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"When my master was first bestowed the gift of eternal life, an enemy tried to kill him. Every myth has its monster, its devil. For those of our order, it's him, the Gareeb."
—Blake to Rip Hunter on "the Gareeb"[src]

Blake is a banker of the Bruemberg Group, as well as a follower of Vandal Savage. In 1975 he was in charge of Savage's bank account, and a cover for Savage's true operations in Leipzig, leading a cult of immortality. He was confronted by Rip Hunter's team, who managed to infiltrate Vandal Savage's order gathering after kidnapping Blake. Blake received his share of Carter Hall's blood during Savage's ritual, supposedly extending the length of his life by approximately a century. [1]


In 1975 he was at the bank when Sara Lance and Rip Hunter showed up. He warmly welcomed them and convinced them he would savely store their goods. As he had learned they were enemies of Vandal Savage, He had mercenaries and armed secretary ready to engage them. In the fight he ended up fighting Sara Lance one on one. Despite that he had a katana and she only a knife he ended up defeated. Sara killed his personnel but kept him alive as Rip stopped her at the last moment.[1]

Sara and Rip questioned him at the Waverider. Blake told Sara that Rip was an ancient enemy of Savage and that they could not trust him. Rip got emotional but returned and they devised a plan in which they would force Blake to bring him to the most priced treasure of Savage.[1]

Sara posed as his girlfriend as Blake was driven in the building were the treasure was stored. The guard was surprised as he saw Sara instead of his wife. In the building Blake got knocked out and stored in the trunk.[1]

He later got released out of the trunk by other followers. They cornered Rip and Sara just as they had found out the treasure was in fact the body of Khufu. Sara and Rip got swiftly subdued and tied up and were forced to attend a ceremony of Vandal. Vandal explained that by drinking the blood of Carter he could extend the lifespan of his followers. Blake and another follower drank the blood.[1]

Vandal taunted Rip however Snart, Rory and Jefferson bursted in and attacked the followers. In the ensuing melee Blake faced off with Sara again, who was wielding a knife, and again, was defeated. She violently stabbed the floor next to his head but spared him.[1]

According to Time Master Zaman Druce, the Time Masters intended for Rip Hunter's team to lose Carter Hall to Vandal Savage, so that Savage's followers, like Blake, would drink his blood and achieve immortality, leaving Savage with valuable servants and giving him an advantage. The events were thus manipulated by the Time Masters, thanks to their Oculus device.[2]

Powers and abilities



  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Blake was able to defend himself for a while against Sara unarmed while she wielded a knife.[1]
  • High level-intellect: Blake was an adept banker of the highly respected Bruemberg Group, in charge of watching over the most prized possessions.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • While Blake is an original villain created for this show, the surname Blake is also associated with another character in the DC comics: Thomas Blake is the supervillain known as Catman. One version of him from DCAU was, in fact, a high-ranking member of a cult, associated with mystics of cheating death, referencing "the nine lives of a cat". Despite of this, the villain seen in the show is likely not based on that character from the comics, having no similar characteristics, motives or power set.


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