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Cyrus Gold
Civilian - The Acolyte

Cyrus Gold

Occupation Member of the Church of Blood (in secret)
Orphanage preacher (formerly)
Status Deceased
Actor Graham Shiels
Alter ego The Acolyte
"The incubation process has begun. Serum will be ready for distribution in forty-eight hours"
— Cyrus Gold[src]

Cyrus Gold, also known as The Acolyte and Brother Cyrus, was one of Brother Blood's test subjects, and one of the few who survived the initial injection. He was a childhood friend of the late Sebastian Blood, he was also a member of the Church of Blood.


Early lifeEdit

According to Sebastian, he and Cyrus knew each other at an orphanage where he was a preacher and was the first person Sebastian talked to after not speaking for over a month. Sebastian claimed he came to view Cyrus as an older brother, even a father figure.

Season 2Edit

In "State v. Queen", when Brother Blood injected "Mirakuru" in to Cyrus, blood ran from his eyes, but he managed to survive the injection unlike the others before him. Brother Blood referred to him as "Brother Cyrus", and Cyrus told him that he felt stronger, implying that the serum worked on him.[1]

In "The Scientist", acting on Sebastian's orders, Cyrus now going under the name The Acolyte, stole a piece of equipment from Queen Consolidated's applied sciences division, later after stealing O-blood from a blood bank, The Arrow confront Cyrus while he was driving a stolen truck from a sugar refinery where he did take an arrow to the leg and knocked him out of the truck. Later on, inside an ARGUS bunker, he attacked Oliver again who questioned him if he was injected with Mirakuru, to which he replied his brother saved him and immediately attacked him, knocking him upwards and then slammed him into a shelf where he was injected with two needles to the leg and Cyrus made his escape.[2]

Deformed Cyrus Gold

Cyrus is seemingly killed after he is knocked into a mix of chemicals by The Arrow.

In "Three Ghosts", the police are after Cyrus on a tip from Oliver after having Barry get a fingerprint from his neck and identified him as Cyrus Gold. Diggle entered Cyrus's apartment with Oliver as backup. Diggle read the Solomon Grundy poem which Oliver says he heard the nursery rhyme when he was a baby. Cyrus attacked but Diggle managed to get away off the fire escape. Blood was informed that the police were after Gold who ambushed them and hurt Officer Quentin Lance and killed Lucas Hilton. At the hospital Quentin gave Oliver as The Arrow a key he managed to grab from Cyrus. Felicity and Barry managed to track them down to a abandoned factory the key is made from. Oliver confronted Cyrus. After a short exchange Cyrus beat Oliver to the ground and Oliver was passing out before a hallucination of Tommy gave him new strength. The fight continued and Oliver turned the tide, dodging Cyrus' attacks while landing powerful strikes before eventually knocking Cyrus to the floor. He then shot the centrifuge next to Cyrus with an arrow, destroying it and spilling a mix of chemicals over Cyrus' face, seemingly killing him.[3]

In "Blast Radius", Laurel Lance learned that Cyrus Gold grew up with Sebastian Blood, causing her to become more suspicious of him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Peak of superhuman physical condition: Being the first test subject of Brother Blood to survive the injection of the Mirakuru serum, Cyrus now wields all the benefits of the Mirakuru serum; his physical capacity was increased in terms of stamina, strength, durability, reflexes, agility, senses and speed, in addition to an accelerated healing factor.
  • Enhanced strength: Cyrus had shown sufficient strength to break down giant reinforced steel doors, carry an industrial centrifuge over one shoulder and push heavy crates at fast speeds. Cyrus had proved to be more than a physical match for The Arrow.
  • Enhanced durability: Cyrus had been shown to take bullets and arrows without flinching. Felicity has remarked that his muscle density is similar to common concrete, as evidenced by the deformed arrow head that was used to stab him.
  • Enhanced speed: In "The Scientist", Cyrus quickly dodges many of the arrows that Oliver had shot at him, and even when injured by some of them, he is able to avoid some of Oliver's punches.


  • In the DC multiverse, Cyrus Gold became an inhuman zombie named "Solomon Grundy" after being murdered when he was extorted for money after becoming the father of a baby belonging to a prostitute. He was brought back from the dead with materials from the swamp he was buried in. Grundy in the comics is a character of highly variable strength, sometimes physically bested by Batman, other times trading punches on a near-even footing with Superman.
    • In Cyrus Gold's apartment, Diggle found a book, containing a poem on Solomon Grundy. When Diggle asks about Gold after the last fight with Arrow, Oliver simply says "Dead on Saturday, buried on Sunday," a reference to the poem.
  • This is the third live action appearance of Cyrus Gold. But this is the only appearance of him alive, not as Solomon Grundy.
  • The DC comics character first appeared in All-American Comics #61 from 1944.  He was a foe of the Golden Age Green Lantern. He was created by Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman.
  • The word acolyte comes from the Greek word ἀκόλουθος (akolouthos), which means attendant. In Christianity, an acolyte performs different ceremonial duties in churches, such as lighting Advent and altar candles. Gold's background in the priesthood may have made him better suited to this role in the Church of Blood than the other serum survivors.



Season 2Edit


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