"Interesting, using deception and intimidation to make a name for himself... this guy stole my move."
—Cyrus Vanch[src]

Cyrus Vanch is a career criminal and member of the Renegades. He's a former jailbird, having been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, for at least fifty-two different homicides. After his eight-month term in prison, rather than being rehabilitated, he simply reverted to his former ways. His name is also on "The List".


Cyrus is a career criminal who worked together with Vivian running human trafficking, drug running and was connected to multiple homicides. Vanch was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, for at least fifty-two different homicides. After his eight-month term in prison he got released by lack of evidence. Vivian picks him up when he gets released. He visits his associate George who seems to be scared as the business suffers from the actions of the Hood. Cyrus kills him and he and Vivian move in to George's mansion. He talks with Vivian about how he wants to claim a piece of the underworld and that he has to impress the Triad and the other gangs. He explains that in jail the best way to get respect was to take down the biggest guy. The Hood listens to their conversation with a trick arrow and is forced to leave when a guard manages to fire his gun before going down. Cyrus sees the trick arrow and says they are going to kill the Hood. Vivian has a mole in the Starling City police department who tells her that Laurel Lance and the Hood work together. She informs Cyrus that they can lure the Hood out by taking Laurel. Cyrus and some thugs burst into Laurel's apartment. Laurel manages to fight off the thugs however Cyrus quickly uses a taser to take her out. He and Vivian keep Laurel in the mansion while a platoon of armed mercenaries waits for the Hood outside. The Hood manages to kill them and enters the mansion. Having anticipated his amount of arrows and shots they easily capture him as he has no arrows left. They prepare to execute him as Captain Lance bursts in and kills the remaining thug. Vivian tries to kill the Hood but he knocks her out. A furious Quentin prepares to kill the unarmed Cyrus Vanch but the Hood disarms him and tells him he is the vigilante not him. Quentin knocks Cyrus out and arrests him. He then gets jailed again.

Working as part of the Renegades

After his escape, Vanch began operating out of Blüdhaven as part of a mercenary group called the Renegades. On Clinton Hogue's authority, they held Felicity Smoak hostage for him.[1] The Arrow, Arsenal, and the Huntress soon found them, crashing in from the ceiling. Arsenal took on Vanch and Winnick Norton. Before he could take them both down, Winnick aimed a gun at Arsenal, accidentally shooting Vanch instead. Suddenly, Lyle Bolton electrocuted the others and held Felicity and the Huntress hostage.[2] Oliver requested that Helena be let go, much to the shock of Felicity. Before he could intervene, Oliver knocked Vanch down. Helena quickly knocked over Bolton and took back Felicity. They were able to tie all of them up, before anonymously tipping the police and leaving the mercenaries to be found by them.[3]


Cyrus is a ruthless career criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to get power. He is connected to multiple kills and even murdered his own associate after he got released. He quickly decided that the best way to get respect was to take down the The Hood who was haunting the other criminal gangs. He is proud and confident of himself, demonstrated as he liked to talk a lot about his plans. This was shown as he was explaining in detail to Laurel how he planned to capture the Hood. He appeared to admire Laurel a bit for putting up a fight before he quickly took her out. He also had some admiration for the Hood as he used fear and intimidation to achieve his goals, which was what he did as well.

His constant talking and speaking his mind was in strong contrast to his girlfriend Vivian who is quiet and seemed to only speak when necessary.


  • Skilled tactician: Cyrus was able to count the amount of projectiles and arrows The Hood carried and predicted his shots. He made the Hood waste his munition on the group of hired thugs so they were able to capture him. He was able to abduct Laurel from her building without being detected. Before his arrest, Cyrus was able to run various criminal activities and avoid getting prosecuted. 
  • Weapon proficiency: Vanch is skilled with using a switchblade and a taser.



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Arrow: Season 2.5


  • He seems to have good analytical skills, as he positioned enough men that The Hood would run out of arrows and projectiles in the hope he could kill him. Unfortunately, he underestimated The Hood's adaptability.
  • The fact Cyrus knows The Hood carries 24 arrows could be a reference to David Anders' previous role in the series 24.


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