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Danny Brickwell
Danny Brickwell
Occupation Mobster
Status Alive
Actor Vinnie Jones
Alter ego Brick
"We're taking over The Glades."
—Brick speaking to the freed inmates of his plan.[src]

Daniel "Danny" Brickwell, better known by his street name Brick, is a criminal mobster with a plan to conquer The Glades. He appears to be one of the main antagonists of Season 3.



Brick was a criminal mobster feared by many residents of Starling City, including Roy Harper.

Season 3Edit

Seeking to take over The Glades Brick orchestrates the theft of evidence against criminals still awaiting trial to have them released from lack of evidence and to join his crew. When confronting one of his men who shot a cop stealing schematics of the evidence locker, Brick gives him a choice to shoot him (Brick) or be killed but Brick beats him to death anyway. Later Brick and his men storm the building to steal the evidence, despite resistance from Diggle and Arsenal and gets away. He also displays unknown means to survive a head-shot. All the criminals incarcerated based on the evidence he stole are released and Brick forces them into his gang, threatening to send it to the D.A. if they refuse, and informs them of his plan to seize the Glades. [1]

Brick asks Quentin and Castle to remove all police from the glades

Brick meets with Castle and Quentin.

On Quentin Lance's orders a team was sent to arrest Brick and his men, but he put most of them in the hospital. Later Brick stormed a meeting of the city's most elite, Mayor Castle, 3 aldermen, Laurel Lance, Quentin, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak. Brick ordered the mayor and the aldermen brought with them but to kill the rest but his men only succeeded in taking the aldermen as everyone else fought back. Brick later contacted Mayor Castle and ordered a meeting between the two in person or else the alderman would die. Later Brick was transporting the aldermen to his hideout Arsenal and Canary attempted to stop him to be defeated and when Arsenal shot an arrow into Brick's arm, an enraged Brick shot one of the aldermen in front of them and dumped his body on the street. He later met with Mayor Castle, Quentin and Ray and ordered all police to leave the Glades or the other aldermen would die. Arsenal and Canary stormed Brick's hideout and freed the aldermen but when Canary confronted Brick again he still overpowered her, forcing her to run. Though he lost the aldermen, he later informed Mayor Castle he had the addresses of every city official in the city, forcing her to order the evacuation of the Glades. [2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Invulnerability: Brick's body is very durable and able to withstand extreme physical trauma. This is shown when Diggle shot Brick at point-blank range, with the latter seemingly unfazed by the attack. However, it appears that he is still affected by certain attacks as when Arsenal shot him with an arrow, he seemed to have been momentarily injured but quickly recovered.



Season 1Edit

Season 3Edit


  • In the original Green Arrow comics, Brick was a metahuman enemy of Green Arrow, with skin that gave him invulnerability and super strength.


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