco becoming Vibe and Caitlin becoming Killer Frost and also led to Snart and Mick becoming Captain Cold and Heat Wave. This also led to Nate becoming Steel and Stein and Ronnie, and later Jax, becoming Firestorm and led to a future Barry becoming Savitar.
  • He is one of the few people whose names were on the list but were not killed.

Behind the scenes

  • In the original Green Arrow comics, Brick was a meta-human enemy of Green Arrow, with skin that gave him invulnerability and super strength.
  • Brick has similarities with Batman character Joe Chill, Joe was responsible for the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, thus steering Bruce on his path of becoming Batman, while Brick killed Rebecca Merlyn and was thus responsible for Malcolm Merlyn turning into the Dark Archer. However Malcolm's actions as a result of Brick's actions indirectly led to Oliver becoming Green Arrow.


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