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For the wrestler and Curtis' vigilante namesake, see Terry Sloane.
"I will tell you everything on one condition. You recruit me too."
—Curtis to Oliver Queen[src]

Curtis Holt is a former employee of Palmer Technologies who worked alongside then-CEO Felicity Smoak in the Design Innovations department. After learning of the Green Arrow's secret identity and the location of the Arrowcave, he joined the team as maintenance and tech support. While searching for Rene Ramirez to have him join the team, he took a beating from a group of street thugs. This inspired him to be trained and go out on the field. During his first time out, Curtis was jokingly called Mister Fair Play, after his' favorite wrestler, Terry Sloane, and his clean tactics; however, he was later directly named after Sloane's in-ring name: Mr. Terrific.


Early life

Curtis was born in Starling City and grew up with a brother, to whom he was extremely close.[1] Curtis is openly homosexual since early teenhood though his mother barely stand his coming out;[2] as a kid, he was a huge fan of wrestling, expecially the clean fighting style of Terry Sloane/Mr. Terrific to whom he had a crush.[3]

As an adult Curtis graduated from college in biochemistry, but later pursued an athletic career becoming a bronze-medal-winning Olympic decathlete.[4] At some point in his life he started to suffer from Achilles tendinitis and needed it treated in order to qualify for the Olympics, on this occasion he met Paul, a physical therapist with whom he start a romantic relationship.[5] Sometime later Curtis left his athletic career and was hired by Palmer Technologies.[4]

In 2009, Curtis' beloved brother died of pancreatic cancer and he stated he would give anything to hear his voice again.[1] In 2011 Curtis and Paul got married after the latter proposed by placing a ring in the reef while they were scuba diving for Curtis to find.[6]

Due to the rising criminality in the rechristened Star City, Curtis and his husband came close to leave the city in October 2015 before the Green Arrow's speech inspired them to stay.[7]

Working for Palmer Technologies

Curtis created an algorithm to argue for company-wide pay rises, only for Mr. Dennis to intervene and ask him to use it to determine who to fire. After Felicity Smoak returned to Star City, he appeared at a board meeting to introduce himself and present her with the list of people. She called him back to her office some time later, but he accidentally arrived late. She began to get angry at him, but he explained his original intentions. As they were talking, Karla Groves walked in and Felicity was forced to fire her, which she was able to infer straight away. Days later, Curtis ran into Felicity again in her office. He reminded her that the list of names was double-sided, and she realized that Curtis' was on the flip-side. He realized this and acknowledged that it was okay, as it was his own fault, not to mention it gave him time to holiday with his husband. However, eventually Felicity re-hired him, along with the several people she had to fire, claiming that he had a revolutionary idea for the "technology of tomorrow", and would require all of the necessary manpower.[4]

While working on his project, Felicity walked in and Curtis showed discomfort. After showing Felicity a few things that he has been working on, Felicity asks Curtis to scan a playing card, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Curtis notices some strange things about it and Felicity says she gambles, saying she thinks her opponent cheated. She leaves and Curtis begins tests on the card. After Curtis finishes the tests, Felicity visits him and he offers to look at her phone. After making comments about her name, he presents her with what he found out about the playing card. He reveals that it is not a playing card as it contains proteins and receptors. Curtis says that although they can track him, their ‘poker player’ can track them faster. As they attempt to leave, they get stopped by Jeremy, saying he will kill the one who says where they can find the Green Arrow. Felicity says to run, while doing so, Curtis knocks down a shelf and requests to be told what’s happening. They go into a secret elevator into the Arrowcave, and grab guns to ward him off. While Felicity is firing a rifle, Curtis tries to crawl away but Jeremy throws a card and knocks a light onto his head. Felicity then gets him and admits him to Starling General Hospital.[8]

While Felicity continued to receive strange messages on her phone and showed them to Curtis thinking he was the one sending them. Curtis knew the code from somewhere but could not remember where from. He later tracked the source of the code to Ray Palmer's network and told Felicity that it had a message in it that she should listen to. She is skeptical at first but Curtis tells her about his brother and how he would do anything to hear something new from him.[1]

When Felicity finally listen to the message she noticed that there was something strange on it and ask Curtis to try and clean it up. He worked on it for hours but them finally found the rest of the message which revealed Ray Palmer was still alive and was in trouble.[9] Later Curtis helped Felicity searching for Ray when he send a new message, letting them know that he survived the explosion because his suit successfully shrank him down to a small size, however is being held prisoner by Damien Darhk, who hope to get the technology from his suit. Team Arrow, also including Curtis, was able to break into the facility where Ray was being held and, with a device created by Curtis, they successfully save and restore him.[10]

A few days later Curtis attended Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak's holiday party with his husband Paul, and they revealed them for how long they had been married and how Paul made the proposal to Curtis.[6]

After Felicity remained paralyzed due to an attack at the hands of H.I.V.E.'s men, Curtis began to work on a bio-stimulant implant that would help her walk again and, one night, finishing later he is attacked by Roy Harper, who was being extorted by The Calculator to commit crimes, however Green Arrow intervenes knocking Roy out with an arrow.[11] Some days later, Curtis and Paul attended Oliver and Felicity's engagement party, where Curtis gave Felicity the bio-stimulant implant he developed and Paul told her how much work Curtis had put into the gift.[12]


  • Genius-level intellect: Curtis is very intelligent, this is evidenced by the fact that he designed a bio-stimulator to help Felicity walk again. Another example is when he figured out Ray Palmer's message to Felicity.
  • Biochemist: Curtis graduated college with a biochemistry degree, making him a skilled biochemist.
  • Computer expert: Curtis is also versed in the field of computer science, having created an algorithm which would improve Palmer Technologies efficiency by calculating the necessary number of lay offs needed to balance the companies budget. He also deciphered Ray Palmer's message hidden in the form of computer static.
  • Expert engineer: Curtis Holt is an accomplished mechanic, able to invent new forms of technology, such as the spherical communication device and contact lenses with HD displays.
  • Peak of human physical condition: Curtis mentioned that he was a bronze medal Olympic athlete and a participant in the Beijing decathlon. Showing his athleticism while evading one of Brie Larvan's robotic bees, Curtis performed noticeable flips and free-running skills.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Curtis Holt has proven himself to be a skilled amateur fighter when the situation demands it. This is evidenced when the highly trained Roy Harper, an expert street fighter trained by Oliver Queen, attacked him and Curtis managed to land two punches on him and evade some of his attacks. Since joining Team Arrow and being trained by Oliver himself, Curtis' combat skills have gradually improved, able to hold his own for a period against a skilled assassin in Scimitar with help from Evelyn Sharp.
  • Multilingual: Curtis is fluent in English and at least capable in Russian.


  • Mr. Terrific suit: Sometime after becoming one of the new members of Team Arrow, Curtis constructed a suit for himself made out of what would be ordinary clothes including his favorite Fairplay jacket. To hide his identity he has his hair held back in braids and he wears a mask in the shape of a T, covering his eyes, nose, and mouth, effectively disguising his face, it is unknown how it is kept on his face.[3] The suit later recieved some upgrades, making it more streamlined by adding white and red linings to the suit and overall added kevlar protection.[2]



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, the character is named Michael Holt, better known as the legacy hero, Mister Terrific.
    • This has been further shown through the appearance of a T-Sphere in "Restoration", as they are the character's signature weapons.
    • In the episode "Haunted", Curtis picks up a gym bag with the initials "F" and "P", which stand for "Fair Play", the phrase used by the Mister Terrific on his costume.
    • At the end of Code of Silence after Felicity says "I don't know what to say" Oliver says "I do. Curtis, you're terrific. Thank you!" is a nod to his code name from the comics.
    • In the episode The Sin-Eater Curtis Added white and red to the colour scheme of the suit, this change made the suit appear closer to the comic book costume.
  • The character has a running joke in which he corrects Felicity Smoak for her grammar mistakes.


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