The Cerebral Inhibitor is a machine created by Cisco Ramon originally intended to prevent Barry Allen from creating new memories in order to be a step ahead from his future time remnant Savitar. However, this was not the case as in actuality it instead wiped Barry's long term memories instead of his short term, making it a prototype.


When Team Flash found out Savitar was a remnant of Barry in the future, therefore had all the memories of prime Barry, the team had trouble deciding what plan they should execute, since Barry was a major part of any plan they create. Cisco and Julian created an idea: Since Savitar is linked to Barry mentally, they could stop the current Barry from creating new memories via magnetic disruption in the cerebral cortex. However, when the machine was activated the machine instead did the opposite: It erased Barry's long term memories instead of his short term. This stripped Barry from his powers, as well as rendering him unable to connect with and remember anything from the past. While it did work in the team's favor as Savitar by extension lost his memories as well, there were several repercussions due to using the machine. There was no Flash and no Kid Flash because Savitar created Wally's powers by his own memories and ideas of creating them. However, this was undone due to the creation of another device with the help of Killer Frost that kickstarted Barry's temporal lobe and Barry accessing it thus regaining his memories. After this, this device was never used again.

Later, when Savitar was invited to S.T.A.R. Labs by Barry in an attempt to reconcile with him and resolve his paradox problem, Savitar revisited the room the Cerebral Inhibitor was in and recalled using this device to stop a future enemy of The Flash, DeVoe.

Potential future

In a possible future, Barry and the team later modified and reused this machine in order to stop a villain named DeVoe.


  • Erasing memories: Through magnetic disruption, the cerebral inhibitor can block the chain leading to the temporal lobe leaving the user of this machine unable to remember anything in long term.


The Flash

Season 3