"One person in case of emergency. Cameron Scott. Inglewood."
Cisco Ramon on Bette Sans Souci's contact.[src]

Cameron Scott is a person which is listed as person in case of emergency to contact Bette Sans Souci.


Not much is known about Cameron Scott except for the fact that he lives or lived in Inglewood and is a contact in case of emergency for Bette Sans Souci. When Team Flash searched for Souci, The Flash arrived upon the address and ran into Souci.[1]


Presumably, Cameron was close with Bette Sans Souci, as she named him as the person to contact in case of emergency.[1]


The Flash

Season 1


  • In the DC comics Cameron Scott is a known alias of Nathaniel Adam, superhero Cpatain Atom and an ex-husband of Bette Sans Souci.


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