Carter Grant is a student of St. Edmund Hall and the son of Cat Grant.


After school ended, Carter was picked up by Kara Danvers and brought to CatCo Worldwide Media. There, Carter admitted to being a Supergirl fan after seeing a news report about her on a television. Soon after, Carter was introduced to Winn Schott, who told Carter that he had good taste. Carter was then watched by Winn while Kara took care of an emergency errand. With Winn, the two played a shooting video game in Cat's office. The next day, Carter snuck off to ride Maxwell Lord's Super Train. He and the rest of the passengers were alerted to the threat of Ethan Knox on board, though they were all saved by Supergirl. The following day, Carter met with his mother before being sent off to school, asking if Kara could watch him again, though Cat refused.[1]


  • Carter has a neurodevelopment issue such as ADHD or High Functioning Autism.
  • In the comics, Adam Grant is Cat's only son who was accidentally killed by a malfunctioning Toyman robot.



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