CatCo Worldwide Media, simply known as CatCo, is the media conglomerate founded by Cat Grant. The company was later bought by Lena Luthor.


Beginnings of CatCo Worldwide Media

CatCo Worldwide Media was built from the ground up by Cat Grant.[1]

Change in ownership

After Cat Grant left CatCo to become President Marsdin's press secratary, she left all her shares in a private account. This left an opportunity for someone to buy the company. Morgan Edge announced his plan to buy CatCo so that he could use the company to give himself better press, and force it to become a bias company. Lena Luthor, in an attempt to both stop this from happening and one-up Morgan, bought the company first,[2] for seven-hundred and fifty million dollars.[3]

Known employees

Current employees

Former employees



The Flash

Season 3


Adventures of Supergirl

Behind the scenes

  • Even though the company was an original creation for the show, it made it's first official appearance in the mainstream DC universe in Supergirl vol. 7 #2.