Blüdhaven is a city located near Star City. There appears to be a direct train line from Blüdhaven to Star City.




Oliver Queen (under the persona of the Hood) threatened Matt Istook on the city's train tracks. threatening to put him on the 10:15 ride to Blüdhaven.[1]

Deadshot was hired by China White to assassinate Malcolm Merlyn.[2] Deadshot was staying at the Blüdhaven Apt..

Malcolm Merlyn held Walter Steele hostage in a low income housing complex in Blüdhaven.

Slade Wilson and Isabel Rochev found Roy Harper in a Shelter in Blüdhaven and as he couldn't even put up a fight against them, they took him for Mirakuru Experimentation.

Simon Lacroix AKA Komodo was drunk in Blüdhaven on the same night that Sara Lance was murdered by Thea Queen who was actually drugged by Malcolm Merlyn.

Tobias Church and his crew tore up Blüdhaven.[3]

Ricardo Diaz visited Eric Cartier's night club, asking to meet with The Quadrant. He later returned after an assassination attempt, tying up Cartier and beating him.[4]

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