Central City Picture News (CCPN) is a newspaper publisher located in Central City.


The Reverse Flash snatching Mason

The Reverse Flash snatching Mason's dead body extremely quickly.

Iris West was hired by Eric Larkin due to her connection with The Flash, but Mason Bridge viewed her as an amateur blogger.[1]

Barry Allen also dated Linda Park, a news reporter who works here.

After finishing up an article on Harrison Wells, Mason Bridge was killed by the Reverse-Flash following a brief beating. Along with his murder, the Reverse-Flash fried his computer and all of his work, before taking his body away.[2]

Central City Picture News on Henry Allen's release

Central City Picture News on Henry Allen's release.

Central City Picture News published an article titled "Conviction Overturned! Henry Allen A Free Man!", after Harrison Wells had given thorough details of the night he murdered Nora Allen.[3]

It is later attacked by the Earth Two counterpart of employee Linda Park, known as Dr. Light. Everyone leaves except for Iris, Eric and Linda. When Dr. Light tells Linda her plan to take over her life, Eric tries to intervene but is killed in the process. She escapes after encountering Jay Garrick.

After Eric's death Scott Evans becomes Editor-in-Chief for CC Picture News. He repeatedly tried to get Iris West to write negative pieces about the Flash until Iris convinced him that the Flash was a hero who could be trusted.

Zoom showing off Barry like a trophy

Zoom showing off a defeated Barry to the city as a trophy.

After annihilating Barry with extreme ease, Zoom tailed it to Central City Picture News to broadcast the Flash's insufficiency and utter defeat to the whole city, presenting him like a sick, hunting trophy.

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