"Lieutenant Conahan, I trained him back in the day. The guy's so clean, he doesn't even double park."
Quentin Lance describing Conahan to Oliver Queen[src]

Lieutenant Sam Conahan was a police lieutenant of Star City Police Department and a founding member of the ACU, the Anti-Crime Unit.


Upon recommendation by his former mentor Quentin Lance he was part of the strike team, that joined Green Arrow on a mission to retrieve the hostages held by Tobias Church. After ending this mission successfully, he joined the newly formed Anti-Crime Unit.

When he left the police station later that night, he called his wife and was then ambushed and killed by Prometheus.



Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • A scene of Conahan's demise is very similar to how vigilante Virago had died in the DC Green Arrow comics with villain wounding the character and introducing himself prior to or after delivering final blow.