"Dr. Boardman theorized that Savage entrusted it to the Bruemberg Group, the oldest bank in the world."

The Bruemberg Group is the world's oldest private bank. It is the bank where Vandal Savage keeps his fortune and many of its employees are his followers.


In 1975, Rip Hunter and Sara Lance scouted the bank in order to target Vandal Savage's financial assets. The duo posed as prospective clients and deposited doubloons from the wreck of the Esplinade into the account. However, Rip discovered that while Savage's funds weren't in the bank, there were records detailing a "vessel". Sara realized the bank's employees were Savage's followers and she and Rip battled them.[1]


Known employees

  • Blake (banker)
  • Unnamed receptionist (deceased)

Known clients


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


  • The Bruemberg Group only secures valuables worth at least $10 million.

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