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For alternative universes' versions of the city, see Central City (disambiguation)

"We live in a city full of meta-humans who continually do whatever they want, The Flash included."
Scott Evans[src]

Central City is a city located 600 miles from Star City.[1] The city's power grid was being used excessively by Scott Morgan's company, leading to brownouts. Also, a particle accelerator was built by S.T.A.R. Labs, though not long after it being turned on it exploded, causing a shock-wave to blow through the city. This resulted in the creation of an unknown number of meta-humans. Barry Allen/The Flash and the S.T.A.R. Labs' team fight crime against meta-humans in it.

Following a black hole that S.T.A.R. Labs failed to shut down before its creation, half of the city has been destroyed.[2]



Gangs and drug dealing




Cental City burns during the Metapocalypse

Central City burns during the Metapocalypse.

Central City was incorporated in 1852, the same year a devastating flood hit the city.

In 2013, S.T.A.R. Labs had finished their controversial particle accelerator, which exploded, causing dark matter to radiate across the city, creating an unknown number of metahumans.

In 2015, Central City was nearly destroyed when a massive singularity appeared above it. The singularity was eventually stopped by the Flash and his team, but at the cost of Ronnie Raymond, who sacrificed his life to close it. Central City credited the Flash for saving their city.

In 2016, Central City was at the mercy of Zoom, and was the target for Zoom's meta-human group's invasion, resulting in the Metapocalypse, a devastating event, that forced Central City Police Department to fight off a whole invading army of meta-humans from Earth Two.



Former residents





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The Flash: Season Zero


  • Central City is located approximately 600 miles from Star City[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comic books, Central City is located in Missouri.
  • Dinah tells Laurel that she'll be "home in a flash", to Central City as a reference to Barry Allen, also known as the superhero The Flash, whose home is Central City in the DC comics.
  • Portland, Oregon is used for the overview shots utilizing all of the bridges. S.T.A.R. Labs is digitally added in Southwest Portland.
  • Central City, like Starling City (now Star City), has almost been destroyed a total of 5 times so far in the series. It was a destroyed by a Tidal Wave during Season 1's "Out of Time" in an alternate timeline, was again almost destroyed in Season 1's "Plastique," was almost destroyed during Season 1's "The Nuclear Man", was almost destroyed again during the Season 1 finale "Fast Enough" and was finally destroyed completely in an alternate timeline, "Legends of Yesterday." Ironically beating Star City in the many number of times the city has been destroyed.
  • The license plates in Central City read "Forever Free".


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