For the character, see China White.

"China White" is the third chapter of the Arrow comic book series.


The origin of the mysterious China White is revealed! Who is this murderous assassin and what's her connection to Oliver Queen? Find out this and more![1]


Zhishan mocks China White for being beaten by The Hood, degrading her back to the fearful, helpless little girl she used to be.

Some years ago when China White was little, she is seen running about holding a doll, while knocking over things. Her father gets angry at her, slapping her, causing her to drop her doll. Before he could strike again, a younger Zhishan shot her father several times in the chest. Present-day Zhishan mentions how that night he saw the fear in her that would begin to turn her hair white. He progressed on to her mother, shooting her too despite her pleading. Apart from the fear, Zhishan also mentions that he saw potential in the little girl.

While attending school, Chien Na Wei is shown to be mocked by her peers for her streak of white hair. One day, a girl told her that her parents were better off dead, and China White snapped, stabbing a pencil through the girl's hand. The entire class were shocked, huddling against the blackboard. She ran out of the school to the front gate, where she was greeted by Zhishan. He offered to make her "stronger", so no one could ever harm her again. When she got home, she bleached her hair with hydrogen peroxide, turning it entirely white. Leaving with her backpack, she set out to meet Zhishan.

In the present day, Zhishan mentions how last time she felt fear he turned her into a warrior, and now that she is feeling it again, he will transform her even further.




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