Charles "Chuck" McCabe (born February 11, 1960s)[1] is the adoptive father of Mari McCabe and husband of Patty McCabe.


After bailing Mari out of prison, the two talked as they ate. While leaving, they were later jumped by a couple of thugs. Chuck offered his wallet with all of its contents, but he was knocked down.[2] Mari was able to tap in to her necklace and beat the thugs, though unbeknownst to Mari. They headed back to Chuck's house, where he gave Mari coffee, offering something stronger if she wished. He suggested she stay in her old room, but she left instead.[3] When she returned, Mari spoke of her belief that her necklace was magical. Despite his skepticism, she demonstrated a feat of strength with the kitchen table, before they headed outside. Mari demonstrated climbing up a wall for Chuck, before also almost jumping from a ledge like a bird. However, she instead came inside. Mari voiced her belief that her necklace would reveal answers to her past, before Chuck got up to answer the door. He was confronted by The Flash and The Arrow, who began to chase after Mari.[4]



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