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Below is a list of characters who originally appeared in the DC comics multiverse prior to the episode's airing, by appearance.


Characters first appearing in Arrow:

  1. Oliver Queen/Green Arrow ("Pilot")
  2. Moira Queen ("Pilot")
  3. Walter Steele ("Pilot")
  4. Thea Dearden Queen/Speedy ("Pilot") *
  5. White Canary ("Pilot") *
  6. Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary ("Pilot") *
  7. Robert Queen ("Pilot")
  8. Quentin Larry Lance ("Pilot")
  9. Lucas Hilton ("Pilot")
  10. Constantine Drakon ("Pilot")
  11. Martin Somers ("Honor Thy Father")
  12. Chien Na Wei/China White ("Honor Thy Father")
  13. Floyd Lawton/Deadshot ("Lone Gunmen")
  14. Felicity Smoak/Overwatch ("Lone Gunmen") *
  15. Yao Fei ("Lone Gunmen")
  16. Ankov ("An Innocent Man")
  17. Arthur King/Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer ("An Innocent Man") *
  18. Kate Spencer ("Damaged")
  19. Edward Fyers ("Damaged")
  20. Billy Wintergreen ("Damaged")
  21. Derek Reston/King ("Legacies") *
  22. Ace ("Legacies") *
  23. Jack ("Legacies")
  24. Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress ("Muse of Fire")
  25. Frank Bertinelli ("Muse of Fire")
  26. Brian Nudocerdo ("Year's End")
  27. Garfield Lynns/The Firefly ("Burned")
  28. Ted Gaynor ("Trust but Verify")
  29. Slade Wilson/Deathstroke ("Betrayal")
  30. Shado ("The Odyssey")
  31. The Dodger ("Dodger")
  32. Roy Harper/Arsenal ("Dodger")
  33. Dinah Lance ("Dead to Rights") *
  34. Guillermo Barrera ("Dead to Rights")
  35. Lyla Michaels/Harbinger ("Unfinished Business")
  36. Brion Markov ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")
  37. Bethany Snow ("City of Heroes")
  38. Isabel Rochev/Ravager ("City of Heroes") *
  39. Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood ("City of Heroes") *
  40. Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger ("Identity")
  41. Sin ("Broken Dolls") *
  42. Barton Mathis/The Dollmaker ("Broken Dolls")
  43. Jean Loring ("Broken Dolls")
  44. Anatoly Knyazev ("Crucible")
  45. Anthony Ivo ("League of Assassins")
  46. Amanda Waller ("Keep Your Enemies Closer")
  47. Cyrus Gold/The Acolyte ("State v. Queen")
  48. Barry Allen/The Flash ("The Scientist")
  49. Linda Park ("Three Ghosts")
  50. Mark Scheffer/Shrapnel ("Blast Radius")
  51. Richard/The Starling Slasher ("Blind Spot") *
  52. Milo Armitage ("Tremors")
  53. Nyssa al Ghul (Raatko) ("Heir to the Demon")
  54. William Tockman/Clock King ("Time of Death")
  55. Beverly Tockman ("Time of Death")
  56. Harley Quinn ("Suicide Squad")
  57. Cisco Ramon/Vibe ("The Man Under the Hood")
  58. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost ("The Man Under the Hood")
  59. Clinton Hogue ("Seeing Red")
  60. Torque ("Unthinkable")
  61. Vincent Steelgrave ("The Calm") *
  62. Maseo Yamashiro ("The Calm")
  63. Werner Zytle/Vertigo ("The Calm") *
  64. Greg Osborne ("The Calm")
  65. Ray Palmer/The Atom ("The Calm")
  66. Tatsu Yamashiro ("The Calm")
  67. Simon Lacroix/Komodo ("Sara")
  68. Tom Weston ("Sara")
  69. Mark Shaw ("Corto Maltese")
  70. Ted Grant/Wildcat ("Corto Maltese")
  71. Ra's al Ghul ("The Magician")
  72. Myron Forest ("The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak")
  73. Carrie Cutter/Cupid ("Guilty")
  74. Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang ("Draw Back Your Bow")
  75. Daniel "Danny" Brickwell/Brick ("Left Behind")
  76. Matthew Shrieve ("The Return")
  77. Michael Amar/Murmur ("The Offer")
  78. Susan "Susie" Lawton ("Suicidal Tendencies")
  79. Zoe Lawton ("Suicidal Tendencies")
  80. Joseph Cray ("Suicidal Tendencies")
  81. Jake Simmons/Deathbolt ("Broken Arrow")
  82. Damien Darhk ("Green Arrow")
  83. Lonnie Machin/Anarky ("The Candidate")
  84. Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific ("The Candidate") *
  85. Taiana ("The Candidate")
  86. Baron Reiter ("The Candidate")
  87. Jeremy Tell/Double Down ("Restoration")
  88. Liza Warner ("Beyond Redemption")
  89. Noah Kuttler/The Calculator ("Unchained")
  90. Rosie ("Code of Silence")
  91. Jackhammer ("Code of Silence")
  92. Hardhat ("Code of Silence")
  93. Evelyn Crawford Sharp/Artemis ("Canary Cry") *
  94. Wild Dog ("Legacy")
  95. Pino Bertinelli ("Legacy")
  96. Prometheus ("Legacy")
  97. Rory Regan/Ragman ("The Recruits")
  98. Susan Williams ("A Matter of Trust")
  99. Adrian Chase ("A Matter of Trust") *
  100. Christopher Chance/Human Target ("Human Target")
  101. Ishmael Gregor ("So It Begins")
  102. Konstantin Kovar ("So It Begins")
  103. Vigilante ("Vigilante")
  104. Dinah Drake ("Who Are You?") *
  105. Sean Sonus ("Second Chances")
  106. Doris Chase ("Spectre of the Gun")

Comic book tie-in characters

  1. Khem-Adam ("Following")
  2. Ravan Nassar ("Haunted") *
  3. Lyle Bolton ("Assurances")

Novel tie-in characters

  1. Father Trigon/The Devil (Arrow: Vengeance)

Referenced characters


  1. Thea is based on the comic book character, Mia Dearden, the second person to take on the mantle of Green Arrow's sidekick, Speedy, and the first to be a female. Though the name "Thea Queen" originates from the show.
  2. Even though Laurel is the direct adaptation of Black Canary in Arrow, her younger sister, Sara Lance, who is an original character specifically created for the show and was previously known as "The Canary", is also based in part on the same character. Sara is also an adaptation of another comic book character, the White Canary.
  3. Felicity's code name had been used in the comics only once, but by another character. It was introduced as "Overwatch-One", the code name of Terry Sloan in Earth 2: Society series.
  4. Even though Malcolm is the direct adaptation of Merlyn in Arrow, Tommy Merlyn, who is in part an original character specifically created for the show, is also based on the same character. Both Malcolm and Tommy were later canonized in the comics as parts of the Dark Archer/Merlyn legacy.
  5. Due to the several iterations of the Royal Flush Gang, both versions of King and Ace are considered to be adaptations of the many iterations of each of the characters from the comics, respectively.
  6. Both characters are based on the original Black Canary from the comics, Dinah Drake-Lance. However on the show, the character is split into two unrelated and altogether separate individuals.
  7. In the comics, Isabel is also known as "The Queen". Ravager, which is the alias she is informally given on the show, is the alter ego of several comic book characters, most of them related to Slade Wilson.
  8. Sebastian's parents are both based on comic book characters as well. Sebastian Sangre is based in part on Sebastian Blood VIII who is the father of Sebastian Blood IX, with "sangre" being the Spanish word for blood. Maya Resik is based in part on Mother Mayhem. Both women who adopted the title, Anna Resik and May Bennett, were mothers of different Sebastian Bloods.
  9. Sin's real first name on the show has been revealed to be Cindy with her last name being still unknown. In the comics, her name is Cynthia and she got the surname "Lance" after she got adopted by Black Canary.
  10. Richard is based on The Seattle Slasher, an otherwise unnamed serial killer from the mini-series Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.
  11. Steelgrave is seemingly based on the comic book character, Professor Steelgraves.
  12. Even though Werner Zytle is the direct adaptation of Count Vertigo in Arrow, the drug dealer, known as "The Count" or "Count Vertigo", who is in part an original character specifically created for the show, is also based on the same character.
  13. Even though his first name was changed to "Curtis" for the show, he is based on the comic book superhero Michael Holt, the second Mr. Terrific.
  14. Evelyn Sharp is an amalgamation of two characters; Evelyn Crawford/Starling and the vigilante, Artemis.
  15. In the comics, Adrian Chase is known as the crime-fighter Vigilante. However, on the show, Vigilante appears as a totally different character, while the name "Adrian Chase" is used only as an alias by Prometheus.
  16. Even though the character originates from the mainstream DC comics, his last name was never revealed, as he was only known by his first name. Unlike the comics, in Arrow: Season 2.5 he is given a last name as well, Nassar.
  17. Even though in the comics his first name is unknown, he is based on a character known as Master Jansen who first appeared in Flash #218.

The Flash

Characters first appearing in The Flash:

  1. Nora Allen ("Pilot")
  2. Henry Allen ("Pilot")
  3. Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash ("Pilot") *
  4. Fred Chyre ("Pilot")
  5. David Singh ("Pilot")
  6. Iris West ("Pilot")
  7. Clyde Mardon ("Pilot")
  8. Simon Stagg ("Fastest Man Alive")
  9. Danton Black/Multiplex ("Fastest Man Alive")
  10. Java ("Fastest Man Alive")
  11. Kyle Nimbus/The Mist ("Things You Can't Outrun")
  12. Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm ("Things You Can't Outrun")
  13. Leonard Snart/Captain Cold ("Going Rogue")
  14. Basil Nurblin ("Going Rogue")
  15. Oswald Loomis ("Going Rogue")
  16. Dexter Myles ("Going Rogue")
  17. Mick Rory/Heat Wave ("Going Rogue")
  18. Bette Sans Souci/Plastique ("Plastique")
  19. Wade Eiling ("Plastique")
  20. Harold Hadley ("Plastique")
  21. Gorilla Grodd ("Plastique")
  22. Tony Woodward/Girder ("The Flash Is Born")
  23. Stacy Conwell ("The Flash Is Born")
  24. Farooq Gibran/Blackout ("Power Outage") *
  25. Roy Bivolo/Rainbow Raider ("Flash vs. Arrow")
  26. Tina McGee ("The Man in the Yellow Suit")
  27. Rachel Rathaway ("Revenge of the Rogues")
  28. Osgood Rathaway ("Revenge of the Rogues")
  29. Jason Rusch ("Revenge of the Rogues")
  30. Lisa Snart/Golden Glider ("Revenge of the Rogues")
  31. King ("The Sound and the Fury") *
  32. Ace ("The Sound and the Fury") *
  33. Queen ("The Sound and the Fury")
  34. Hartley Rathaway/Pied Piper ("The Sound and the Fury")
  35. Shawna Baez/Peek-a-Boo ("Crazy for You") *
  36. Martin Stein/Firestorm ("Crazy for You")
  37. Quentin Quale ("The Nuclear Man")
  38. Clarissa Stein ("The Nuclear Man")
  39. Mark Mardon/The Weather Wizard ("Out of Time")
  40. Dante Ramon ("Rogue Time")
  41. Axel Walker/The Trickster ("Tricksters")
  42. James Jesse/The Trickster ("Tricksters")
  43. Wolfe ("Tricksters")
  44. Brie Larvan/Bug-Eyed Bandit ("All Star Team Up") *
  45. Hannibal Bates/Everyman ("Who is Harrison Wells?")
  46. Cecile Horton ("Who is Harrison Wells?")
  47. Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl ("Fast Enough")
  48. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost ("Fast Enough")
  49. Al Rothstein/Atom-Smasher ("The Man Who Saved Central City") *
  50. Hunter Zolomon/Zoom ("The Man Who Saved Central City") *
  51. Eddie Slick/Sand Demon ("Flash of Two Worlds")
  52. Patty Spivot ("Flash of Two Worlds")
  53. Jefferson "Jax" Jackson/Firestorm ("The Fury of Firestorm")
  54. Henry Hewitt/Tokamak ("The Fury of Firestorm")
  55. King Shark ("The Fury of Firestorm") *
  56. Doctor Light ("The Darkness and the Light") *
  57. Jesse Quick ("The Darkness and the Light")
  58. Hath-Set/Vandal Savage ("Legends of Today") *
  59. Carter Hall/Hawkman ("Legends of Today")
  60. Khufu ("Legends of Today")
  61. Chay-Ara ("Legends of Today")
  62. Wally West/Kid Flash ("Running to Stand Still")
  63. The Turtle ("Potential Energy") *
  64. Joey Monteleone/Tar Pit ("Fast Lane")
  65. Connor Hawke/Green Arrow ("Welcome to Earth-2")
  66. Jonah Hex ("Welcome to Earth-2")
  67. Deathstorm ("Welcome to Earth-2")
  68. Adam Fells/Geomancer ("Welcome to Earth-2")
  69. Reverb ("Welcome to Earth-2") *
  70. Jay Garrick/The Flash ("Welcome to Earth-2") *
  71. Eliza Harmon/Trajectory ("Trajectory")
  72. Ashley Zolomon ("Versus Zoom")
  73. Griffin Grey ("Back to Normal")
  74. Rupture ("Rupture") *
  75. Edward Clariss/The Rival ("Flashpoint")
  76. Julian Albert Desmond/Dr. Alchemy ("Flashpoint") *
  77. Thief ("Paradox")
  78. Savitar ("Paradox")
  79. Frankie Kane/Magenta ("Magenta")
  80. Sam Scudder/Mirror Master ("The New Rogues")
  81. Rosa Dillon/Top ("The New Rogues") *
  82. Shade ("Shade")
  83. Smith ("Invasion!")
  84. Jared Morillo/Plunder ("The Present")
  85. McSnurtle ("Borrowing Problems from the Future")
  86. Gypsy ("Borrowing Problems from the Future")
  87. Clive Yorkin ("Untouchable")
  88. Solovar ("Attack on Gorilla City")
  89. Accelerated Man ("Attack on Central City")
  90. Abra Kadabra ("Abra Kadabra")

Comic book tie-in characters

  1. Bliss ("The Strongman Cometh")

Referenced characters

  1. Cameron Scott ("Plastique")
  2. Ralph Dibny ("Power Outage")
  3. Grant Emerson ("Power Outage")
  4. Will Everett ("Power Outage")
  5. Bea da Costa ("Power Outage")
  6. Mal Duncan ("The Nuclear Man")
  7. Evan McCulloch/Mirror Master ("The New Rogues")
  8. Julie Greer ("Invasion!")

In-universe fictional characters

  1. Rita Farr ("Things You Can't Outrun")
  2. Blue Devil ("Things You Can't Outrun")
  3. Nighthawk ("Power Outage") *
  4. Cinnamon ("Power Outage") *
  5. Joker ("Chronicles of Cisco")

Upcoming characters


  1. Even though Eobard is the actual version of Reverse-Flash in The Flash, Eddie Thawne, who is in part an original character specifically created for the show, is considered to be partly based on the same character, due to the similarity of their names.
  2. Even though the character originates from the comics, his last name was never revealed, as he was only known by his first name or his alias. Unlike the comics, on the show he is given a last name as well, Gibran.
  3. In the comics, Baez's first name is actually Lashawn but it was changed to Shawna for the show.
  4. Brie is a reimagining of the villain known as the Bug-Eyed Bandit, who in the comics is a male and is named Bertram Larvan.
  5. Al Rothstein is also the name of a previous unrelated character, who was mentioned in "Power Outage".
  6. In the mainstream DC comics, King Shark's real name is Nanaue.
  7. In the mainstream DC comics, there are two different versions of Doctor Light, with the second one being a female of Asian heritage. Though it is not Linda Park but Kimiyo Hoshi.
  8. In the mainstream DC comics, Hath-Set and Vandal Savage are two separate characters, with only the former being involved in Hawkman and Hawkgirl's origin, but in this version they are combined.
  9. Even though the character originates from the comics, his real name was never revealed, as he was only known by his aliases, "The Turtle" or "Turtle Man". Unlike the comics, on the show he is given an actual name as well, Russell Glosson.
  10. In the comics, "Reverb" and "Rupture" are the aliases of Armando Ramone, the brother of Paco Ramone a.k.a. Vibe (a former version of Francisco "Cisco" Paco Ramon).
  11. For a large part of the second season, Hunter Zolomon masqueraded as "Jay Garrick" before the actual character's introduction on the show.
  12. In the comics, Albert Desmond is a man with a personality disorder, acting under two separate supervillain identities; Mr. Element and Dr. Alchemy. A number of people succeeded Albert in both these identities. This is adapted on the show as "Alchemy" is just an avatar of Savitar that he uses to possess people of different universes, with Julian being among them.
  13. Rosa is a reimagining of the villain known as the Top, who in the comics is a male and is named Roscoe Dillon.
  14. In the comics, the aliases of Nighthawk and Cinnamon were used by legendary bounty hunters, Hannibal Hawkes and Katherine Manser (reincarnations of Khufu and Chay-Ara), during the 19th Century. On the show, Hawkes and his unnamed partner do exist but did not use these names. The two aliases are used as fictional film characters on the present day instead.


Characters first appearing in Constantine:

Referenced characters

  1. First of the Fallen ("Non Est Asylum")
  2. Cedella ("The Devil's Vinyl")
  3. Judith ("The Saint of Last Resorts") *


  1. The character is loosely based on Baron Winters, a mysterious occultist affiliated with John Constantine.
  2. Nommo is an adaptation of the comic book character Doctor Mist.
  3. In the comics Judith is a minor character and a member of the Newcastle Crew. She has made only a few small appearances and most of the time she is just mentioned by other characters. Her last name is unknown.


Characters first appearing in Vixen:

  1. Mari McCabe/Vixen ("Episode 1") *
  2. Benatu Eshu ("Episode 1") *

Referenced characters

  1. Anansi ("Episode 2")
  2. Tantu ("Episode 2")


  1. Even though Mari is the actual version of Vixen, her ancestor, Amaya Jiwe, who is an original character specifically created for the show, is also based in part on the same character.
  2. In DC comics Eshu is a trickster god and one of the Gods of Africa, affiliated with Firestorm. Benatu Eshu appears to be based loosely on this character, bringing mischief and possessing the fire-based powers himself.


Characters first appearing in Supergirl:

  1. Jor-El ("Pilot")
  2. Lara Van-El ("Pilot")
  3. Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman ("Pilot")
  4. Zor-El ("Pilot")
  5. Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl ("Pilot")
  6. Alura Zor-El ("Pilot")
  7. Cat Grant ("Pilot")
  8. James "Jimmy" Olsen/Guardian ("Pilot") *
  9. Vartox ("Pilot")
  10. J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter ("Pilot")
  11. Maxwell Lord ("Stronger Together")
  12. Hellgrammite ("Stronger Together")
  13. Gor ("Stronger Together")
  14. Mur ("Stronger Together")
  15. Ben Krull/Reactron ("Fight or Flight")
  16. Lucy Lane ("Fight or Flight")
  17. Leslie Willis/Livewire ("Livewire")
  18. Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman ("Livewire")
  19. Sam Lane ("Red Faced")
  20. T.O. Morrow ("Red Faced")
  21. Red Tornado ("Red Faced")
  22. Jemm ("Human For a Day")
  23. Non ("Hostile Takeover")
  24. Dirk Armstrong ("Hostile Takeover")
  25. Tor ("Blood Bonds")
  26. Winslow Schott/Toyman ("Childish Things") *
  27. Cameron Chase ("Childish Things")
  28. Adam Grant ("Strange Visitor From Another Planet")
  29. K'hym J'onzz ("Strange Visitor From Another Planet")
  30. M'yri'ah J'onzz ("Strange Visitor From Another Planet")
  31. Bizarro ("Bizarro")
  32. Kelex ("For the Girl Who Has Everything")
  33. Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee ("Truth, Justice and the American Way")
  34. Carl Draper/Master Jailer ("Truth, Justice and the American Way")
  35. Alphonse Luzano ("Truth, Justice and the American Way")
  36. Indigo/Brainiac 8 ("Solitude")
  37. James Harper ("Manhunter")
  38. Richard Malverne ("Manhunter")
  39. Amelia Hamilton ("Worlds Finest") *
  40. Maxima ("Myriad")
  41. Mon-El ("The Adventures of Supergirl") *
  42. John Corben/Metallo ("The Adventures of Supergirl")
  43. Eve Teschmacher ("The Adventures of Supergirl")
  44. Lena Luthor ("The Adventures of Supergirl")
  45. Snapper Carr ("The Last Children of Krypton")
  46. Maggie Sawyer ("Welcome to Earth")
  47. Scorcher ("Welcome to Earth")
  48. M'gann M'orzz/Miss Martian ("Welcome to Earth")
  49. Veronica Sinclair/Roulette ("Survivors")
  50. Draaga ("Survivors")
  51. Rudy Jones/Parasite ("Changing")
  52. Phillip Karnowsky ("The Darkest Place")
  53. Armek ("The Martian Chronicles")
  54. Lex Luthor ("Luthors")
  55. Lionel Luthor ("Luthors")
  56. Mr. Mxyzptlk ("Luthors")
  57. Lar Gand ("Star-Crossed") *
  58. Music Meister ("Star-Crossed")
  59. Jack Spheer ("Ace Reporter")

Comic book tie-in characters

  1. Rampage ("Chapter 1")
  2. Vril Dox ("Chapter 4")
  3. Psi ("Chapter 6")

Referenced characters

  1. Lois Lane ("Stronger Together")
  2. Perry White ("Stronger Together")
  3. Rao ("Truth, Justice and the American Way")
  4. H'ronmeer ("The Martian Chronicles")

Upcoming characters


  1. Guardian is the name of several characters in the DC canon. However, while multiple people have donned the mantle of Guardian, Olsen is not one of them.
  2. Even though Winslow is the actual version of Toyman in Supergirl, Winslow "Winn" Schott Jr., who is an original character specifically created for the show, is also based in part on the same character.
  3. Amelia is a gender-swapped version of comic book character and supporting character in Superman comics, Emil Hamilton.
  4. In the comics, the name "Mon-El" is only an alias for the character, as his real name is Lar Gand. On the show, the character is split in two; Mon-El and his father, Lar Gand, the prince and king of Daxam, respectively.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Characters first appearing in DC's Legends of Tomorrow:

Referenced characters

  1. Kanjar Ro ("Marooned")
  2. Tzin-Tzin ("Left Behind")
  3. Onyx Adams ("Left Behind")
  4. Tigris ("Left Behind")
  5. Malaq ("Left Behind")
  6. Fadir Nasser ("Left Behind")
  7. Hannibal Hawkes ("The Magnificent Eight") *


  1. In the comics, Chronos was a supervillain obsessed with time, and an enemy of Ray Palmer, the Atom. However, while multiple people donned the mantle of Chronos, Mick Rory was not one of them.
  2. In the comics, Grant is known as either Ravager or Legacy, but in the show he takes on the moniker of Deathstroke, like his father, Slade.
  3. In DC Comics, Bonnie Baxter is a member of the Time Masters and an ally of Rip Hunter, much like the similarly-named character on the show.
  4. In the comics, Sgt. Rock's real name is Frank Rock, though on the show it hasn't been mentioned yet.
  5. In the mainstream DC comics, Albrecht Krieger a.k.a. Captain Nazi and Ubermensch are two separate characters but in this version they are combined.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Characters first appearing in Freedom Fighters: The Ray:

Upcoming characters


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