"We are the Daughters of the Night. Children of Juru. The deliverance of all Krypton."

The Children of Juru, also known as the Daughters of the Night, informally referred to as Kryptonian witches, was a powerful coven of magic-users native to the planet Krypton. Although they lived among a science-centered society, this cult derived their power from the art of dark magic, combined with biological engineering. It was this coven that, in accordance with an old prophecy, created the Worldkillers.


From what little has been revealed of the group, the coven followed a polytheistic belief system inherited from the matriarchal Juru, the first peoples of Krypton, which incorporated all of Krypton's deities - among them the red sun god Rao, the creator of all Kryptonian life. However in the Juru belief system, Rao was the antagonist to the true god Yuda Kal, the dark goddess of life. Through worship of Yuda Kal, these witches created a sect of Kryptonian warriors known as Worldkillers, whom the witches then altered and empowered with dark magic, granting them powers far beyond normal Kryptonians. This was done in accordance with an ancient Juru Doomsday prophecy which laid out a vision of a new world i.e. Earth being cleansed of sin by the Worldkillers and thereby paving the way for Krypton's rebirth following the defeat of a champion of light i.e. Supergirl. The Children of Juru's plans were set in motion after Krypton was destroyed and the three Worldkillers were sent to Earth while the witches remained behind on Argo.

In 2018, Selena and three other members of the coven seized the opportunity to travel to Earth from Argo, whereupon they summoned the Fortress of Rebirth to resurrect Reign with the aid of Thomas Coville. To do so however they needed the blood of Purity and Pestilence to complete the ritual. In that cause, the witches broke into the DEO and fought a vicious skirmish with the agents which the witches ultimately lost when Supergirl, Alura Zor-El and Mon-El returned and destroyed the last of the WorldKiller blood samples, forcing the witches to flee. Unfortunately, Selena was able to substitute her own blood for the ritual, reviving Reign at full power. They then threw the remaining Harun-El into a pit of flames leading all the way down to the Earth's core, signalling the beginning of Earth's transformation. Having done this, the witches turned on Coville, blasting him with heat vision and gravely wounding him. Wielding the Sword of Juru, Reign then plunged into the flames and down into the Earth's core, triggering a global terraform event.

The coven's plans were derailed however when M'yrnn J'onzz bonded with the Earth, temporarily trapping Reign deep within the planet and leaving the witches stymied even as Reign finally broke free and returned to the Fortress. In their arrogance, they failed to notice Coville using the last of his strength to activate a beacon in Selena's stolen ship before dying, giving away the coven's location. As they once more went to throw the Harun-El into the flames, Supergirl and her team arrived in force, commencing a brutal brawl. Though the witches were incapacitated one by one, Reign proved too powerful, forcing Supergirl to take drastic measures. Using the Harun-El, Supergirl transported her mind, Samantha's and Reign to the Dark Valley and the Fountains of Lillith. There, Samantha was able to force-feed Reign water from the Fountain of Weakness, banishing Reign into the Fountain forever. With Reign gone and the witches captured, the Children of Juru ceased to exist as an organization from that point on.

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • Jindah Kol Rozz (leader, deceased; killed by Reign)
  • Unnamed members (deceased; killed in Krypton's destruction)



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Behind the scenes

  • The two unidentified Kryptonian witches who spoke in "Nevertheless, She Persisted" are portrayed by Jennifer Koenig and Amanda Burke.
  • In the main DC Comics continuity, the Wizards of Juru are a group well-practiced in magic and sorcery. They resided in a valley located on the continent of Lurvan, which was among the unexplored regions of Krypton. Only a few Kryptonians knew of their existence.