The Black Canary suit I is a suit designed to be utilized originally by Laurel Lance as Black Canary. After Damien Darhk killed Laurel in her suit, Evelyn stole her suit and used it; but later she gave it back to Team Arrow.


Black Canary

Laurel in her "Black Canary suit".

After the death of her sister Sara, Laurel began fighting against crime as the vigilante known as Black Canary. Laurel wears a new black leather suit, which is a modified version of the one worn by her late sister, displaying a rougher and more street-look. The suit includes; a jacket that is zipped up to her neck with long sleeves, covering her entire arms, a turtleneck bodysuit that is made of lace and fishnet material underneath the jacket, leather pants, a garter-like belt and leg holsters, thigh high boots, as well as, fingerless gloves, also made of fishnet material. The pattern close to the shoulders on Laurel's jacket is almost identical to that on Sara's jacket. Laurel also wears a black mask to hide her identity, however it appears to be different from the one worn by Sara. She initially wears the bleach blonde wig too but she later abandons it.


Black Canary (Evelyn Sharp)

Evelyn in her "Black Canary suit".

Later, the suit is equipped with a Canary Cry device on a collar, made by Cisco Ramon, that specifically grants Laurel a sonic scream.

Evelyn Sharp, who idolized the Black Canary, stole and later donned the suit after Laurel's death. She was somehow able to modify the Canary Cry device so she can use it as well, and she also upgraded it to produce stronger sonic waves. Evelyn wears a black mask too, thought it appears to be different from that of Laurel's. Her wig also seems to be a darker shade of blonde than the bleach blonde wig Sara and Laurel used.


  • Identity concealment: Laurel Lance and Evelyn Sharp used a black mask to conceal their identities and to potentially keep their family safe from harm.
  • Sonic scream: After Cisco Ramon created the Canary Cry device, Laurel could scream via the use of a collar, to not only distract her enemies but also as a weapon too. The device was further upgraded by Evelyn Sharp during her brief resurgence as the new Black Canary.

Known users


  • Black Canary suit used by Laurel in the Arrowverse, is similar to the Black Canary suit of Dinah Laurel Lance from the DC comics. It is similar to the more modernized version worn by the latter.
  • Malcolm Merlyn humorously called Laurel's suit a bondage outfit.