"My men. My mission."
—Ted Gaynor on his team's actions[src]

Blackhawk Squad Protection Group was a private security company led by Ted Gaynor, whose employees had become involved with the robbery of armored bank trucks. The group has been inactive in the time since, as all of its members have died.

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics continuity, the Blackhawk Squadron is an elite, international air force group. The original version of the Blackhawk Squadron, as they appeared in Military Comics #1 (1941), had an origin rooted in the events of World War II. Since then, the story and characters have been frequently updated and retconned.
  • In DC Comics Theodore "Ted" Gaynor was a war criminal and an enemy of Blackhawk and Batman. His enemy's name is referenced in the Blackhawk Squad Protection Group that Ted Gaynor leads in "Arrow".