"Um, who was Jack the Ripper?"
"The prevailing theory is there was a London barber by the name Aaron Kosminski who committed the crimes. He also suffered schizophrenic and delusional tendencies. But it was his nurse at the Colney Hatch Asylum! Catharine Jewell!"
Marilze and Clifford DeVoe[src]

Catharine Jewell was a nurse in Colney Hatch Asylum, theorized by Clifford DeVoe to be Jack the Ripper.


Catharine Jewell was a nurse in Colney Hatch Asylum at the same time in 1800's when Aaron Kosminski was institutionalized as a patient.


In 2013 after becoming a meta-human with the power of accelerated thinking, Clifford DeVoe answered his wife Marlize's question on who is Jack the Ripper, addressing the prevailing theory that it was Cosminski and then sharing his own outlook that it was Catharine Jewell.[1]


The Flash

Season 4


  • Although it was previously established by Vandal Savage fact that Jack the Ripper was a talented surgeon, from whom he learned how to dissect a body is not contradicting DeVoe's theory on Catharine being Jack the Ripper, although it might point at the fact that she was either self-taught, naturally gifted and/or being a fake identity.

Behind the scenes

  • Although in the real world there were plenty of suspects and later theories, including those which theorized that Jack the Ripper was in fact a woman, there is no information on Catharine Jewell, nor there was ever a theory about Kosminski's nurse being the killer. Most likely writers decided to create their own suspect for the purposes of not being speculative.


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