The Black Siren suit is the suit presumably created by Laurel Lance, that she wears as Black Siren.


Laurel, in her villainous persona of Black Siren, wears a black leather suit. Part of the suit includes a top with two coattails reaching down to knee length, long sleeves that are connected to the top with fishnet material below her shoulders along with a set of black leather gloves that makes them seem as opera length gloves, and a zipper in the middle of her chest. She also wears black leather pants with details on her knees, also made of fishnet material, resembling knee pads and high heels. As a final touch, Laurel wears a black leather choker around her neck with a gold bell in the middle.


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  • Unlike the Black Canary suit of her Earth One counterpart, this one does not include a mask.
  • The design of Black Siren's top and the fishnet details on both her pants and sleeves seem to be based on the Black Canary's suit in the New 52 line. However, the yellow details on the top from the comic book version seem to have been made black for the live-action version. Moreover, elements like the opera length gloves and the choker, seem to have been inspired by the costume worn by the Black Siren character from the TV series, Justice League.


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