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  • Fedguy

    If Barry could enlist the help of every possible ally so that he has all the good speedsters entire Team Arrow, Supergirl and her cousin as well as Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian, and all the Legends and good metahumans, you reckon they would beat Savitar?

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  • Spirits of nature
    • Drink blue gatorade

    Guys... Prometheus is actually oliver queen ON DRUGS, It make so much sense

    • Sniff Glue

    like no one has actually seen him with oliver, they never appear together

    • Inject Vertigo

    All of the prometheus fights only happen between two of them, and noone actually witnessed it themself. Like how did he able to break into Starlabs without tripping an alarm.

    • Read Philosophy Book

    Think about it, prometheus knows everything that oliver queen know, evelynn actually caught him in action and decided to go along with it cause it's funny

    • Donates Blood

    And the fans are gonna bee like, OOH I cant belive it's not prometheus, while the writer of the show just tweeting "Can somebody call 911? we've been chained to our worktable like dog"

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  • TheDoctor230

    Ok so I have heard that a few people are still confused on how Eobard is still alive and his storyline so I thought I would just make this post to help clear some misconceptions. This will be from the moment he was born. Spoilers for Flash Season's 1, 2, 3 and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

    Original Timeline:

    Eobard Thawne was originally born in the year 2151 and once he became an adult he studied the Flash in order to become just like him. Once he got Super Speed he also gained access to the Speed Force and so he looked through his own timestream to see his own future and what he becomes. He see's that his destiny is to become the Flash's greatest enemy and this pretty much drove him mad.

    Altered Timeline:

    After many battles with the Flash, Eo…

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  • Matheus1234zx

    Follow my weird mind:

    As a waitress, Amanda Westfield worked for many people, for many billionaires in Star(ling) City. But, what if she worked from a distant father whose wife was killed by a thief and that his son was growing up alone... What if she worked for a man named Malcolm Merlyn?

    She took care of Tommy and, eventually he and her child - whose father is her former boss, Justin Claybourne - Susan growned up together and formed a good friendship.

    Eventually, Tommy died and The Hood killed Claybourne, and later, Malcolm became Ra's al Ghul and brought Tommy back. Tommy, who was feeling the blood lust, needed to kill Oliver, so he would feel better. But Malcolm, taking advantage from it, made Tommy believe that Oliver did something reall…

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  • Thegamingknight4272

    Professor Zoom

    February 24, 2017 by Thegamingknight4272

    So, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom in the comics worked with The Flash at the CCPD, knew his secret identity, and was friends with him.

    Who on the show currently fits that description? JULIAN.

    Hunter's back was broken during a Gorilla "ATTACK ON CENTRAL CITY".

    What's happening on The Flash next week?


    I know that Julian is Alchemy, and it would be weird to make him another villan, but they have set it up perfectly for him to become Professor Zoom (the name Zoom is taken, and Eobard is only known as the Reverse-Flash). 

    What do you think?

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  • Eobard95

    Prometheus is Thea Queen?

    February 24, 2017 by Eobard95

    I know how crazy this sounds, Thea Queen is Prometheus? But watching last night’s episode it dawned on me. Of all the characters this season Thea has been the least active, in terms of being a vigiante at least. She has only picked up the mantle of Speedy in dire emergencies, or to face aliens. For most of the season she has been in the mayor’s office handling Oliver’s slack and trying to get Quentin back on the mend, and rejecting Rene’s romantic advances. Either way I’ve noticed a pattern of Prometheus showing up and knowing things he shouldn’t, whenever Thea is absent.

    In 5x01 when Thea learns that Oliver is killing again she disgustingly tells him that she is not joining the team again and that same night Prometheus shows up to murder …

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  • Tcurrier

    Is Adrian Vigilante?

    February 23, 2017 by Tcurrier

    When Vigilante was revealed, we were all thinking it was Adrian Chase his comic book identity, but in the last few episodes there are things that have made me question that.

    1. No hints

    Aside from showing Adrian has a temper, we have had no real hints to show that Adrian is Vigilante.

    2. Adrian was in the hospital

    After Adrian was shot and in the hospital Oliver told him to stay there, but vigilante showed up soon after, and to go along with #1 no one was like: "Yeah, Adrian left the hospital after you Oliver." And Vigilante didn't seem like he had just taken a bullet wound.

    3. The plot of episode 15

    The main plot of episode 15 is that Vigilante is trying to kill Oliver for being corrupt, but if Adrian was Vigilante he already knew what happened…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Another Prometheus Blog

    February 23, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    SPOILERS For Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 - The Sin-Eater

    So this is just another blog about specific clues to Prometheus's Identity.

    In the most recent episode, Oliver found Prometheus's mother (Justin Claybourne's wife) and it is pretty much confirmed that Prometheus is their son. She refused to give his real name so this leads me to suspect that Prometheus really is someone we have seen before so lets go into the clues.

    Prometheus is a White Male.

    He is a member of the SCPD (Maybe).

    He has built up an immunity to Diazepam.

    He know's Oliver is the Hood/Arrow and Green Arrow.

    He has the same training as Oliver.

    He knows about The List.

    Ok so for the first clue we know that Prometheus is a White Male because his parents are both White and it is confir…

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  • Wasky1234

    Test Blog

    February 23, 2017 by Wasky1234

    Hello, world!

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  • Spirits of nature

    I like to speculate allright, but I am pretty sure that one of these people has a high chance to be the new crew for legends of tommorow.

    Those who were obviously going to stay cause they have nowhere to go

    • Sarah (Though I'm pretty sure shes gonna die again like usual)
    • Firestorm duo
    • Ray Palmer (I don't know where to put this but, man how I wish to see the atom became a giant again)
    • Mick
    • Nate

    Those who're going to leave

    • Amaya (someones gotta reassemble JSA so Rex Tyler (don't tell me you forgot about him) can actually exist again and warn the team thus making some sense toward the timeline)
    • Rip Hunter (sara's position as the captain isn't going to be replaced without some sort of backlash, plus Rip is the villain now, and the writer gonna need a reason…
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  • Xandermcc

    Is Parasite alive?

    February 21, 2017 by Xandermcc

    So in this episode of Supergirl, Mr. Mxyzptlk caused some evil, (and funny) bits of havoc. One of those things he did was bring back the deceased villian known as the Parasite. Supergirl came in to save the day, Mxy helped and showed off as well. However after they put out the fire caused by Parasite, (and indirectly Mr. Mxyzptlk) he is nowhere to be seen. Did he die again after Mxy vanished to the fifth dimension? Is he in a D.E.O cell? Is he still at large?

    I want to know the answer from you guys down below.

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  • Eobard95

    Future Arrow storylines

    February 20, 2017 by Eobard95

    With Arrow being renewed for a sixth season there are numerous storylines I think they could adapt from the comics or bring back from the show.

    After the episode "Bratva" it's clear there are some tensions between Oliver and Anatoly and I'm starting to think they might have Anatoly embrace his villainous alter-ego KGBeast, and become the main antagonist of season 6. I actually thought this a while ago when Oliver forced Alexi Leonov to find Slade and Slade killed him that Anatoly might be pissed about that. Now 3 years later I was proven right even thought Anatoly later admitted to never liking Leonov. He also told Oliver that oaths are for life including his oath to the Bratva so Oliver's continued dismissal of this, might cost him when An…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Has nyone else realised that there has been 2 Speedies (Roy and Thea), 4 Black Canaries (Sara, Laurel, Evelyn and Dinah) and 2 Arrow's (Both Oliver)?

    Also does anyone else wonder if the city will ever find out that Oliver was The Hood, The Arrow and The Green Arrow?

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  • ReverseZoom101

    Random Thoughts

    February 16, 2017 by ReverseZoom101

    I just want to let you know this post has a LOT of spoilers, so read at your own peril.

    I'd thought I'd start out with the big question: Who is Savitar?

    Yes, indeed. And I have evidence to support me. Let me put it this way. Guy finds out the woman he loves is going to die. Guy does anything to save her, but it doesn't work and she ends up dying anyway. For all of you who don't get what I'm referring to, it's Star Wars. Namely, the prequels (and just between you and me, I like them!) But anyway, it seems that The Flash is playing a similar game. Think of it this way: Barry needs to go faster, right? But he can't. So he's reling on Wally to save Iris for him. But something goes wrong. For some reason, Barry doesn't think Wally can do the job, a…

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  • Xandermcc

    More Arrowverse PSA's?

    February 16, 2017 by Xandermcc

    As seen by this most recent episode, the Arrowverse doesn't shine away from political discussion. In my opinion, it should not. Just like cartoons, these shows can and should teach us about the problems happening in the real world. However just like Renee, not everyone will agree with me. Do you think more episodes of these shows should teach us about real world problems, or should they shy away from it?

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  • Kir the Wizard

    Now, I know that this Laurel/Felicity discussion somehow became a heated topic again (and here I thought tumblr loved Felicity!), but there is something bothering me about how Laurel is portrayed in the shows after her, well, death. Something that really reminds me of Arrow Season 4, and is thus likely a staple of Marc Guggenheim's writing, rather than any particular character favoritism.

    The issue I'm talking about is what some people remember as the "Felicity is strong, great and powerful" joke. The joke itself being based on , where several characters praised Olicity to each other while she was lying in the bed, crippled, with Andy Diggle seemingly turning a new leaf after John told him about how such a great woman had to suffer because o…

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  • Gifist8

    So back in July this little fuckhole made a blog called stop the hate for arrow. Judging from the blog this guy has no life, was reject by seven girls in one day, screwed out of ten dollars, has a crack in his phone, got cheated on...twice, got hung by his underpants in collage, got beat up, got cat called, got sterotyped, got called high, and of course trump deported him (Alright that last one isn't true) So anyway let's go to respond to this shit

    He said this

    1# Alright So Ever Since Laural Died There Has Been Nothing But Hate For Arrow Like When Laural Became Black Canary The Arrow "Fans" Were Like "OH MY GOSH LAURAL IS THE WORST CHARACTER ON ARROW NOW YOU MAKE TBC"But When She Was Killed Off When You Were actually asking for her to be k…

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Jeremiah Danvers

    February 14, 2017 by Steven Bomb 17

    Ok so we have the synopsis for the episode in which Jeremiah Danvers is rescued (I kinda forgot about him honestly) so now I feel a bit more comfortable saying this. Is there more to him then meets the eye? Near the start of the season Alex went to confront Cadmus about her dad, Lillian Luthor says, "I think it'd be best if you remembered him for who he was." Episodes later he randomly appears to save Mon-El and Kara, he doesn't look worse for wear he looks perfectly fine. Jeremiah stays behind and he vanishes. In an upcoming episode he gets rescued and well you know this plot Kara and Alex are so excited that Jeremiah is back but Mon-El suspicious and oh look at that it turns out that Mon-El suspicions were right all along! What a twist. …

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  • JQuake101

    I already started talking about this in an episode discussion here, but it was apparantly 'off topic'. Whatever. In this blog, I will restructure what I've said, and make a case for Arrow's (or should I say, Error's) misogynist writing. 

    Let’s take Arrow season 2, for example. If Felicity was a real person I would sympathize with her doubting her place on the team when Sara showed up. Insecurities get the best of all of us sometimes. Except she’s not real. And Diggle and Oliver were never threatened by/insecure over each other. Roy wasn’t insecure/threatened by anyone when he joined the team later. It is suspect and needs to be addressed that the very second that the team had potential for more  than a single woman, the writers chose to in…
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  • Thegamingknight4272


    February 13, 2017 by Thegamingknight4272

    How do I become an admin? 

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  • Crosaffcheg

    There is a strong idea in every season of Arrow. At least one main character stops being series regular for some reasons and leaves the show or just appears as a guest next seasons. Here are previous examples:

    Season 1 - Tommy Merlyn (deceased)

    Season 2 - Moira Queen (deceased) and Slade Wilson (caught)

    Season 3 - Roy Harper, ("deceased", left the team anyway)

    Season 4 - Laurel Lance (deceased) and Malcolm Merlyn (became bad guy again)

    Season 5 - ?

    Now who do you think either will die or leave the team from the main cast this season?

    Oliver Queen - Oh, please.

    Felicity Smoak - Nope, this team needs a hacker.

    Thea Queen - Nah, they already tried to kill her and resurrected, won't work again.

    John Diggle - Unlikely, he is badass this show needs.

    Curtis Holt - …

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  • Eobard95

    I know the popular theory is that Tommy Merlyn is Prometheus and while that would be awesome it seems unlikley as he's been dead for years now, and his actor Colin Donnell is full time on Chicago Med at the moment. So within the realm of what's been established I believe D.A. Adrian Chase is actually Prometheus. Yes Adrian is tradtionally Vigilante in the comics and while I am convinced he is stillI, just don't trust him and I know think he's both individuals. After all this wouldn't be the first time a well known character has taken on the identity of two well known superheroes/villains.

    According to Felicity the weapons Prometheus uses are all fashioned from Oliver's discarded arrows over the past 5 years which only S.C.P.D. would have a…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Spoilers for the last few episodes

    So the general idea i'm getting from the last few episodes is that in the Season final, Wally is going to be the one to take down Savitar and I'm just wondering if you all think Wally will defeat Savitar or if Barry will end up doing it or if they will both fight Savitar

    Let me know what you think

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    I've been thinking, if/when there's another four way crossover between Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow possibly next year what'll happen next? I mean they stopped an alien invasion. That's not an easy thing to top, and if it is four teams it'd have to be due to a huge crisis. What do you guys think?

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  • Kaestal

    Earth-19 weirdness....

    February 6, 2017 by Kaestal

    So, I doubt that I am the only one who has noticed something.... different... about Earth-19's confirmed inhabitants aside from H.R and their Flash.

    Specifically, Randolf Morgan and Gyspy.

    Something about Randolf's last name had me wondering....

    Is he the gender-bent version of Tess Morgan? And for that matter, is Gyspy the Earth-19 version of Cisco?

    That second one would really make their lovey-dovey scenes go to a strange new creepy level if true, but it does seem like these two are gender-swapped versions of E-1 characters.

    And before people say "why do you think that's a thing weirdo" let it be known that DC does indeed have a gender-swapped universe.

    This one .

    While that being a thing doesn't get rid of my weirdness or subtract from it in t…

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  • Eobard95

    "My real name is Dinah, Dinah Drake". While this moment in the latest episode made me smile it also made me suspicous. Dinah Laurel Lance and now Dinah Drake, and Laurel's mother is Dinah Lance and I'm like 92% sure her full name is Dinah Drake-Lance. While it could simply be an oversight on the producers behalf, for Laurel, Laurel’s mother and Dinah Drake to all have the same first name, seems very coincidental until it dawned on me. Could Dinah Drake actually be Laurel Lance's mother? What if Dinah Drake is going to go back in time and meet a younger Quentin and conceive Laurel and Sara? True Dinah Lance is a human historian while Dinah Drake is a meta-human cop but there is one answer. 

    Time travel interventions sometimes cause younger …

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  • Green Kapot


    February 5, 2017 by Green Kapot

    Eddie Thawne=Earth 19 Accelerated Man

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  • Nobody700

    Instead of an episode of Arrow, flash, legends, Supergirl, or anything, I shall review a movie that has more connection to Arrowverse then we may care to admit. With Superman canon in the Arrowverse, and praised as a great version so much that people want him to have his own spinoff, let's see the original superman. Or rather, a remake of him. A movie known to be a remake NO ONE wanted, and when it came out, everyone said... We really didn't need that. This is...

    So after some credits, we're at a mansion where an old woman tells her husband he is a good man. Even though he went to prison, and she is glad they had sex. Disgusting. She gives him everything while two dogs bone, and she admits she loves... Lex Luger. And Lex Luthor. She dies, w…

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  • Hambergite

    Blog title pretty much says it all, and the source is here , courtesy of Timeshade.

    I'm making this post on behalf of myself and the other admins to say please, do not start asking when or if this will be added to the wiki.

    Once again, in big, bold letters:


    As of right now, we have no idea if this is confirmed or if the show will even take place in the shared multiverse -- or, for that matter, if the show will be picked up by a network at all. All of us on the staff want to make it abundantly clear that it is way too preliminary to start discussions on adding the series to the wiki. As soon as we know anything else, we'll pass it on to you, but for now, we simply do…

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  • ZeVikingSif

    Accidentally hit enter when titling this blog. God damnit.

    Anyway, could it be that Yao Fei is Prometheus? I don't have strong evidence for this but I do think it could be possible seeing as how he would probably go after Ollie since he did kill Shado indirectly. Kind of a repeat of Slade but whatever. To me, I see that it's very possible and I do think it could be a cool twist. He did get shot but remember, League could've resurrected him since they did go to the island and recruit Sara.

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  • ProfessorCheesecake


    February 2, 2017 by ProfessorCheesecake

    I am new to this wiki, and just wanted to say hello!

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  • Dr.Who1997

    I was trying to think of ways how Prometheus could know about the Legends' existence. Then I realized that Nate basically got on Team Legends by knowing Ollie's secret identity, so what if he's a mole for Prometheus? Sure, he said he discovered it himself, but maybe Prometheus told him. Nate could still be a genuinely good guy, but supplies Prometheus with intel in exchange for him getting him on Team Legends.

    What do you think about my theory?

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  • Awesomeized17

    DCEU Connection???

    February 2, 2017 by Awesomeized17

    I read an interview with Geoff Johns where he says that the Arrowverse and the DCEU co-exist in the multiverse. The Flash Movie actor Ezra Miller also teased this idea as well.

    You can read the Geoff Johns interview here:

    I know that a lot of us are not the biggest fans of the DCEU, but you have to admit that it would be cool to make characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Green Lantern canon in the Arrowverse. I guess a problem could lie in the fact that characters from the movies and shows look different, but we all know that the Multiverse is known to mess things up (such as Henry Allen having the name Barry in…

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  • User 102030

    Tommy isn't Prometheus

    January 31, 2017 by User 102030

    I wanted to write this since last week but I kept forgetting about it. Tommy Merlyn being Prometheus is a popular fan theory that many like me hope is real but last week's episode of Arrow crushed that theory once and for all. If Tommy was Prometheus he would be angry at Oliver for letting Laurel be the BC and her dying that would also make sense for why Prometheus would want to break out Black Siren because she looks like the woman he once loved but Prometheus attacked BS and threatened to kill her instead of keeping her beside him like Zoom did with Killer Frost. As sad as I am to say it Tommy Merlyn isn't Prometheus it is impossible at this point. I just hope Prometheus is someone else like Roy or even Malone and not just Claybourne jr.

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  • Gifist8

    On last week's flash you might have realized that barry said the date of when Iris was killed. The date is May 23, 2017! So the flash may have released the date of the finale but still remember this is NOT confirmed. Personally I kinda wanted the flash finale on May 16, 2017 to go along the injustice 2 release but hey whatever.

    Gifist8 (talk) 16:18, January 31, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Crosaffcheg

    Barry screwed up again

    January 29, 2017 by Crosaffcheg

    Hey folks! Just realised it - Barry is responsible for the current threat for the Legends. He started Flashpoint and after Eobard helped him to kinda restore the timeline like before, Barry just released him like "let it go, let it go". Aaaaand then Eobard runs back in time, assembles The Legion of Doom and starts to cause troubles for Legends. So basically Barry is responsible for disappearance of Rip Hunter, death of Hourman, destruction of JSA (because Vixen left it) etc. What a hero.

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  • JQuake101

    For the life of me, I can't decide. What do some of you think? Maybe that can help me out. Oliver Queen or Clark Kent ?

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  • TheDoctor230

    Wally West

    January 25, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    This is to all the wiki users who seem to have a Wally West "Hard-on".

    In yesterday's episode of the Flash, it was confirmed that Wally is NOT faster than Barry.

    If you have any comments feel free to make your opinions heard

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  • Kir the Wizard

    Supergirl Images

    January 23, 2017 by Kir the Wizard

    As many of you noticed, the wiki had finally gotten the images from Supergirl Wiki imported.

    However, these images have a different way of licensing (using the Filebox Template that as of yet does not exist on Arrowverse Wiki).

    If you wonder upon a Supergirl Wiki image with no episode category and a red link instead of licensing, don't be a stranger and change it, so the image has a correct Supergirl license box and an episode image category!

    Thank you for your time!

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  • ImperiexSeed

    It's been confirmed guys! In an interview, when asked who's faster Kid Flash or the Flash, Danielle Panabaker answered that Flash "has a leg-up" for right now, meaning that very soon, Kid Flash will totally supersede Barry.

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  • Eobard95

    I have previously written a post similiar to this but in light of recent speculation and since we're less than a week from Arrow's return, I decided to repost this as I wanted to know what other people think knowing what we know now.

    There have been rumors that a new female vigilante character named Tina Boland being introduced sometime this season will become the next Black Canary. There are also suggestions that Felicity will be the next Canary. To both of those ideas I say f*** that! There was only one Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, and to see another random character in her suit would be distasteful. That said there really is no Green Arrow without Black Canary and with Laurel dead there is only one acceptable alternative: Her villai…

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  • Wirayelo


    January 17, 2017 by Wirayelo

    I just started to watch Arrow from season 1. Regret that I don't know about this series before, I finished season 1 and season 2 yesterday. Now I'm still in 15% to finish season 3. Also, I already take a sip-watch on The Flash.

    Knowingly, I am so far behind from the latest episode, I don't mind for spoiler. Coz I read the summary of each episode before watch it anyway.

    Now that I know, there is more will come, like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Vixen and Constantine, I hope that CW provide me with new romance shows too,(notice that I'm a fan of Gossip Girl) to balance my interest.

    I'm just glad that I have plenty of time to watch all of this.

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  • Gifist8

    What The! A part two to one of my old blogs THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Actually it's not, I am making some reactions and part 2s to some of my old blogs and one of them is "5 Reasons SnowBarry Will Never Happen" Here is part 2

    5: Caitlin's becoming killer frost soon

    Caitlin in the recent promo looked like she was having trouble with her powers again and her eyes turned blue just like in episode 7. So Obviously rather she is becoming killer frost again or she destroyed the cuffs in some way and if she does become full on killer frost, Then Barry and Caitlin are going to hate each other ( If that happens I am grabbing some popcorn to see the breakdown of millions of SB fans )

    4: Once again...BARRY IS WITH IRIS

    Obviously he is with Iris right now ( Maybe…

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  • TheDoctor230

    Has anyone else realised that in every season of Arrow, 1 main character dies, 1 superhero leaves the show for something based on murder, the main bad guy always has a plan to destroy Star City, Oliver always talks about having his killer instinct when preparing to fight the main bad guy, the main bad guy always knows Oliver's secret identity, Oliver either gets rejected or dumped by a girl, he always kills at least 1 person, the main bad guy is always the leader of a group (Not sure about Season 5), he always shows affection or love for a woman in the midseason finale, at least 1 person joins team arrow, 1 person who has held the title of Black Canary has thought to be dead at some point and in every year of Arrow (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,…

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • TheDoctor230

    Evelyn's Mask

    January 11, 2017 by TheDoctor230

    Is evelyns domino mask painted on?

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  • Xandermcc

    Sorry it took a while for me to come back, Christmas time is over and it's time for me to review more superhero action.

    The episode starts with a flashback to the beautiful looking Egypt, (+1) This time it has Vandal being attacked by Rip who looks like he really wants to murder someone. +1

    Awesome reference to Superman and Batman in the Arrowverse. +1

    Rip is constantly benching his team and it is getting annoying. He stopped Snart and Rory from helping him get into A BANK. Literally the thing they are good at doing and they are stopped from doing it. -1

    Ray and Stein's different ways of aproaching a dangerous scenario make for some dramatic and humorous scenes. It starts in this episode, but it is a bigger thing in the later episodes. +1

    Rip a…

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  • Kir the Wizard

    Recently, it's been confirmed by Andrew Kreisberg that the Black Flash will return in multiple Arrowverse shows.

    Now, with Barry trying to prevent a death from happening in the future, and generally facing an unkillable god of speed, it makes sense for BF to appear on The Flash, right? Then, who else?

    Well, Matt Letscher hinted that Eobard Thawne's current DC's Legends of Tomorrow antics are shaped by some sort of "CRAZY deadline".

    And, as we know, Thawne now exists alive in a timeline, where he was not supposed to exist. The Speed Force protected him as a bunker. But now it made a paradox in itself. The Black Flash is one way to kill such a living paradox, restoring his death to the timeline.

    I suspect that the Black Flash will be this "deadline…

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  • MS225

    Constantine is Back!

    January 8, 2017 by MS225

    Good news!

    Not only are all of the CW superhero shows returning for new seasons, but Constantine is being revived on the CW Seed as an animated series. While the episodes may be short like Vixen's, it will definitely allow for more crossovers and bring John Constantine back into the fold.

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  • Kaestal

    Story Cosmology

    January 8, 2017 by Kaestal

    With so many interesting concepts and entities introduced to us in all the various seasons of Arrow/Flash/Constantine/LOT/Vixen/Supergirl, what are a few of the more mysterious forces that people would like to find out more about?

    Personally, I would want to see more of the Speed Force, and if something like the Black Flash exists (Which is essentially the aspect of Death for the Speed Force/Speedsters) I would be veeeery interested in more aspects to it.

    Vixen or maybe LOT would have to deal with some of the more mystical forces, and the concept of Time Pirates being fleshed out more would be appreciated.

    For Supergirl...............................................I want the show to introduce something that interests me (don't hurt me I don'…

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