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For the comic book series chapter, see China White (issue).
Chien Na Wei
China White
Occupation Assassin
Leader of the Chinese Triad
Status Alive
Family Unnamed (father; deceased)
Unnamed (mother; deceased)
Actor Kelly Hu
Alter ego China White
"Anything for a friend."
—China White

Chien Na Wei (简娜伟), generally referred to as China White, is the top mercenary and assassin of the Chinese Triad. After the death of her former mentor Zhishan, Chien became the new leader of the Chinese Triad. She is also a frequent adversary of The Arrow.

Chien is also the daughter of a late unnamed man and a late unnamed woman.


Early lifeEdit

As a child, Chien was abused by her father for trying to have fun with her toys. However, a man rescued her, shooting her parents through the chest. The fear of her father turned a streak of Chien's hair white, for unknown reasons. This ultimately led to her being bullied for it. One day while at school, she broke, and stabbed a fellow classmate with a pen. Shocked at what she'd done, Chien took up the tutelage of the man who had killed her parents. Before this, however, she soaked her hair in hydrogen peroxide, turning her hair fully white, forever.

China White with a fringe

China with a fringe, before her change of hairstyle.

Under the tutelage of the man, who was named Zhishan, Chien Na Wei, became a mercenary and an assassin of the Chinese Triad, later considered one of, if not, the best. She also went under the alias China White.

Season 1Edit

China was called upon when Martin Somers was being prosecuted. The Chinese Triad sent her to kill him, however she was stopped by Starling City's vigilante, The Hood. They engaged into a fight with China White quickly gaining the upper hand on him. However they were both forced to flee when the police entered the scene.

Later, Frank Bertinelli suspected the Chinese Triad of killing people close to him, and so he arranged a meeting with China White and her mentor Zhishan, threatening them if they didn't stop. They declared that they had no idea of what he was talking about.

When Helena kills Zhishan and convinces the Chinese Triad that her father was behind it, China takes it personally. She leads a group to Bertinelli's house and declares they must kill everyone. She kills some of his bodyguards and tries to kill Frank but is stopped by The Hood, who shoots her in the leg. She manages to escape however.

Frank Chen was able to get China to meet with Moira Queen. Moira requested that she kill Malcolm Merlyn.

She first tried to recruit Guillermo but he ended up getting killed by The Hood. She then recruited Floyd Lawton. They took out his protective detail. But Malcolm went into the building and she and her team were forced to chase him. China White and her team nearly succeeded but the intervention of The Hood prevented his death. After a brutal fight with The Hood she seemed at the losing end, but managed to get away when McKenna interrupted.

Season 2Edit

In "Identity", After the earthquake she started a working relationship with a new partner, Ben Turner, aka Bronze Tiger. The two got involved in hijacking the medicine meant for Glades Memorial Hospital. In the first raid, Roy Harper took out one of her motorcyclists attacking the truck. China White was waiting for the truck at the other side, taking out both of the drivers by throwing two of her karambit knives straight through the wind shield into their throats killing them instantly. She and her henchmen quickly moved the truck. Their action created a shortage of medicine into the hospitals, attracting the attention of The Hood. During the next raid, two of her motorcyclists attacked the truck, but got swiftly taken out by The Hood. She confronted him, mockingly naming him "The Emerald Archer". She mentioned to be happy that he had survived the quake so she could now kill him personally for interfering with her business time and time again.[1]

The Hood tried to shoot her with a take-down shot, but the shot got blocked by China's new partner. She moved the truck while Bronze Tiger and The Hood engaged in a brutal confrontation. Both were forced to retreat when the police arrived. In a third raid, she and her partner got attacked again by The Hood. She and Ben Turner double teamed The Hood. and the three of them engaged in a brutal brawl. The Hood managed to knock down China White, while John Diggle fled with the stolen truck. China White jumped on the truck and attacked John, forcing the truck to crash. John moved out of the truck and drew his weapon, however she quickly disarmed him, after a short skirmish she took him down and was preparing to kill him. Just in time, The Hood shot a trick arrow at her which tied her wrists to a pole, keeping her immobilized. The Hood and John left the scene. She grudgingly mocked Oliver, telling him that he'd softened since they last met. She also mentioned that though he defeated her, he would never be a hero, to which he replied indifference. It was later revealed to Oliver and John that she and her partner were taken into custody by the Police.[1]


Chien was trained by Zhishan to be a cold-blooded assassin. She kills quickly and efficiently, each kill to her is nothing more than a job. She follows a type of "warrior's code", showing no mercy to her enemies and expecting none in return. She does have a sense of revenge; when Helena kills Zhishan she attacks the Bertinelli house and declares that they will kill everyone. She seems to hold a grudge against The Arrow for injuring her.

Season 2 gives her character more depth, showing her "warrior" side and giving her motivations other than bloodshed. She shows these things when she is spared by The Arrow. She mocks him for sparing her life, implying that he's softened.

China has also been shown to be loyal to her allies, which is encapsulated by her catchphrase, "Anything for a friend", which she usually says when her allies thank her.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled assassin, Chien is shown to be in top physical condition.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Chien has demonstrated her proficiency in close, hand-to-hand combat when she fought John and Oliver (under the persona of The Arrow). She was able to quickly overpower John and nearly killed him on two occasions, but she was unable to beat Oliver on 2 occasions that she fought him, only able to fight him evenly.
  • Expert knife-fighter: Chien is shown to be proficient with a pair of Karambit Knives, using them as her main weapons in her job. She has shown to have lethal skill in wielding them, both in close combat and throwing them from long distance. She was able to throw them from long distance with exceptional precision.
  • Skilled leader/Tactician: Chien planned the assault on both the Bertinelli mansion and Malcolm Merlyn. In both cases she was able to stealthily take out most of the guards without any notice.
  • Survivor: Chien is the only opponent so far, who encountered Oliver up till three times without being killed or arrested. In all cases she managed to quickly flee the scene when she got disarmed or when the Police interrupted.


  • Karambit Knives: Chien uses these Karambit Knives, as her main weapon of choice. She has replacements for these weapons and is always seen fighting with them in each hand.





  • Her Karambit Knives resemble Cold Steel Double Agent Knives.
  • Her relationship with Zhishan, beyond the mentor/apprentice bond, is somewhat of a mystery. He briefly scolds her for her failure to kill The Arrow, but he then reassures her (in his own way) that she will improve.
  • Despite not being considered a main character, China White is the only character who has engaged Oliver on four different occasions (without getting arrested or killed).
  • A deleted scene from "Identity" reveals that not only did she bring Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner into town to fight the Arrow, but that she shared some sort of promiscuous relationship with him. It is not certain why this scene was cut, but it is interesting to note that a part from this scene which has lying in bed with black lingerie was used as the promo for this particular episode.
  • Her real name, Chien Na Wei is revealed on screen, and possibly to Oliver and John Diggle, for the first time in "Identity".


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