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Daniel Collins (died 1863) was a plantation and slave owner active during 1863.


When the Legends arrived in 1863 to resolve a time aberration, Jax and Amaya infiltrated the Collins Plantation and witnessed Daniel Collins whipping a slave for accidentally burning a table cloth.[1]

Later during a party at the plantation, Jax was disguised as a slave and bumped into a woman while looking for Confederate battle plans. Collins took Jax to a barn, chained him, and beat him. Jax later met Mary, Abraham, and the other slaves owned by Collins where they revealed that Collins owned bloodhounds to prevent slaves from escaping and that he previously cut off slaves' manhood and hobbled them to get them to comply.[1]

The Collins Plantation then came under attack from Confederate zombie soldiers. When cornered by zombies, he refused to work with Jax and Abraham to survive. He fell victim to the zombies and his plantation later went up in flames.[1]


Collins was a brutal and sadistic man who harbored no qualms in administering cruel punishment to his slaves for even the smallest transgressions and sought to break them. He thought very little of his black slaves, such that when faced with death he refused to work with them to save his own life. But when being dragged by the zombie begged for help showing his cowardliness.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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