Beverly Tockman (died October 19, 2014) was the sister of William Tockman. She suffered from cystic fibrosis, and passed away due to the disorder in late 2014.


Beverly had cystic fibrosis, and needed a lung transplant as a result of her illness. Her brother William, who was himself terminally ill with MacGregor's Syndrome, went on a spree of robberies in order to acquire the money necessary for her operation.[1] However, when his crime spree was stopped by Team Arrow, he was unable to help her. Moreover, the district attorney denied William furlough so he could visit Beverly one last time before she died, to say goodbye to her in person.[2]



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Beverly Tockman Name

Name "Beverly Tockman" is seen in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • In the DC Comics, Beverly Tockman was the disabled sister of William Tockman, and required everyday medical care in order to survive. Believing that he himself had contracted a terminal illness, Tockman started a crime spree, thinking that he would die in six months anyway. After he was incarcerated, however, he found out that he was actually quite healthy, as documents in his medical record were switched with that of an another patient. Unfortunately, William's sister died without his care.
  • Beverly's name was never directly mentioned on either The Flash or Arrow, but it was seen briefly within the patient database Felicity Smoak accessed while searching for information in "Time of Death".


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