• TheDoctor230

    So I just found an article about the master of all things organic Marc Guggenheim and the article is about an interview he's just had where he said that there is a previously established hero in the arrowverse coming onto legends as a main character to take Firestorms place. I have 2 guesses as to who that could be;

    1. Kid Flash

    2. Constantine

    I feel like these 2 are the only options because Kid Flash would fit in there and Constantine is already there. Hopefully its both of them because I think it would work well.

    Also something else worth noting, out of the whole team on Legends only Sara, Mick and Ray are original members lol.

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  • Danielpickering

    So I was just going through Digital Spy and I found this:

    Okay so as you know the CW has been promoting a new show called Black Lightning that will be taking over Legends spot on the scedule. Now I though the reason why they are holding back Legends was so they could all finish at the same time, Legends has the least episodes of all the arrowverse shows having only 18 episodes, so I thought they would put it on a new timeslot, but instead of putting it on Wednesday, so we have shows for the whole week beside Friday, Legends is set to replace Supergirl for nine weeks. Now some people might be okay if they don't watch Supergirl, but seriously ho…

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  • GriffinJames

    Kill of Felicity

    December 10, 2017 by GriffinJames

    Hey guys, sign this petition to kill off Felicity.

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  • ReverseZoom101


    Hey! Hope everyone is having a good day. It's been a while since I made a post for the Wiki, but after last week's explosive crossover, you know I had to hop on my PC. So, without further ado, let's start!  


    1. Oliver's Kryptonite arrow

    This was one of the major things that stuck out to me while I was watching the crossover. Also, I know this isn't really a plothole, but it needs to be talked about. I'm not really bothered by the way they're portraying Green Arrow as Batman in the Arrowverse, but this was kinda a hold up moment for me. Basically, Oliver had a 'Nite arrow in case Kara ever turned evil. Really CW? Besides the issue about how Oliver even got the arrow (hey,…

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  • Eobard95

    Birds of Prey idea

    December 9, 2017 by Eobard95

    Ok I think I can safely say that Arrow isn't getting any better. I haven't seen the newest episode since I still haven't watched any season 6 episodes aside from 6x01 or the crossover but I heard 6x09 got a 4.6/10 from IGN and I've seen numerous people on this site and the Arrow-reddit complaining about it. It really is a shame as it was a good program and does have good characters and actors who keep getting sidelined for more romance bullshit, mainly Quentin, Thea, Rene, E2-Laurel and Nyssa. However I think they should find a way to preserve at least some of these characters for when the show gets cancelled which I think is very likely at this point. They should move them into a new spin-off and call it Birds of Prey. I know the Birds of…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Yeah this is going to be a short post, Olicity is back, the show has gone to shit. If Felicity dies I'll come back but not before then. I feel sorry for the viewers who still watch because this show has become a shitty soap opera once again, the Olicity wedding took up 15 minutes of the latest episode and it felt like an episode of Gossip Girl. I will fondly remember the good seasons of Arrow and will re-watch them but I'm not watching the Olicity crap.

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  • TheDoctor230

    Flash Season 4 Theory

    December 7, 2017 by TheDoctor230


    Ok so in the midseason final, Barry is arrested for DeVoe's "Murder" and the weird thing about this is that when Barry first came out of the Speedforce he was rambling about weird stuff that didn't make sense and at one point he says "Your Honor I'm innocent, I didn't kill anyone". I think that when Barry was in the Speed Force he saw his future and his crazy drawings are actually important as they also keep mentioning the quote "This house is bitchin".

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  • Xandermcc

    So i did this before and i am doing it again because the shows new seasons officially have gotten trendy enough for memes. That and people seem to like it a lot. Lets start the list.

    10. OTP Intensifies

    Yeah, i have been shipping this for a while. Not much to say other than it being a funny meme.

    9. Reverse Marriage

    I get it is a meme, but i really want to know how Eobard would put up with this.

    8. Still Ship It

    I know Oliver is married, but i don't care.

    7. Allergy Filled Thinker

    This one is hilarious. However no expense to Neil in his acting.

    6. Zach REACT's to...

    This one is a little ironic considering that Season 3 is taking a lot from BvS, but it still works.

    5. Role Reversal

    This is kinda what was in my mind when i saw this role reversal plot in…

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  • BatBrandOfJustice

    So now most of us know about the mysterious waitress at Barry and Iris' wedding, who wished a good luck to Barry before his wedding. Now that character didn't seem ordinary for her awkward way of interaction with Barry. Many are speculating him to be Barry and Iris' daughter Dawn Allen from the future and she is more likley to be actually Dawn. Here's why;

    Her expression on her face seemed that she was very excited and her face had an emotional sympathy when she held Barry's hand. In the comics, Dawn never get to knew her father for he died in the Crisis event. Probably she was born after Barry died in the 2024 event.

    Secondly she appeared first on Supergirl and we sort of have the LSH on the show and Dawn was a member of the LSH.

    What do you…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Just wanted to make this post because I have made harsh comments about the crossover mainly about Olicity but I just wanted to say that this was a great crossover. I will say that this crossover was better than Invasion only because it felt more personal for all of the characters. There are only 3 problems that I had with this crossover and that was the Olicity drama, the wasted potential with Tommy and the motivation for Dark Arrow. I wont go into the Olicity stuff I have said lots and lots and lots about that recently so I'll just talk about the other stuff. I feel like Tommy was wasted because we only had him for 5 minutes, I know that Colin Donnell was busy with another show but they should have just left him out completely because it …

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  • Jr-Bowen

    There is more to this Olvier/Felicity marriage than meets the eye. The writers are setting us up. I am not a fan of Olicity. I like Felicity when she is written right, and I of course like Oliver. When they got married I knew the writers were setting something up that will play out further down the road. It appears someone is going ot betray Oliver to the FBI, not sure who it could be but it goes to my point that there is a bigger picture unfolding, and I think the Oliver/Felicitiy marriage plays into that. If the Felicity/Olvier realtionship fails again I don't see it coming back again. And I know it is going ot fail. Not sure how, or why, but it is going ot fail. I do hope it is not the death of Felicity, as I do like the character, and …

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  • Konstant888

    LoT time slot

    December 3, 2017 by Konstant888

    So Black Lightning is supposed to air on Tuesdays, after The Flash. But that's when Legends airs now, so that means that it has to be moved. I would personaly like it to either be moved after Supergirl or on Wednesdays. I'd also like Arrow to not be on Thusrdays, cause I would like to have hour or three days in a row of DCTV and now there's a day without. The perfest scedule for me is:

    Monaday - Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow

    Tuesday - The Flash

    Wednesday - Arrow

    Thursday - Black Lightning (assuming it's good and I watch it), although I don't have a problem with it being on Tuesdays

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  • Bo-Katan

    Thawne and Time Remnants

    December 3, 2017 by Bo-Katan

    Okay can somebody please explain to me how the whole time remnant thing works with Eobard? I thought I understood but now I'm just confused. He got erased by Eddie, and then a younger version shows up in 2016 even though in his timeline The Flash didn't exist in 2016. And then Barry creates Flashpoint, but then lets Eobard fix it. But then instead of fulfilling his destiny as Wells, Eobard takes Barry to the present and goes on to create the Legion of Doom. But his life as Wells still happened to everyone else and he remembers it? But then Black Flash erases him again, but then he somehow shows up again for Crisis on Earth-X. I'm so confused.

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  • Fedguy

    Of course, shows are written in a way to be entertaining and so don't really take the most logical path. But, if they did, the Earth X villain could have won easily with better planning.

    Step 1. Breach into Earth 38, or into Earth 1 after/before wedding, subdue and abduct Kara when she is alone. If they cannot beat her immediately, Overgirl could at least quickly breach and take Kara into Earth X for a proper fight. But, at their home turf and surrounded by allies, especially Metallo, Overgirl would win.

    Step 2. Murder Kara (horrible, but they would), while on Earth X, and heal Overgirl.

    Step 3. Attack and invade Earth 1. With a real army, not a platoon. Now with the advantage of the only Kryptonian, the trio of evil should be able to easily …

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  • TheDoctor230

    Arrow's Reddit Page

    December 1, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    Well because Olicity has come back and is once again unbearable, the reddit has changed once again to prove a point to the writers. This time they changed it to the Punisher reddit and hopefully the writers will read it and realise they made the same shitty decision again for the 2rd time. Hopefully the reddit and online community can be successful again in ending Olicity

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  • Kir the Wizard

    The events of the episodes are detailed when they've already happened. In the PAST. So, please, dear users, stop writing information in present tense, as if Overgirl is flying at your window, punching superheroes right now. Instead, use past tense: "Overgirl flew", "the heroes were overwhelmed", "the Nazis attacked". You have seen the episodes, you are not seeing them indefinitely, so the events happened, they don't happen in the present.

    Thank you for your time, and sorry for ALLCAPS. I'm just really, really tired of having to fix so many walls of text written in Present Indefinite for no reason.

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  • X-Men Are Cool

    Next Year's Crossover

    November 30, 2017 by X-Men Are Cool

    If Legends moves to Mondays after Supergirl like everyone is saying, this is what I hope next year's crossover will go:

    Kara leads her team (Mon-El, J'onn, M'gann, and Alex) into the streets to fight an alien who threatens the entire city. Winn guides the heroes through their fight. However, a meteor shower appears and several huge aliens come out of the meteor. Kara then meets the Anti-Monitor, who wants to collect the Multiverse's greatest heroes. Kara gets her friends from Earth-1 to help so Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, Ray, Sara, Mick, and Jax come over to help. However, the Anti-Monitor kidnaps Oliver, Kara, Barry, Ray, and Sara and brings them to his set-up base on Earth-1.

    The remaining Earth-1 heroes along with Al…

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  • Gifist8

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 1: That was amazing!

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 2: THAT WAS ASTONISHING

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 3: That was cool

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 4: What the fuck....

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  • Taw2541

    The last four years of Arrow have been difficult for me to watch because of several reasons but it is I have narrowed it down to several reasons. The nail in the coffin for me is the relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak. For the past four years, this relationship has been the slow downfall of the show because primarily they are not supposed to be together according to the comics. But overall, it is a relationship that has made Felicity an annoying, unlikable, frustrating, and hypocritical character; and the fact that Oliver and the Arrow's writers have ignored for to long. I understand that comic-based shows don't have to follow the source material to an exact letter but their are crucial areas you should just never ignore.…

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  • TheDoctor230

    This post has potential spoilers so don't read ahead incase theset turn out to be true.

    Found 2 videos by a youtuber named Pagey that are really interesting to watch and if these 2 videos are 100% true then I have hope that Season 6 can still be good.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  • InspiredAndNatural

    Hello! On 24/11/2017, I created a confession account on Instagram (superhero.confessions) where all Marvel and DC fans can anonymously confess their thoughts and opinions, from comics to movies and TV shows. Nofitications are always on, and I'm always on my Android. I look forward to uploading whatever it is you want to say.

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  • Magenta the strongest

    Hi guys and girl.

    I'm pretty sure all of the flash fans in here have heard about Magenta. I've bassed my profile on her because she is my favouritep in the show after Reverse Fash/Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne and The Thinker/Devoe.

    Yeah, sure you do: she can control metal. But do you know what that is called? 

    It's called "Magnetokinesis"- to be able to manipulate magnetic fields. this is a serious subject and I'll make another post about it.

    But that is not the only power she has. These are also her powers:

    Divided mind: Magneta has get two personalities, Frankie and Magenta. Just like Killer FRost

    Eye transformation: When Frankie's split-personality takes over her body, her eye color changes to the color magenta. Just like Killer Frost.

    Frances …

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  • MS225

    Ruby's Age

    November 23, 2017 by MS225

    So if Samantha was born in 1979 just before Krypton exploded, and she had Ruby while she was a teenager, wouldn't Ruby have had to be born before 1997? That would make her about 20 years old now, and yet she's portrayed as being around 12 or so.

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  • Divineoverseer

    I couldn't help noticing that there was a point brought up during the latest episode of Legends. This season, the Legends seemed to have tackled random anachronisms that were displaced in different periods of time, yet, those anachronisms seem to have found their way to the Legends in a strange way. First, Ray Palmer's younger self found Gumball. Then, Damien Darhk found his way to Stein's ancestor in Victorian London. Now, Grodd found his way to Mick Rory's father. Could this all just be a giant coicidence or is there more at play here? Maybe something that was arranged by Mallus?

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  • Thegamingknight4272

    Since Samantha/Reign is Kryptonian, does that make Ruby part-Kryptonian (similar to Jon Kent in DC Rebirth)? Do you think that means she has a limited range of Kryptonian powers?

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  • Xandermcc

    So the crossover between all the heroes in the form of Crisis on Earth-X has nearly arrived. One thing has been confusing about it though. The Dark Flash of both the crossover and the short show Freedom Fighters: The Ray have two different versions of the Dark Flash. My explanation for it is the Dark Multiverse. For those who don't know, a recent arc has introduced the Dark Multiverse as a multiverse filled with Earths that have gone through hell. One having a Doomsday virus unleashed on the world. One where Batman became a killer Cyborg etc.

    So the Dark Multiverse theory is actually supported in the latest trailer for the crossover. As Harry says that there are 52 Earths, but there is an extra one called Earth-X. This means it is outside t…

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  • Nightslayer2

    For the episodes that we've been watching, we learned that Samandra Watson is hot on the trial of uncovering Oliver's secret and capturing all the members of Team Arrow. I must admit that she is pretty smart to have figured out Quentin, Rene, Oliver, Thea, Diggle, and Felicity are involved and that Dinah is the new Black Canary, however, something has to be done about her. I don't want her to arrest Oliver and reveal to the public that he is the Green Arrow. 

    It honestly does not make any sense to why the F.B.I would want to arrest the Green Arrow. The F.B.I reports to the president of the United States, and last year, during the four-way crossover, the President declared the Green Arrow and several others as heroes for helping to take down t…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Oliver's Kill Count

    November 16, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    I had made this once before but it was mid Season 5 so I'm just updating it.

    Season 1 Flashbacks: 2 Kills

    Season 2 Flashbacks: 4 Kills

    Season 3 Flashbacks: 16 Kills

    Season 4 Flashbacks: 18 Kills

    Season 5 Flashbacks: 68 Kills

    Season 1 Present Day: 69 Kills

    Season 2 Present Day: 6 Kills

    Season 3 Present Day: 6 Kills

    Season 4 Present Day: 2 Kills

    Season 5 Present Day: 13 Kills

    Season 6 Present Day: 26 Kills

    Total: 230 Kills

    When counting these kills I didn't ignore things that might not count as kills, I tried to do this as honestly as I could. If any of these numbers need to be explained in further detail just let me know.

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  • Flashfanboy69


    November 16, 2017 by Flashfanboy69

    Can someone please tell "Typhuss999" to stop being a rude editor, im adding to Earth and Earth Ten but he has to keep deleting it

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  • TheDoctor230

    Ok so no one seemed to point this out so I just wanted to because it's good for a laugh even though this happened over a year ago. During Comic-Con 2016 Stephen Amell was asked about Felicity's new boyfriend because it had just been announced and he made a joke about Oliver shooting him with an Arrow.

    Look at the time marked 1:20 and watch from there.

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  • Xandermcc

    We got DEAN CAIN :)

    For those of you unfamiliar of why i go crazy for Dean Cain in all my reviews, this is why.

    It was corny at times, but the fun Superman kind of corny. Anyway, enough about Lois and Clark, time for the next generation of SuperTV


    Anyway, now we got Supergirl after sex. It increases her productivity levels a thousand times. So i guess i'll add that to the insane list of powers Kryptonians have next to shooting tiny versions of themselves out of their hands. (Yes that is a thing +1)

    Mon-El literally doesn't listen to what Kara said ten seconds after saying it. So either he has short term memory loss or he is a jerk. …

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  • TheDoctor230

    Title Cards

    November 14, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    Ok so I have noticed that the title cards have been edited a bit to adjust for who is the main characters and who aren't and I just had a few suggestions and wondered what everyone else thinks about my opinion.


    Thea Queen's Speedy picture should be removed from Thea's part because she is currently retired and comatose.

    Adrian Chase should be removed because despite him being a great character, he was only in Arrow as a villain for one year, if we were to do that we should be including Ra's al Ghul and Damien Darhk.


    DeVoe should be removed because he is only a villain for one year, or we should add Savitar and Zoom.


    Damien Darhk should be added because he is in more than 1 season of Legends.

    Eobard Thawne should be removed be…

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  • Тостер

    Seeing TimeShade, MakeShift, Wraiyf, Hambergite and recently promoted Kir the Wizard in a few days feels like and odd Arrowverse crossover. :) --Тостер (talk) 11:29, November 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • SkyNeon
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  • Thegamingknight4272

    Since Supergirl is employed by the DEO, isn't she technically a federal agent and not a vigilante?

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  • SkyNeon

    Is Hunter Zolomon Alive?

    November 10, 2017 by SkyNeon

    - The Flash S3 EP23

    - The Flash S4 EP5

    - DC's Legends of Tomorrow S2

    In The Flash S3 EP23 Killer Frost uses her ice power to hit Black Flash AKA Zoom AKA Hunter Zolomon AKA The Flash (Earth-2) and he shatters into a thousand pieces. Although, in The Flash S4 EP5 Killer Frost says she never killed anyone. So Black Flash is still alive then?

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  • Thegamingknight4272

    What happened to Killer Frost's Season 3 suit? Post crazy theories down below (as well as thoughts on the new one).

    My theory: She was chasing a guy up an escalator and the coat-tails got stuck.

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  • TheDoctor230

    Ok so for anyone who has clicked onto this post I'm not going to talk about Felicity, enough has been said. I decided to make this because I have heard some people giving this season praise so far and I just disagree so I just wanna mention a few things.

    1. The action has dulled. A lot of people will disagree with me on this but this is honestly one of my biggest problems because they have become silly so I'll give some examples. In the premier when Oliver comes flying out of the water, they have Oliver shooting Arrows from underwater, it is technically possible to shoot underwater but they don't move very far at all. Also in every episode so far the fights are just weird, enemies get shot with Arrows and they fall down and don't move as if…

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  • 123BC

    Oliver's kill count

    November 5, 2017 by 123BC

    Dear fellow Arrowverse fandom users, how many people has Oliver killed?

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  • Xandermcc

    Lots of metahumans have done a lot of bad things with their strange powers. However that isn't always the norm. Some have some deep sad reason for why they do it. The rules here are no heroes. So no people who decided to do good with their powers. All of them are people who have caused some sort of chaos after being struck by dark matter from the particle acclelerator or something else or if dark matter wasn't involved at all.

    10. Laurel Lance (Earth Two)

    She may have murderred millions, however she is sympathetic in a way. Being someone who made a lot of mistakes before falling down into a dark path. Like joining three different antagonists. She may be a murderrer, but you can kind of understand why.

    9. Grodd

    Grodd has been a confused gorrila…

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  • Nightslayer2

    How To Improve Arrow

    November 2, 2017 by Nightslayer2

    After seeing Eobard95's blog, I think Arrow needs some improvements. Don't get me wrong, I love the show. It's just that Eobard95's blog made me remember somewhere on Youtube that Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow were more popular than Arrow. I think they said that the Flash was the most popular out of all the shows, Supergirl was second, and Legends of Tomorrow was third. What these shows all have in common is that they're all sci-fi while the actors, like Stephen Amell, want to focus on Arrow having a sense of realism, like with no magic and dealing with regular crime. The first half of season 4 was good. The second half of season 4 was terrible since they made a mistake in killing off Laurel. But hey, we cannot undo what we…

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  • Thegamingknight4272

    Lena Luthor

    November 2, 2017 by Thegamingknight4272

    Has anyone noticed that Lena doesn't have a character square on the main page?

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  • Eobard95

    We should boycott Arrow

    November 2, 2017 by Eobard95

    I'm probably gonna get a bit of crap for this but a few friends of mine actually suggested I do this. I actually meant to do this a few days ago but I got a really bad case of food poisoning and I've only just got better. Anyway here it goes.

    I’ve been really out of the loop when it comes to Arrow lately. I haven’t watched 6x02 or 6x03 but I’ve read reviews, people’s general opinions and looked at ratings and so far this season doesn’t seem to have impressed the general audiences given the number of negative comments I’ve seen on YouTube, Arrow reddit and general online blogs. Because of that I’m suggesting a boycott of this show. We should all just stop watching the show for a while, at the very least we wait a day or two and download the…

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  • Xandermcc

    (I'm kidding, i know his name)

    So this episode is all about Jealousy. And how it is good and it will get you the girl. I'm learning so many bad messages from this show.

    Mr. Mxyzptlk comes into the episode with the most humorous introduction ever. As that is how Mr. Mxy rolls. (+2) We also get to see Kara in a wedding dress which is good.

    J'onn is researching the Fifth dimension sightings and forshadowing the defeat of Mxyzptlk. +1

    The episode goes back to Maggie and Alex's life and the start of their B plot is a lot like a fanfic about them. The end of that plot is much more interesting. -1

    Winn has a Valentines Date! In the form of Lyra Strayd. From the planet Starhaven from Season one. It also reminds us that Winn has a great many pieces of k…

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  • JBD29

    Ava Sharpe

    October 31, 2017 by JBD29

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share I theory I had that Ava Sharpe is the person in the hood who resurected Kuasa at the end of Legends episode 2. Don't really have any real evidence, just wanted to put that out there! What do y'all think?

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  • ThisIsBlue

    10. Marvel Family (Black Lightning)

    9. Deadman (Constantine)

    8. The Question (Arrow)

    7. Cassandra Cain (Arrow)

    6.  Impulse (Flash)

    5. Max Mercury (Flash)

    4. Green Lantern [Kyler Rayner or John Stewart, but would love to see a whole Lantern Corps series] (Any)

    3. Steel (Supergirl)

    2. Blue Beetle [Could be cool for him to start on Arrow, then Jaime replaces him after he goes to LOT] and Booster Gold (LOT/Arrow)

    1. Hawk and Dove (Arrow)

    10. Cobalt Blue (Flash)

    9. Killer Moth (Arrow)

    8. Brain (Supergirl)

    7. New Rogues [Could work in a Rouges-Flash team-up in order to defeat these copy-cats, who knows they could even bring Captain Cold back, for an episode] (Flash)

    6. Tobias Whale and the 100 (Black Lightning)

    5. Group led by Abra Kadabra, maybe including Benatu Eshu or Kua…

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  • Xandermcc

    Future company theory

    October 29, 2017 by Xandermcc

    One thing that is big and iconic from Arrow is Queen Consolidated. Appearing lots of times in Season 1 & 2 and then turning into Palmer Tech. Seemingly forgotten about. However as of Season 6, i think it is coming back. This time as Queen Inc.

    For those who don't know or just simply don't watch Flash. The future has shown that in 2024, Queen Inc eventually merges with Wayne Tech. The Wayne Tech from Batman comics. Now that probably will not be brought up since it is in the future and Bruce Wayne is a character owned by FOX in the television series Gotham. However Queen Inc will.

    Evidence of this is in Curtis's new job. After Palmer Tech broke down after Felicity rammed it in the ground, Curtis had to look for work since he worked there. (som…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Queen v. Trump

    October 28, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    Lol Ok so after a few months of considering this post I have decided to make it. Please I just ask that everyone read this for fun an not be offended by anthing I say. So the point of this post is to point out weird similarities between Donald Trump and Oliver Queen.

    1. Billionaire CEO runs for President, Billionaire CEO runs for Mayor.

    2. Trump appointed a few family members to work in the White House and Oliver appointed Thea, Quentin and Rene to work in the Mayor's office.

    3. Both of them are controversial figures.

    4. Both of them have constantly battled the mainstream media.

    5. Oliver's mayoral campaign was against a woman who he accuses of being a criminal. Trump's campaign was against a woman who he accused of being a criminal.

    6. Both of …

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  • Fishyandfriends

    As many of you know, there are various versions of Eobard Thawne. However, many people have been confusing one version of Thawne with another. So here are the three versions of Thawne from the Arrowverse to help stop the confusion.

    This version of Eobard was the version from Barry's original future (in 2024) that went on to kill his mother, and lost his Speed Force connection. He went on to steal Earth-1 Harrison Well's identity, and mentored Barry throughout Season 1 of The Flash. He was eventually erased from existance when Eddie committed suicide.

    A younger time remnant of Thawne appeared in The Reverse-Flash Returns. He was kept by the Speed Force to prevent paradoxes, and this version of Thawne will eventually become the future version …

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  • Nightslayer2

    Adrian Chase Idea

    October 26, 2017 by Nightslayer2

    I just thought of a good storyline for season 6 of Arrow. Vigilante is going to come back in the episode Deathstroke Returns, and that means that we might finally be able to see who he is under that mask. What if it turned out that Adrian Chase-the real one was Vigilante? I'm borrowing stuff from Eobard95's blog and there are some of my ideas for him.

    In season 5, we did get to see the real Adrian Chase until the episode where Vigilante made his appearance. In 2004, they say it was Simon Morrison who met Oliver when Oliver successfully stole his girlfriend. However, it was Adrian Chase. After Adrian escaped from Oliver's clutches, he was approached by his identical twin brother Simon Morrison. Simon revealed to Adrian why he looks him and ab…

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