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"Please don't let me be the last Canary. That way, a part of me will always be out there with you."
—Laurel Lance's final words.[src]

Canary is a superhero identity used by a number of denizens of Star City.

  • Sara Lance – the original Canary, who joined Oliver Queen, the Arrow, in his war on crime. Referred to as "Black Canary" in promotional materials, toy lines and concept art.
  • Dinah Laurel Lance – the heroine who assisted the Green Arrow as the Black Canary, originally intending to portray her fallen sister Sara, before her eventual transformation into the White Canary.
  • Evelyn Crawford Sharp – the next iteration of the Black Canary, who tried to take revenge on H.I.V.E., but chose to stop her rampage of revenge to honor Laurel's legacy as the Black Canary.


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